28 Feb 2017

Next morning I woke up feeling horny but she was having none of it, she said she was still sore from last night and you can keep that cage on, After a lazy morning around the pool I suggested going to the beach, I was thinking if the pool maintenance came she would be having more prick, by going to the beach she wont be having his prick in her and maybe I will be in for a chance if she wants a screw.

She went to get ready for the beach and put on a Wicked Weasel 457 bikini on with a micro bikini top that just covered her nipples, she had put barbells into her nipples that was showing through the thin material, the thong bottom just covered her pussy lips and you could see the outline of her clit ring, I nearly cum in my shorts just looking at her,

She put a sarong on and we set out to the beach.

we walked along the beach and found a quiet spot on our own. Tanya was chilled out sunbathing when another couple set up a few metres away, they were older than us and she was a little overweight. He eyes was all over Tanya and we got chatting.

Tanya asked me to go and get some cold drinks from a beach shack down the beach, Off I went and returned after about 20 mins with the drinks,

Tanya was missing along with her husband and the wife was there on her own, I said Do you know where Tanya has gone , yes she has gone for a walk with Tom over the dunes, after a while she asked me if I wanted to go and see if we could find them, I agreed and we got over the first dune , there was no sign, we walked across the next dune and bingo the was Tanya sucking Toms cock with 2 more fella's nude a few yards away watching the action wanking . I was embarrassed and said do you want to go back to the beach, she said No I prefer to watch, It came out they were a pair of swingers and said if you want we can join them, do YOU want a blow job, She did not know I was caged up and I had to make my excuse and returned to the beach.

About an hour later Tanya returned with the other couple, She said I've just had a great time fucking in the dunes I have had 3 cocks ,Tom is getting on a bit but he certainly knows how to fuck a girl, she was really going on about it and rubbing it in, she said I am going to have to go into the sea and clean myself up I have got cum pouring out of my pussy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach, went back to the villa and had a quiet night in. I said to her I had an opportunity to fuck Toms wife this afternoon and join in the fun, Well you couldn't could you, I have the key and I am in control of what you can do and what you can't do. I said don't you realise what a selfish bitch you are ,She replied Yes and you're fucking no one this holiday That couple did not want to meet up again as they thought you had turned the wife down heh heh!!