Written by dirtyweasel

25 Aug 2009

This story takes a bit to get going but I hope it's worth the effort.

I have and still do advertise on this site a free massage service I offer and have been pleasantly surprised with the response I have had. This is a true story of what happened when I met Michelle and Rob.

Rob contacted me to tell me he would love to watch his wife, Michelle having an erotic massage. As they only lived a few miles away we decided to meet for a drink to discuss what was required.To my surprise Rob brought Michelle along to the meeting with him.Michelle looked very nice, late thirties,large breasts with a nice round bum and dressed very well in a button through dress, tanned bare legs and some sexy strappy heels.

We talked over drinks and got on very well and Michelle decided she would like the massage. As I wasn't expecting Michelle to be there I did not have my oils etc with me so they invited me back to their home later after I collected them.

I arrived at the house and was met at the door by Rob, dressed in his dressing gown. I was invited in and sat down with a drink with Rob. He said Michelle will be down shortly. Rob told me he was really ready for the fun to begin and I could see he was already hard by the bulge in his robe.

Michelle appeared at the top of the open staircase as both Rob and I looked up. She too was wearing a robe which looked silky and clingy but was quite a bit shorter than Rob's robe. Michelle also still had her strappy shoes on. As she decended the stairs I could see all the way up her thighs to a very lacy, small pair of white panties. When Michelle reached us she leaned over to kiss me giving me my first view of her beautiful breasts which were held up by a quarter cup bra which matched her panties. She then stood up again, smiled at me and bent to kiss Rob, giving his hard cock a squeeze as she did.

"Where do you want me"? said Michelle. I took some towels from my bag and laid them on the floor, getting a cushion from the sofa I said "Undo your robe and lie on your front first there please"

she did, "Get comfortable with your arms by your side" I said, she did.I got my lavender oil out, warmed it in my hands by rubbing it in well and started to massage Michelle's neck. Pulling the robe down I then worked the oil into her shoulders then her upper back.I then removed the robe altogether and unclipped her bra and continued massageing Michelle's back. I let my hands wander around to the sides of Michelles breasts as she lifted herself slightly to give me more access to them. They were really firm for the size of them and I complimented her on them. All she seemed to do was moan in a low, purring voice, a sure sign she was enjoying herself.

I then moved down to Michelles thighs, put some more oil on them and went to work firmly on them from the back of her knees to the start of her buttocks. Michelle opened her legs slightly to allow me to get to the inside of her thighs.As I worked my way up I let my hands brush her panties and was pleased at how wet they already were, but I hadn't finished teasing her yet so moved on to her calves and feet.

I then asked Michelle to turn over on to her back which she did, revealling her wonderfully erect, small brown nipples. She started to massage her breasts and nipples then to keep them hard and was really enjoying herself by now.Rob I noticed had also removed his robe and was stroking his big hard cock and watching intently.

"I am now going to remove your panties Michelle" I said to which she just nodded, raised bum from the towel and carried on playing with her fantastic tits. I moved up and gently removed her panties revealling a wonderfully clean shaven wet pussy.I removed my clothes down to my boxers and let my own hard cock have a bit of room to move.

Starting once more with the lavender oil I worked my way from Michelles feet up her shins to her front thighs which were firm and very supple. At last I reached that wonderful cunt. I massaged around her wetness, occasionally brushing her outer lips with my skilful hands which left her panting with each touch but again, I had not finished teasing her. I massaged her tummy and finally got to her fantastic tits. Michelle removed her hands to allow me to massage her tits and I gave her nipples a lot of very firm squeezing. As Michelle moaned she reached for my hard cock and started to fondle it through my boxers, then she pulled them down letting my aching cock free and started to wank me slowly in time with my massageing.

After a while when I was near to cumming I released myself from her grip and positioned myself between her legs and licked Michelle's soaking wet cunt. She opened her legs wide and I tongued her hole deep to bring her to a huge orgasm. As she bucked wildly I started working her with my fingers to another orgasm as she shouted "Fuck me, fuck me Rob"

I moved over and Rob did indeed fuck her, he was straight in and riding like a cowboy. I moved nearer to Michelles face and she started wanking me again before pulling me towards her open mouth. After a few sucks I filled her mouth with my hot load which she swallowed.

After a while we dressed and had more drinks and talked about our evening.Michelle and Rob eventually decide to shower together as I left for home.

I am seeing Rob and Michelle again soon and Michelle has even mentioned her massage to her work friend who is also interested so I may write again soon.

This is a true story and if you fancy someting similar please check my ads!