4 Mar 2017

Later that night we got ready to go out for dinner, Tanya got dressed in a really short dress with no bra, her nipple piercings were clearly showing through her dress, She looked dead sexy and I really wanted to fuck her

I said the way your dressed is saying I want to be fucked, she reckoned the fucking Antonio give her she was too sore to have more prick and said your getting none anyway, I'll see how tonight goes and see if I meet someone I really want to fuck me otherwise I'll save myself for tomorrow,

I asked whats happening tomorrow?

She said Its our last day so I'm going to get as much cock as I can, Antonio is coming in the afternoon to say goodbye and I'm going to the beach in the morning to see if I can get some action

I said what about me , She said , well your no good to anyone with that cage on, you can come with me and watch me, or fuck off for a long walk

The night passed off with no action. I now was desperate for some sex as she looked so hot and as much as I tried she was giving me the cold shoulder

Let me know if you want to know what she got up to on the last day