Written by Teresa & Barry

1 May 2008

Hi, our names are Teresa & Barry and we are giving our side of the story as posted by Marinero on 24th April 2008.

We first meet Marinero, via a site here in Spain, when he contacted us after reading our profile and although we normally only meet with other couples, his request to see us intrigued us because he expressed a desire to explore his bi side and as this was an area of our own sexuality which we had only recently discovered we agreed to meet him on his cruiser.

We had only ever had one previous meeting with a single male and that was more by accident than planning so we were both unsure of what to expect.

We arrived at his boat to be welcomed aboard and handed a glass of wine which helped to relieve some of the tension, I could see immediately that Teresa was starting to relax and was looking forward to her forthcoming dose of double cock! We chatted for a while and Marinero also started to show signs of his relaxation as he started to gently stroke Teresa\'s arm and then leg. We chatted about his desire to explore his bi side and when I informed him that I was wearing woman\'s panties ( something I would like to build on ) his interest levels rose even further.

At my suggestion we proceeded to go below to his cabin, which contained a surprisingly large double bed, as I slowly started to strip Teresa\'s gorgeous body Marinero\'s cock started to really show its pleasure and I could see that they were both ready to start their first shagging session together. I instantly knew that Teresa was looking forward to receiving Marinero\'s cock. ( One of the problems that Teresa and I have is that Teresa, although on the wrong side of her 60th birthday is very small in the cunny area and is very tight, just like a little girl. As I have an above average size cock this makes penetration very uncomfortable for her.) This was why she was looking forward to receiving Marinero\'s firm but slightly slimmer cock, to help him on his way I started to massage him to a full erection and introduced his cock to its first male mouth suck. Marinero was now well on his way and started to caress Teresa\'s clitoris and she replied by wanking his cock whilst I was busy taking some photo\'s, Marinero then suddenly made a lunge for my, by now bursting penis, and rammed it to the back of his throat, ( I think he has the taste for more now, hopefully) Teresa lay back on the bed, wet, ready and waiting with her lovely legs wide open so I took the hardened cock of Marinero and helped him enter her tight pussy, she was soon bucking and moaning and pulling him ever deeper into her, she wrapped her slim long legs around his back, ( which is a sure sign she wants everything) and it was not long before she got her wish as Marinero soon shot his load into the condom he had put on. We all then lay back on the bed and relaxed but it was not long before Marinero started once again to lick Teresa\'s pussy and to finger fuck her whilst I massaged her beautiful small but firm tits. My darling wife then took my cock in her mouth sucking greedily on it until she reached her climax with an almighty shudder. We all then lay naked on the bed and agreed that we had all had a wonderful time, Marinero seemed sorry that I had not managed to shoot my load but I assured him that I had had a good time and that for me just to see my wife enjoying herself with another mans cock buried deep inside her was fulfilment enough.

Marinero has since contacted us again and we are due to meet again this weekend, he expressed a wish to see Teresa in lingerie, stockings and high heels and who knows what she will wear, although Marinero I am not sure her high heels would be a good idea on deck!!!

Anyway folks that is our side of the meeting, hope you enjoy the read and we will keep you posted on our future meetings