Written by Paul_dunn

1 Sep 2012

Following an ad on this site, offering massage with aroma oils to any ladies interested, I was contacted by the husband of a lady not too far away. He told me his wife had often mentioned that she would like to be massaged by a stranger but did not think she would want anything more intimate. It would be up to me to win her over.

Appointments were made and I arrived with my kit and was welcomed by a most attractive, somewhat embarrassed lady possible in her forties. I suggested she change into something appropriate, which in her case was a T shirt and shorts.I warmed up the oil, Geranium I believe.We put the settee cushions on the floor and she lay face down. I started on her arms, neck and shoulders. She was tense at first then relaxed. I suggested that I release her bra so as to give her back a good session. She agreed. I then started on her feet and legs. She was clearly enjoying the whole session. She slipped her shorts off followed by her undies. I was still not sure how this was all going to end up. I asked her to turn over, offering her a towel to cover herself. She declined this. I then massaged her neck and carefully around her pert breasts. Thinking it time to test the water,I massaged her nipples, which hardened.I then proceeded to work on her legs again and especially her inner thighs avoiding any contact with her vagina. Much to my surprise she reached out and felt my now erect penis. I took that as a signal that she was ready for something more intimate.I inserted two fingers and gave her an internal massage. She loved it. I took off my trainer bottoms and gently opened her legs. I reached for a condom but she shook her head. I entered her slowly it was fantastic, then I gradually built up speed and was on the point of dumping my load when she asked me to lie down whllst she straddled me. This was great because my urge subsided and could carry on. She rode me like a bucking bronco, I was in heaven sucking her nipples as she leaned forwards, at the same time using both hands to massage her now very wet cunt. Once again we changed position to doggie, my favourite although I always prefer the final act to be in the missionary position.This is how it all ended I have never had such a wonderful feeling as when I finally dumped my load into that lovely body.

Later her husband asked me to write every intimate detail. Mmmm not quite the story he told me at first but who cares, alls well that ends well.