31 Dec 2016

Hello again to everyone , here is part 8. It is 1987 now and i am 26 years old my longing for naked cock fun had not waned and once more i was heading towards the market toilets , the familiar aroma of spunk/disenfectant hit my nostrils and my cock stirred in my pant. As i entered i glanced to the urinals , nobody there , i continued to MY end cubicle , as i passed the sink area there was a young ( 18 year old ) Asian lad there , i just carried on into MY cubicle , locked door behind me , pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet , i waited for some action , nothing , i looked under wall of cubicle towards the sink area but he was not moving so i pulled my pants up and made my way out of the toilets , i glanced at him on the way passed and thought he looked too young anyway . I had a 10 minute walk around town then headed back into the toilets , again nobody at urinals so went straight for MY cubicle , shit i thought as i passed the sink area he was still there , fuck it i thought as i locked the door behind me once more i stripped anyway and waited for someone to come into the next cubicle , as i waited i i pulled on my cock getting it hard , i noticed a shadow by MY cubicle door , i looked under door and saw it was the young Asian lad , as i was looking under the door he leaped against it jumping up and looking over the top of the door , i was on my knees looking under , i jumped to my feet and just stood there letting him get a good view of my naked body and now rock hard cock , neither of us moved when eventually he slid back down the door , i panicked a bit when he then tapped on the door , let me in then he said , i was not keen on two to a cubicle so slowly i undid the lock on the door and gently opened the door, FUCKING NICE he said , i was not sure you were into this stuff when i noticed you earlier on he spoke , but when you came back in i just hoped that you were game for some fun he continued all time playing with his cock through his pants . I can not get over you being naked he said , with his eyes firmly fixed on my cock his hands went to his pants and yanked them down , his beautiful 8 inch cock springing up as his cock was released , would you like to suck it he asked , too fucking right i do said and sank my mouth over his cock end and lunged it straight down my throat , wait he said let me close the door and join you naked , i thought i was hearing things but no , he closed and locked the door then stepped out of his pants and then pulled his t-shirt off over his head , he looked absolutely stunning with fuck all on and once more my mouth found his cock again , after 10 minutes he asked me if we were going to change around now , i was a bit stunned because the Asians that i had had fun with generally just engaged in me pleasuring them , this one was different , he wanted to join in the fun , you go for it i said and he clasped my cock and guided it to his mouth ,WOW nice cock sucker i said , not so bad yourself he replied then continued to take all my 7 inch down his throat , do you like spunk i asked because if you carry on like that you will soon be getting mine , no problem he replied as long as you do me after , your on i said , within 5 minutes my spunk was hitting the back of his throat , once he had cleaned around my cock end and had swallowed all my spunk we changed places and his cock was in my mouth once more , soon his whole length was down my throat , that feels fucking awesome he said , you will have to learn me that , i will i gasped i will , soon his spunk was hitting the roof of my mouth , what a load he had , but it was all gratefully swallowed down and then my tongue cleaned around his cock end . After i asked if i could see him again he said he would be here tomorrow . the next day came and as i was driving towards the car park by the market i saw him , so i asked him if he wanted to get in and we could go somewhere quiet , sure he said and jumped in , as we were getting through the traffic i asked him if he wanted to get naked now , what do you mean he said , i will show you i replied , with that i undid my pants and as i slowly drove along i slipped them down my legs , slowly and eventually getting my feet out of them then i picked them up and threw them on the back seat , we were heading for the moors and as we got higher and there was less traffic about i quickly pulled my t-shirt over my head and threw that on the back seat too , once more i was naked , you think you could do the same i asked , FUCKING HELL he said we have still to go through the council estate yet , well hurry up then i said it all adds to the thrill , my cock end was steaming i was hard as fuck and had started tossing it when he started to get undressed , off came his pants and undies his cock like mine erect and ready then off came his t-shirt , his rippled body glistened in the sun and he too like me was naked , i stroked his cock a bit then asked him to suck me first as i was still driving , he lowered his head and my cock disappeared in his mouth just as we entered the council estate , he was oblivious to it and he bobbed his head up and down on my cock as we drove though , we passed one or two people on the way and whether they saw or not it did not bother me it just added to the excitement ,eventually we reached the moor and i found a secluded spot , now it was my turn. I moved the seat back and put it in the lay down position , he was fucking rigid