19 Feb 2017

A year ago I wrote of my first visit to Maspalomas dunes on Gran Canaria. A couple of weeks ago someone else wrote of their experience and I read it while I was over there, and said I’d write my visiti up. My visit this year was not so successful in that my wife was much more active (not sexually – she has given that up) so I only got one afternoon where I was free to visit the dunes. I will write another message with details for those going to visit.

We were staying in Maspalomas near the lighthouse, so I walked out along the beach, past the bottom end of La Charca lagoon, keeping along the line of the path by the boundary posts of the nature reserve. Last year this was an easy path but one of the dunes has shifted and the posts are almost buried in that section. Once over that barrier the path is easy to follow as it heads for Playa des Ingles. On the edge of the beach it is always cooler from the sea breeze, but in the dunes it gets hot.

I met my first nude male just past this point – unfortunately he was inside the nature reserve and I think that is not acceptable, so I walked on a little before stopping to strip off. The next couple I saw were wearing swim wear and were walking towards the Faro so of no interest, though I like being seen nude. Then I arrived at the area known as Pussy Dell. On the dune to the right there were two couples in the bushes near the top. I walked up the dune to have a look, but neither showed any interest, they were just sunbathing and one of the men was standing and just looking round. I moved down the dune and across the path to the flatter side of the Dell.

There were a number of single men wandering round and a few couples lying in sheltered spots, but none of them seemed to be performing in any way. One guy was using his mobile phone and the male with one couple started shouting at him, seems he was actually trying to take photos of the couple. He was almost driven away. I wandered round further, enjoying the nudes but nothing else was happening so I headed south to the gay area.

The puzzle in the gay area is that we are all there for one reason (gay sunbathers are out on the beach) yet people are reluctant to engage. I walked in past a guy reading an English book and several other men who ignored me (I am over 70 so I guess not attractive to younger men). Then I found a very tanned guy who exchanged glances and began walking back into a more bushy area. I followed him through but he then stopped because we came across a man on his knees sucking another man off. Several people were watching but none seemed to want to respond to me, so I wandered round again. Eventually I ended up back by the bloke reading the English book – he looked up and smiled so I stopped to chat, spread my towel and sat by him. We started feeling each other’s cock and then I bent down to suck him. He suggested a 69, so that’s what we did for the next ten or fifteen minutes. He was similar age to me and an average cock, so I was comfortable taking that in. When he was near cumming, I changed to wanking him as I wanted his cum on me. There wasn’t much but it was good to have a bit on my face and some on my tits. I didn’t cum at that stage. When I looked up there were a couple of other men watching us.

I now wandered back to Pussy Dell. I had been told before that most of the action takes place late in the afternoon. The first couple I found by seeing a guy lying down staring into a small ring of bushes. As I approached I could see a couple, probably early 40s, with the woman bending over and sucking the man’s cock. She was slim with small tits and was taking his 7 or 8 inches easily deep into her throat. I moved on. Several couples were now getting friendly, and one or two guys were standing watching each one, but then a noticeable small crowd was gathering so I went to join. The crowd was mostly older men, some dressed some nude, some fingering their pants idly others more deliberately wanking. On the ground lay a couple side by side, mid-forties, both a little plump, him with a moderate erection, her with a lovely round body and tits which were a good handful with small pinkish nipples. On top of her and fucking her hard was a young guy with a beautiful long cock – at a guess one of the local hotel staff. Kneeling by her head was another young man wanking towards her face. We all had a great view of the first lad’s cock, wrapped in condom, plunging in and out of her lovely cunt. He stopped to put her legs over his shoulders and then plunged in again. The woman turned towards her man several times and he rubbed her tits. The guy on the other side wanted to put his cock in her mouth but she wasn’t playing. Finally the guy fucking her pulled out, ripped the condom off and wanked furiously until he squirted his cum over her tits. The guy kneeling tried to do the same but she turned away and got the spunk over her shoulder. The show was obviously over so the crowd moved off and the man took a towel and cleaned her up.

As we walked away we immediately found another couple in action. The man was just finishing giving her cunt a licking and now he pushed her legs up and slid his cock into her and started fucking her. No one was asked to join in. It was time to wander back.

On the way out, I walked north to the dune entrance by the camel centre. This is the area where local guys gather at the end of the day and I went into the bushy area there to see what was happening. There were several men wandering and one or two just standing. Along one path was a local man, in his early 60s I’d guess, bit overweight, fully dressed except his track-suit bottoms were pulled down and he was wanking his thick cock. It was uncut and not quite hard, not excessively long but thicker than average. I just had to kneel and suck it. He was soon very hard and enjoying my mouth. After a while he tried to hold my head and push his cock down my throat, which I didn’t want, so I pulled back and then resumed holding his cock and controlling how far it went down. He again tried to control it and pushed his cock hard into my throat, so I decided I’d had enough fun, smiled nicely and walked away.

I wish I could have got back on other afternoons, but it was not to be. We did walk from Faro to Playa along the front of the beach and there were large numbers of nude people, but no more sex.

If anyone is interested in going to Maspalomas, I’ll write another page with instructions.