Written by darter6145

30 Nov 2013

Just got back from a week in Gran Canaria where i walked the dunes. Not the sand ones though, everybody makes that mistake. I went for the shrubbery area near La Charca ( the lagoon ) by taxi. Walked out into the bushes and trees and got naked, cos there were lots of others just the same wandering about.

Came across a couple laid out aand placed my towel and gear opposite them, the lady looked at me and witrhin a minute she was playing with herself. I started to masturbate and this egged her on and she straddled her man and rode him, When i looked behind me there was another couple watching and the lady asked if she could wank me off while she did the same to her man, me being a gentleman agreed. Soon we were all watching the dutch lady riding her man and we were being wanked off by the lady between us, Her man started to moan and she got on her knees - he shot his cum rigfht down her throat and she lapped it up. I was bursting then and she asked me to cum over her tits - lovely. I did her proud and she sucked me dry as she rubbed my juice into her chest,

What a time and i will be booking again.