Written by Happy Hubby

11 Jul 2018

We left the beach with Mark and Michelle linking together with us guys walking behind.

As we got back to our hotel I suggested we go to the disco which was downstairs underneath the hotel. Mark who seemed to now taking control said we should all go downstairs to the disco a d share Michelle provocatively between us. Mark asked if I was okay with this and I assured him I was and we we t Dow stairs with Michelle linking Mark.

As we got into the disco Mark wanted to shoot off to the dance floor but I grabbed hold of Michelle and said did she or want to go and clean up a bit before we we t into the disco.

Chelle agreed, I went to Dave a d told him Michelle was going up to our room to clean up and we headed up to our room and I toleRate to wait for us.

When we. And back down Dave was with the other guys and we Stanton have some fun.

It started with the DJ asking if there were some girls who were prepared to dance on the bar and Michelle asked for my hand a d Egan to walk up and down the bar in the downstairs disco..

In reality jam of somewhere this spell check is if you typing on your kindle but we would like to share our experiences and we are. With disappointed with how can transpose sand we type to what gets posted sorry

We all had a great time in the disco and afterwards by the pool

Please tell us how we can spell check We want to share our experiences with you