18 Feb 2017

My name is Ray and my wife Tanya, we have been happily married for 25 years and as far as I know faithful to each other and have a good active sex life, we booked a holiday in a private villa in Fuerteventura, After 25 years sex was getting a bit mundane and I was wanting to experience other women, and I had read there was action on some of the beaches of Maspolomas, We talked about it and Tanya was not happy me fucking some one else, I told her it was just to satisfy my needs and it would stimulate our sex life.

The day came and we jetted out on holiday, I was really up for it and determined to fuck someone else as I read about all the activity there although she was not too keen , we got to the villa which was very secluded with its own pool, she put on a sheer tiny thong bikini and we we spent a great afternoon sunbathing by the pool and drinking. Tanya has a great body with a shaven pussy and her clit and nipple pierced

I was feeling really horny and i said lets fuck before we go out to dinner, she said yes please and said can I tie you up to the sun bed, I was up for a bit of domination and said yes please. She had bought with her some straps and my arms and legs securely fastened, what happened next I was totally shocked, she said if you think you're fucking some one else you're mistaken, she then produced a cock cage and proceeded to lock my cock into it fastened with a padlock , being retrained I lay there helpless not being able to do anything, she then says I 'm off to get ready for tonight, After a while she comes back dressed in a short summer mini dress no knickers looking as sexy as hell, I started to get an erection but the cage prevented that, she then untied me and ordered me to go and get ready to take her out for dinner

Let me know if you're interested what happened next