Written by Bitchwife

26 Nov 2016

My husband is a cuckold. It was and is his choice. It’s his desire and where he wants to be.

Saying that, we are a perfect couple as I have always had a fairly dominant nature but masked it because that’s what women do.

I knew early on in our relationship that when I took control he responded, things happened and he enjoyed the experience. This could be simply telling him how or what to wear, me driving the car or giving directions or telling him to cook dinner and have it ready at a certain time. He took it very well if he failed and expected to be chastised and also rewarded if successful.

It didn’t take long to lead into our sex life which up to that point was normal for a couple. It was me who told him that I had been hit on or approached by other men and responded by saying it was my call with what I did.

My husband is also a chronic masturbator. He always admitted he loved doing it and he masturbated as well as had sex with me most days. When I talked to him about how and what these men had hit on me we immediately had sex which was good but an hour later he wanted to wank himself. Sometimes I would let him if I didn’t feel or want more from him.

I went with one of these men. The sex was good and when I got home my husband was all over me. But I was still on a high from my lovers good efforts and didn’t just want to be pawed at or questioned so I refused. I made him wait. I enjoyed my afterglow and my husband responded by doing things for me like running a bath, cooking dinner and massaging my shoulders. Finally I let him lick and suck my feet and toes which he absolutely adores doing. I didn’t let him have sex with me and I forbade him to masturbate. We went to bed.

We have gone on from there. Since then I make all or most of the decisions. Especially when we have sex, which is when I want it and especially when he can masturbate. He knows to obey as the restrictions only get worse. Some may think that I am a bitchwife but my husband loves me for it.

I have had a series of lovers but not all have understood or wanted to be part of our relationship with me and my husband. That is until 18 months ago.

We live in Northern California. My husband runs a very successful practice and employs 12 people. In his business life no one knows his home life is different to his somewhat powerful and decisive business position.

As I said 18 months ago I met Hayden. He came into our life when we met him on a fun run we were all taking part in. I quickly realised that I wanted to experience this man and I could see that my husband approved, not that I needed it. Hayden is recently divorced and lived in a shared apartment with a friend.

I arranged and we went to Hayden’s apartment. My husband went with me knowing that I hoped to have sex with Hayden. Honestly I wanted to see if he was as good as he looked. It was only better. Hayden and I quickly disappeared into his bedroom and my husband waited in the sitting room.

Hayden is 30, the same age as me. He has a fantastic athletic body. A six pack that any man would envy and one that a woman dreams about. He has silky dark hair and olive skin. He removes all pubic hair and his beautiful circumcised penis is a perfect size, not small but not unnaturally huge and he gets and maintains a very hard erection. He is the best lover I have ever had. Much, much better that my husband who tries but loses badly compared to Hayden. I cannot imagine why his wife let him go?

After staying over at Hayden’s that night and having repeated sex at his place he then came to ours and had me in front of my husband. Hayden although never having been in a true bull situation knew what to do and took direction from me and demonstrated his abilities to my husband.

Hayden then moved in with us and quickly became my main lover. I am still the dominate one in this relationship but Hayden is eager to please me and is fully on board as I and he cuck my husband. Hayden stays with us usually 5 nights, Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday he goes to his mothers as he has his children and they all stay there.

This has really allowed me to cuck my husband more and more. Hayden and I are very comfortable and my husband’s lust for domination, denial and humiliation has developed dramatically. Firstly when I first started having dynamic sex with Hayden I just restricted my husband’s access to me. I certainly didn’t need it from him. I simply gave him sex out of duty. I love my husband but our relationship is better than that.

I restricted him more and more then made him use a condom and 7 months ago I withdrew all penetration rights from him. That is, he has not had penetrated me for 7 months.