and his cock disappeared into my mouth , as i sucked that beautiful cock my hand played with his heavy ball sack , he moaned and as he did relaxed his legs , hmm i wondered and my hand moved from his balls and gently found their way to his hole , there was no resistance from him so i continued , my finger gently circled his hole before after applying more pressure entered him , once again he moaned and as i sucked him i fucked him with my finger , soon he gushed load after load of spunk into my mouth which was swallowed down hungrily , then it was his turn and i lay back down my cock pulsating with anticipation , soon it was in his mouth and down his throat WOW this lad could suck and just as his finger entered my hole i shot my spunk into his mouth of course i apologised for shooting too soon and said that if he met me at the toilets on Tuesday that i would let him fuck me , he agreed to meet me and with that we got dressed and i dropped him off in Keighley . Tuesday came and i got to the toilets first , i got in MY end toilet and stripped off ready for him , soon i heard voices , oh fuck , i thought someone else had come into the toilets but then he jumped up against the door and looked over , there i was once more naked in the toilets , he smiled , open the door he said , i moved forward and released the catch , he pushed the door open , i grabbed him and planted my lips on his and kissed him , ooh said a voice , he moved his lips away and said hey is it ok , my mates here , he does not want to do anything , just watch if thats ok , sure i said hurry strip off , soon he was naked and stroking his cock , i took over and tossed his cock as i did i moved out of the toilet ( it was a Tuesday i knew it was quiet ) . We were both naked in the aisle of the toilets and with his mate just feet away i knelt down and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him , i sucked him for a while then took hold of his cock and led him towards the door , his mate was stunned as we walked passed with fuck all on but watched on in anticipation , we got to the door and once more his cock went into mouth , i was sucking him by the open doorway of the toilet . slowly while sucking him i edged him out of the door , his mate who had followed us just could not believe what was happening , outside i stopped sucking him and asked if he wanted to fuck me here in the doorway , you bet i do he said but i replied can i fuck you in front of your mate first , now he said just do it now , we moved back into the urinals area and i bent him over , his mate watched as my tongue licked around and in his hole , once he was wet enough my cock slipped into him with ease , my balls were slapping against his as i fucked him , his mates jaw was wide open in disbelief , but i had not finish , i slipped out of him and turned him around and lifted him onto my cock , his legs wrapped around me then i started bouncing him up and down on my cock , the pleasure was so intense i needed more , quick i said to his mate suck him , WHAT he replied , suck him i said , suck him while i fuck him , NO he answered he is my mate i can not do that , well wank him i said , come on i said no one will know and slowly he took hold of his mates cock and as i fucked him , he tossed his cock , aim it to my mouth i said i want his spunk when he comes and then i continued to bounce him up and down on my cock soon i could feel my balls begin to tighten and i shot load after load into his hole soon i felt his spunk hit my face and i opened my mouth and devoured the rest . while we had a rest i told the lad that i had fucked that his mate had tossed him off into my mouth , i thought you was just going to watch he said , i was his mate replied but he made me toss you , i did i said and when he fucks me you are going to suck my cock , i hope you have not got a problem with that , err no he said , right then i said first get your tongue on my hole and get me nice and wet for your mate , as quick as a flash he was on my hole his tongue probing me soon i was wet enough come on lover i said get to this doorway , i inched out of the door nobody was about so i bent over and waited , PADDY ( i found out after ) got behind me and slowly inched he way into my hole , once i was used to it i told Paddy to fuck me hard and soon his 8 inch cock was pounding in and out of me , god it felt fucking great , are you going to suck me now ALI ( i found out after ) too right he said i am well into this now , good i said now strip off and get out here and suck my cock , err outside said Ali , sure come on i said there is nobody about , within minutes he was naked , he edged passed Paddy and me and looked outside , you are right he said nobody about , he knelt down in front of me and sucked on my cock , it was exhilerating , Paddy slipping his 8 inch cock in and out of my hole while Ali was sucking on my cock all in the doorway of some public toilets , soon Paddy exploded up my hole i did not even give Ali a chance and just emptied my balls into his mouth , to my surprise he swallowed the lot , once we realised where we were we retreated back into the toilets , then i fucked Ali while Paddy sucked him off and then Paddy fucked Ali while i sucked him off he truly had been converted , the following week we all met up again and this time let Ali fuck both of us , it really did turn into a good threesome every week . be back soon with market toilets 9 , hope you like this enstallment.