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Market research with an edge.

"Market researcher interviews me whilst I am clamped and full"

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I love to spend time in the house with my nipple clamps on and something deep in my bum. It makes household chores a little less boring. I was doing this one morning, I had put my clover clamps on both nipples and attached their weights. Then, after plenty of lube and slowly working my way up I had succeeded inserting my biggest buttplug. It's about the diameter of a tennis ball and a good 8 inches long. I then set about cleaning the floor. I love this as it means I am on all fours with my bum in the air moving back and fore and my clamps and weights pulling the fuck out of my nipples. I then heard a knock at the door. I put my dressing gown on and answered it. A woman of about 60 stood there and asked if I wouldn't mind answering some survey questions. Ok I answered and she asked if she could come in.she entered and sat on the settee and I sat in the chair. For some reason she wasn't bothered that I only had my dressing gown on. She started asking questions about gas, electric telephone etc, I though was busy trying to hide my pleasure from sitting on my plug and moving it about. My dressing gown was also open a bit at my chest and she must have clearly seen the clamps and weights moving about underneath, tugging at my sore red swollen nipples. It was difficult to think of the answers, especially as I started to really move about to get the plug opening me up more almost fucking my arse Infront of her. She just kept on asking the questions and I didn't make any effort to adjust my gown still showing the clamps. By now I was opening my legs slightly to try and reveal my cock, dripping with pre-cum. Again she didn't do anything but continue to ask questions. It went like this for about 20 mins until she had finished, thanked me, and I let her out. I shut the door and by then was so fucking horny I had to strip, fetch my huge suction cup dildo and stick it on the floor in the hallway. I pulled out my plug and squatted onto the dildo, it slid into my eager hole easily. I the proceeded to fuck myself hoping she had forgotten something and would come back an see me through the door glass. She didn't unfortunately, but I fucked myself hard enjoying the pain of the clamps. Eventually I came and caught the cum in my hands and proceeded to rub it in my face and lick it off my fingers. I was in heaven. Every time the door goes I now get hard thinking about her and wonder how much she knew.

Written by filthy

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