26 Apr 2016

Last June myself and Shirley headed for our Grande Caneria holiday we had been before and loved the nudist area around the dunes we had only had a little play in the dunes before, me playing with her pussy and a guy looking as he walked past which got her very turned on but he made no contact with us just looked and we had chatted when we got back home and she said it turned her on she wanted more of the same which was music to my ears.

Anyway day one and we had a walk up along beach and got to hut four and we both walked into the dunes lots of guys walking around and me hit the sea then the sand to dry of Shirley looked shaven and as we dried of her nipples stuck out nicely, we was layed their and I started to stroke her breast and she let her hand catch my now semi cock a guy in his 50's walked over the crest of the dune where we was and he stopped and said hi we smiled and he said my first day we said ours to all the time his eyes was on Shirl mind if I rest hear no go for it he said he was from leeds and had come alone and it was nice to chat all the time he was looking and i had my hand on shirleys thigh he was getting hard my wife smiled at me and i moved my hand near her pussey and she opened her thighs a little he was now rock hard and my fingers started to work her clit my cock now was hard and she started to wank me he moved near and was jerking his cock and shirley was looking at him he said can i put his hand to her tit and i knodded and he fondled her was was getting very wet and he was wanking over her and i said to her help him she took his cock in her hand and jerked him she was reaching climax and he was now rubbing his cock on her tits and her shot his thick cum over them she exploded on my fingers we all relaxed and he said that was a great start to his holiday and would look out for us and walked away we just hit the sea and then went back to the dunes to carry on our dirty holiday.