Written by Petros

26 Mar 2017


We’ve been together for 9 years and married for almost 2. We’ve both had plenty of sex partners and been engaged before. Our sex life now is excellent and there is nothing we don’t do for and to each other. We have sex several times a week and always make time to satisfy each other. We’ve been open about our past and have shared our fantasies. Mine were to have sex with two women at the same time, which I’ve done quite a few times. Marie is comfortable with this and has brought one or two friends home to give me this fantasy. I’d also like to watch her being fucked by another man or men. We haven’t done this yet. Her fantasy is to be fucked by several men, including me. She’s done this a few times in a previous relationship, when she hung around with a group of bikers.

Recently we’ve been talking through these fantasies as we’ve been having sex. It all started one Friday evening, when we were having a passionate session. I’d taken a Viagra, as I knew we were in for an all-night fuck session. She’d sucked my cock eagerly and I was eating her pussy. She was writhing around with pleasure and put her thumb in her mouth. She then proceeded to suck it as if she had a cock in her mouth. She was bucking her hips against my mouth, moaning with pleasure. I asked was she enjoying a new cock and she murmured “mmmmmmmmmmmm” as she had a little cum. “Was it someone I knew?” “Mmmmmmm” again. “Who?” “Neil” came the reply. Neil is a single friend, living down the road. I moved around and knelt by her head and gave her my cock to suck. She took it deep and sucked powerfully. Her hips were performing a fucking action and she came massively just after I asked her was she thinking about Neil’s cock fucking her hard and fast. I flipped her over and fucked her from behind as she again sucked her thumb. I asked her to use Neil’s name and tell him what she wanted him to do to her. What a dirty imagination she has. She wanted us both to fuck her mouth, her tits, her arse, her cunt. She wanted two cocks in her mouth, up her cunt and in her arse. She wanted to be cunt fucked by Neil and arse fucked by me and then the positions swapped around. I told her to set it up if she really wanted to do it. We finished the session by me fucking her cunt and arse, moving from one to the other several times in a doggy position. All the time she was sucking her thumb and using Neil’s name, telling him how slow or fast or hard she wanted to be fucked.

Neil had borrowed a hedge cutter from me, so the next morning I rang him to ask for it back. Marie still looked as if she’d been fucked all night, when he came round. She went bright red and excused herself. Neil and I chatted for a while and I asked was he seeing anyone. He wasn’t and said all the best women seem to be married. I said there were plenty of married women out there, who wouldn’t say NO to a young handsome guy like him. Marie came back having showered and we sat around chatting. I went to change for my golf game and left them chatting.

When I came back down, Neil had gone and Marie looked a bit flustered. She said that when Neil left, instead of kissing her on the cheek as normal, he had kissed her on the lips for several seconds. It had made her pussy tingle. “That means you’re both interested.” Her hands went to her groin and on to my cock. I didn’t have time to do more than finger her pussy and make her come. I told her if she really wanted to fuck Neil in a 3-some, she’d have to set it up. Over the next few days, she exchanged increasingly saucy texts with Neil. She kept saying she couldn’t be unfaithful, but that she wanted to fuck him. Eventually he asked would she want to have a 3-some. Teasingly she said she’d have to think about it. She told him I wasn’t gay or anything, but, like her, I had done group sex before. She arranged for him to come round the following weekend. That week, their texts had got dirtier and dirtier and she had told him everything she wanted to do with us both.

He came around about 3 and we had a few drinks to break the ice. Marie went upstairs and came back down wearing only skimpy nickers and a bra. Neil’s cock almost burst through his pants. Marie came across and kissed us both. I started to feel her tits and invited Neil to join in. Very quickly we were all naked and Marie complimented us both on our cocks, kneeling down to suck them. We went upstairs. Marie lay on the bed, legs open wide and Neil sighed at the sight of her shaved cunt. I went down on her immediately and Marie took Neil’s cock into her mouth and proceeded to lick his cock thoroughly. We swapped around for a while. I went downstairs to get a drink for Marie and when I came back they were 69ing. I gave Neil a viagra and had one myself. I told him we were in for a long session. I’d told her she should lead the session and tell us what and how she wanted to be fucked. Her first call was to be spit-roast. We gladly did this and swapped positions after several minutes. Marie was building up to an orgasm and I told Neil she might squirt. He’d never been with a woman who did that, so I let him fuck her on his own from behind until she squirted. He was amazed. I told him to hang on, because now she’d squirted she would want the full works from us. We fucked her from behind, missionary, spoons, at the edge of the bed, reverse cowgirl. She had two hard cocks to service her every need. She came several times and Neil loved to hear her talking dirty and controlling the session. After what seemed like only a short time, but was in fact an hour, Marie wanted a short rest. She went to the loo and I knew this meant she wanted anal. Sure enough, she did. She knelt over me, taking my cock into her cunt and leaning forward to offer her arse to Neil. He’d never done this before, but was keen to try. She guided his cock into her and after a short time he slid his cock into her arse hole. She was well lubricated and although Neil said her arse was really tight, she was about to start fucking us. We so built up a rhythm in and out. Marie loved it and quickly became very aroused. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck me you dirty bastards. Fuck my arse Neil. Fuck my cunt, Peter.” Her orgasm exploded in a torrent of absolutely filthy talk, making us both come inside her. We almost had to carry her to the bathroom as her legs were unable to support her. Neil thought that was the end, but I told him she’s want more and the Viagra would keep him going for some time yet. We all showered together and Marie used her special shower extension to wash out her cunt and arse. She’d prepared some light snacks and we sat in the kitchen naked, to eat them. Neil’s erection soon returned and aroused Marie. She put some honey on the end of his cock and licked it off. So we went back upstairs to continue our fuck session.

To be followed.