Written by cumalot

30 Apr 2008

I'm telling you something that happen about 2 months ago. As a gift from my gf, i was given a complimentary massage treat in a local outfit in Coventry. . I'm 32, 6ft and very well built. Upon arrival, she was about 40, had a long but figure hugging blouse and a short skirt on with long heal shoes. I was attracted to her very quickly. She took me upstairs to her consulting room for questionnaire. I gave her my personals and we soon started to click and she started to asked me more personal questions , like my sexual appetite, where i like to be massaged, and commented on my body. As she sat real close i could see her thighs and was given a peep to her tong. I was getting turned imaging her all over me. She asked to strip except my pants(i had worn a tight d&g pants), and to lay on the table while she went out and changed and lit up all the candles and turned down the lights.

She entered in a white uniform with her tits half expose. I was laying there all naked, expect for my pants with a semi hard on. I could see her looking at that with a smile and said , nice body , i will enjoy rubbing my hands on that. She made me lay face down put a small towel over my pants and started to rub my back with warm oil and slowly started to massage me. It felt really lovely, and she started to rub her tits on my back at the same time.

After a while she turned me up, i was very hard now, and i had my eyes closed , she very slowly massaged by chest, she has lovely long fingers and i wanted to reach up and suck her tits. She continued and said' bet your gf loves to feel you up'. I nodded and replied' you are better'!!

she moved toward my legs and thighs and i was very hard. she saw that and said' very nice we can't let that be wasted'. with that she took out my hard cock and started to massage it with very ward oil. i was in heaven. she then started to lick it while massaging the shaft. i then reached up and grabbed her tits, and started to massage her nipples. they were very hard. i also started to feel her thighs and moved up to her wet pussy and i could see her move her legs wider and then i started to finger her.

She was moaning with my cock in her mouth. I wanted to cum inside her pussy. So i got up, lifted her on the table , bent her over , and shafted my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her hard and deep. She loved it and cried' harder, harder and with a couple of minutes i could feel body tense up and she gave out a loud cry, as she came. I then continued to fuck her till i loaded all my spunk in her pussy and she then sucked it clean. I fucked her another two times, once she rode me and the other time on her sofa. We must have spent 3 hours, fucking and massaging each other. I have been around several times. She loves cock.