23 Mar 2016

This part is how i eventually got a regular spot in the disabled toilet. It would now be 1985 / 86 i had changed jobs so i could only make it to the toilets on a Thursday ( sometimes Friday too ). As you know the cubicles are in order as :- disabled , 1 , 2 , 3 , with 3 being MY toilet . This particular Thursday i was in MY toilet as usual i had stripped out of my clothes and was waiting for some action , both 1 and 2 were occupied but nothing was happening , i was knelt on the floor looking under the cubicle wall when i noticed someone enter the disabled toilet , i heard the lock click shut then watched as he released his pants and undies round his ankles , then he settled on the toilet , within 30 seconds he had knelt on the floor and was looking under the cubicle wall. WOW not what i was expecting. He was only young , he had ginger hair , when he looked towards me i recognised him , ( i had been at school with his older brother ) he saw that i had fuck all on so he just sat up and pulled his pants and undies off then looked back under at me , because nothing was happening in 1 and 2 i sat with my feet on the wall of 2 and flashed my cock and balls to him after a couple of minutes i knelt back up and looked under wall to him , fucking hell he was fully laid out on his side on the floor of the disabled cubicle stroking his cock . Fucking hell it was massive ( i know his brother was not that big from seeing him in the showers at school ) he must have been 11 inches and quite thick too , i was drooling now , i wanted to be sucking on his big cock. Suddenly the guy in cubicle 1 made a move and left , the lad in the disabled cubicle waved to me to come into toilet 1 so as quick as i could i dressed, shot round and in to toilet 1 , fucking hell my heart was pounding , i stripped again , knelt down and looked under , WOW it was more impressive close up , he came nearer to wall and asked me what i liked , straight away i said sucking cock and could i suck him , sure he replied , if i can suck yours , id love a 69 i said your on he answered , with that sorted i got into my usual position and he quickly lay opposite me , i took hold of his cock and gently tossed him , pre - cum was dribbling from his knob end , so i greedily lapped it up with my tongue before sliding his big cock into my eager mouth , i struggled a bit because he was quite thick as well but my enthusiasm kept me going , up and down i went on that big thick cock hoping to be rewarded with his spunk down my throat , he had taken my cock with ease and i was close to coming , he tapped my arm then asked if i wanted his spunk down my throat , too right i did , and began tossing him faster and sucking harder , soon i was rewarded with some salty sweet thick spunk , i swallowed the lot and as he did mine then we left , ive sucked that big cock lots of times since. One Thursday i went into market toilets and the door to 2 had been taken off , only toilet 1 was empty so i went in locked door behind me just pulled pants around ankles and looked under wall , MY toilet nothing happening but a bit of movement in disabled toilet so i wrote a note asking what he was into and if he was up for some fun and pushed it under wall to him , he wrote back saying he was up for some fun , so i wrote back asking if he wanted to suck my cock or me suck him or 69 , he wrote back saying he wanted something different and would i be up to try , i wrote that i would be willing to try anything and what did he want , he wrote back saying first of all i know you like stripping all your clothes off , do that now then i will tell you what i want , i wrote ok then passed the note back and proceeded in stripping off , my cock grew straight away i just love being bollock naked in the public toilets , the note came back under it read , get on floor and put your backside to wall i want to lick your arse ( fuck i wished i was younger i could not get my legs under wall anymore )i got on floor and swiveled round with my legs on the wall of cubicle i got my arse as close as i could he then came nearer to me and tried licking my arse but it was a struggle , i looked into the disabled cubicle from my laying down position and got the shock of my life , he had left his door ajar and some bloke at the urinals was getting a good view of my arse and the guy trying to lick me , i could see he was enjoying the view because he was tossing his cock i watched as he moved from the urinals and into toilet 2 , i twisted my head just in time to see him step out of his pants , lay on the floor and feed his cock under the wall into my most welcoming mouth what added to the excitement was that there was no door on 2 and he was laid there getting his cock sucked for all to see , the guy trying to lick my arse was getting nowhere so gave up and left me to enjoy another cock shooting spunk down my throat . I noticed that day that people were using the disabled toilet more and i also noticed that it was larger than the others so i made that MY toilet . I would go on a Thursday at 11 am ( soon it would be 10 am then 9 am ) get in the disabled cubicle strip off and have a 3 hour hard on , it was great i would sit on the floor and show my cock and balls to toilets 1 , 2 (door mended ) and 3 , i would also look under wall at people at the urinals and watch them pissing , some of them had mirrors and would look under wall at me , i always gave them what they wanted , also if it was quiet i could go out into main toilet area in the nude without worry , yes this toilet was for me , many people joined me inside and i would strip them then 69 or fuck them or be fucked all while being watched from under either wall , fuck sometimes i would just open the door and let whoever was there join in , good times , great times , fucking brilliant times . anyway this particular Thursday i was laid nude on the floor in the disabled cubicle and i noticed the guy in 1 having a peek under wall , i just carried on tossing my hard cock ( fuck it was always hard ) when a note came under wall , hi do you want me to try licking your arse again it read , oh yes i thought , i would love to try that again , come in here i wrote and passed the note back , in seconds he was tapping on the door , im still naked my 7 inch cock sticking out as i open the door for him , i lock it again behind him , nice he says as he kneels on the floor and slips my cock into his warm mouth , what a cock sucker he is , in minutes i explode my spunk to the back of his throat before he quickly swallows the rest he then gets me to lean on the wall , arch my back and stick my butt out , i do this then look down and see my cock is still hard in anticipation of what was going to come , he kneels behind me and starts , i feel his fingers pulling my cheeks apart then his tongue is on my hole , WOW its like a thunder bolt has just passed through me , he get into a rhythm and is giving my arse a good licking when even more pleasure his tongue enters my hole , fucking hell sweat is pouring off me , i look at my cock its bigger i am sure its bigger than my 7 inches , as i am looking down i notice someone watching under the wall to 1 , i look towards the urinals wall and notice 1 or 2 mirrors trying to catch the action , fuck my knob end is stretching , i cant touch it my hands are supporting me on the wall , his tongue is now darting in and out of my hole , all the time going deeper and deeper , fuck my head is spinning my cock is throbbing and my arse is loving it , after another 10 minutes i look at my cock and the spunk just shoots from my knob end and splatters against the wall , the intensity of it was so amazing that i had not reallised that the guy licking my arse was now fucking me with one impressive 9 inch cock , nor had i reallised that he had slipped the lock on the door and that 4 cocks were waiting to fill my mouth with their spunk. great times lots of good memories although now its been a few years since i sucked and fucked , i would love to get back into it . more stories to come it just gets harder remembering them , good reading back soon