He still gets to cum and that is important for health reasons (prostate health). I make sure he cums at least 5 times a week. Just not inside me. He does get to access my body but in a much reduced way. He loves my feet as I described earlier. I allow him to hold my feet together and fuck the insides of my feet. I usually let him do this after Hayden and I have had sex and we had let my husband watch. He will do this and then go to bed in his room alone and Hayden can have me again. Of course when my husband cums he must lick and clean my feet. That’s a rule I insist he follows. If he cums he must lick it up and swallow.

On Friday and Saturday night when Hayden is away my husband wears his metal cage. I often use my toes to massage his cock behind his balls just in front of his ass. He cums once again over my feet and of course he cleans up by licking every last drop. I then let him sleep with me but he is caged. I purposely spoon with him. It is strangely erotic to feel the cage pressing against my buttocks as we sleep. If I fell any moisture he must leave my bed and suffer in his own room.

Neither my husband or Hayden he ever done anything really same sex before our relationship. Hayden was straight away ok with my husband cleaning his cock after having sex with me. He also obliged in letting my husband suck his cock to make it hard for me. My husband also guides Hayden’s cock into me when directed. I essence Hayden is happy to do anything if I want it and my husband does what he is told or suffers more.

I find it really exhilarating that both men do it for me. I love to watch them.

A favourite of mine is for Hayden to fuck me and have my husband use his tongue to tease my clit and Hayden’s shaft as he pushes in and out of me. He is eager to do this as he feels he is part of giving me immense pleasure.

Let me tell you something else we do. But I need to explain.

I have had anal sex with some lovers. I have never let my husband do it to me as I am not overly fond of it. What I did try was that I pegged my husband with a strap on. I wanted him to experience having his body penetrated by someone else. He suffered some discomfort but he got used to it. After that it did nothing for me so instead I just fucked his ass with a hand held dildo. Moving on I asked Hayden if he would fuck my husband as I felt that would be very degrading. Hayden agreed. He is so obliging.

So on Sunday afternoon when Hayden returns to our house he fucks my husband. The only foreplay my husband gets is using his mouth to ready Hayden.

Something else I added is that I milk my husband by masturbating fast and roughly. He is on his hands and knees with Hayden pumping his ass. His cock is hanging down and wank him so he cums into a bowl. I don’t let up and keep wanking him after he cums. He is screaming with sensation from the pounding he is getting and the post orgasm sensitivity. This way he soon cums again. Not as much as the first but still substantial. My husband is exhausted and collapses as soon as Hayden cums in his ass. I like to caress and sooth my husband until he gets his breath and some energy back. Once he has recovered enough my husband must put on some tight shorts as must stay that way till morning. He knows must eat his cum before he leaves the room to make dinner for all of us. This is a very hard act for him to do but he knows if he doesn’t then he will suffer much more chastity and other rewards withdrawn. He always submits. Hayden will shower and clean himself so that after dinner he and I can have time alone for the rest of the evening for some love making as I haven’t been with him for 2 days.

We may call my husband late to clean us both if we feel like it. He does have a soothing tongue after a very active coupling. Sometimes we have him do it in the morning which leads to more sex for me with Hayden before he heads for work.

We have thought about having Hayden put on the payroll of my husband’s business so he would not have to work. The business can certainly afford it. But for the present I like my own space and time without either of the men being around.

Just recently we holidayed for a week near Blacks Beach which is near San Diego. It’s a “no cloths optional beach”. I really looked forward to this week to show Hayden off so that other women could see what I have. We can’t do this near home of course.

My husband wore his cage every time we went to the beach. We would arrive dressed and always undress near a large gathering of people. My husband would follow us around and carry everything. He also sat or lay beside us after setting up the rug and towels for us. Sex acts on the beach are frowned at but I would have loved Hayden to have taken me while my husband watched with the audience.

That aside, all the people on the beach knew that my husband was a cuckold and know I prefer Hayden as my lover.

I hope that this relationship continues for a long time. I can’t see any reason that things will change. We are all very happy as things stand. I would not rule out ever having full sex agin with my husband but for now he knows his place and suffers very happily.