Written by Al

18 Mar 2017

On our first visit to Maspalomas dunes, Mo found our spot stripped off, we made ourselves comfortable, only to have the visit cut short by a sand storm, we retreated back to our apartment, showered then out for a meal, great that Mo was going out with no knickers.

later Mo was tired so much for planned fun, I was half woke with her asking did I want her to sit on my face, I was still sleepy.

About 3am I laid across the bed starting to play with Mo as she laid on her front as she slept, i found her vagina all sticky she woke slightly turning over, i was straight in licking her clit before she could object also inserting a finger insaying it feels as if you have had sex with someone.

" she replied I might have " it tasted so good and she was so excited she lent over slipping a finger over my anus and playing with it, the way I was laid I was soon rubbing my cock as well as carrying on licking, we both coming.

I lifted myself of her and Mo went crazy pleasuring herself with her fingers, her sexy thoughts must have been on over drive.

Our 2nd a tempt to get to the dunes on a calm sunny day, succesfully finding a higher patch with shrubs.

A little while after some sunbathing I surprise Mo with a picnic from my rucksack cheeses & sangria and one of her toys.

With not acare in the world she sat up legs wide open for all to see using the the vibrator on herself as she laid back.

I said you have a watcher from another dune, I expected her to stop !!!! but no she carried on with her little show.

Much to my pleasure and her admirer's turning onto her front face down now with her laid on the dildo her bum twitching as she came.

This was a day of pleasuring yourself watching, and not only me.

As Mo drifted off into a sleep the admirer walked past , she missed the sight of his manhood he had been playing with.

Nice bit of exhibitionist from my Wife.

To top a day off with surprises she said she needed a pee, I said just do no one will see, while I sat there watching excitedly she let it gush out

Al & Mo