19 Feb 2017

I got changed and off we went for dinner, it was a normal night out and we got a taxi back to the villa, I had my hand up her dress in the taxi and started to play with her clit ring which always gets her going, we got back to the villa and I asked for the key so I could give her a good fucking, I thought she would be wanting it, Tanya replied, sorry but I'm not taking the cage off yet,, you will have to be a good boy.

The next couple of days carried on in the same vein, I could not get a fuck and she was loving my frustration, On the third day we was sunbathing by the pool with Tanya sunbathing nude when there was a knock on the door,there was a fit looking tanned spanish guy saying I have come to check the pool, I let him in, and he went out to the pool area, Tanya was shocked to see this guy, and grabbed a towel to cover herself, why didn't you warn me, I said I thought you heard him at the door but stop worrying I'm sure he sees it all the time , relax and go and get a drink I asked the pool guy whose name was Antonio,would you like a beer, "Si" was his reply I shouted Tanya bring Antonio a beer, She came back with the drinks much to my surprise with no towel on, Antonio's couldn't keep his eyes off her,

We sat on the loungers having our drinks watching Antonio go about his business , We had already had a few drinks and I reckon Tanya was losing her inhibitions as she had her legs spread showing her clit ring, Antonio kept eyeballing her and I could see he a massive hard on pushing out of his shorts, I don't think it had escaped Tanya attention either,

I said to Tanya I'm off to the loo, I'd been gone about 10mins and was on my way back to see Tanya up close and talking to Antonio, I stopped by the door out of site to see what was happening, the next thing she was snogging him and rubbing his cock through his shorts, His hands was all over her, This was out of character and I thought dirty little slut, I felt a mixture of being annoyed but my cock was getting aroused as far as the cage would let it and I was getting turned on.

It was long before she pulled his shorts down and took him in her mouth, she was like an animal and could not get enough of him and he was obviously in 2nd heaven, I must admit she she can give awesome blow job, I wanted to wank just watching them, I made a noise and shouted anybody for another drink Tanya jumped in the pool before i walked through the door and Antonio pulled had pulled his shorts up, although he could not hide his massive hard on, Antonio said No thanks I,m done here now, ( I thought I bet you are) I'll see you in a couple of days to check on the pool again any problems give me a ring here's my card with my phone number.

I'll let you know what happened next