Written by Anddii

13 Dec 2008

This happened about 2 years ago , i am married but bi my girlfriend knows nothing about my extra fun but thats not the story here .

I work as a supervisor in big international export company , the hangar i work in is near liverpool just off the motorway . We work round the clock and because of my sexual taste I have been seeing one of the night guards who is a big fucker loves the gymn work outs loves the girls but he sucks cock like a tyson hoover .#

Anyway after a late night sesh he showed me some old security cameras from different positions around the storage hangar .

1 camera which is very secluded is a favourite for the sneaky smokers on the work force but this video showing showed me Pat one of our senior employees having a sneaky smoke late at night ........... what was realy naughty was about 3 in the morning I could see Pat having a smoke then he was joined by on of the other crew I could see them talking then to stun me ......... he dropped to his knees and was sucking off his mate and by the close ups he had sucked cock before .

After a good 10 mins of sucking the back door opened again and an embarised Pat was talking to another guy next thing he was sucking him as well .

he then bobbed between each cock ........ one of the crew pulled away and was clearly licking and rimming Pats arse hole he was trying to push him away but 2 mins later he was trying to get his cock up Pats arse ....... he was trying to stop him but to no avail then he was moving his hips and Pat was still sucking cock between each thrust this was making me rock hard and Jimmy my cock pall took me in hand ( or should i say mouth and was sucking me good ).Pat was in the zone and he was relaxed and while getting his arse fucked i was getting close to cumming my load .

The guy who was fucking Pat pulled out and in a flash Pat turned around while he got a face full of spunk .

He then popped his cock in his mouth to do the clean up duties then he took another face and mouthful from mate number 2 .

This was too much 4 me i empied my balls into my guard cock suckers mouth .

In the morning I saw Pat arrive ,kiss his wife and say goodbye to his son and daughter it was hard to beleive that a few weeks ago on night shift he was getting spit roasted by 2 of his crew and by fuck he loved sucking cock and being fucked.

The only thing missing to a brilliant night was i didnt get any ...........