Written by Steve

30 Jan 2018

A couple of years back I was living with Wendy and we even got engaged but it wasn’t working so we split.

During the years we were together we often visited her parents, as you would expect. Both her parents had remarried, her Mum being remarried to a very rich guy.

Her Mum Belle was then in her 50’s and very petite with a slim trimmed figure, looking good for her age. I never had any sexual attraction towards her, mainly due to being with her daughter.

I knew she liked me though, as the first time we visited Wendy told me her Mum thought I was really good looking and that she would have liked me for herself. It was a weird thing for Wendy to say about her Mum, but nothing like this was ever said again. Belle was always quite flirty with me but nothing inappropriate as she was expecting to be my future mother in law. She was two faced because although she was nice to my face, she didn’t think I was good enough for Wendy. She wanted Wendy to finish with me and find someone better. Obviously Wendy told me all this. This was all about money as my job wasn’t that well paid. It was partly Belle’s influences that caused us to split.

Belle is very money driven and thought Wendy should find someone richer, as she had done. Her husband was older than her and always away on business but loaded. I was sure she married him purely for his money. They lived in an amazing house, with a tennis court, pond as big as a swimming pool etc. Belle obviously loved that lifestyle always out for lunch and on expensive holidays with a cleaner and gardiner meaning she didn’t have to do any work.

Only once was I shown around the house by Wendy. I remember one of the many spare rooms having a massage table set up, and Wendy telling me her Mum had a woman come round each week to massage her.

Anyway forwarding on a few years, Wendy and I had been separated for a year or so, when I happened to be passing Belle’s house and saw Belle pulling into her drive alone in her BMW convertible.

I had a bit of spare time so found myself following her up her drive. I would never have normally visited but thought I’d say hi.

Belle was surprised to see me, but invited me in. She actually looked quite sexy in a flimsy but tight fitting summer dress and high heels, despite now being in her early 60’s. Her little figure was still great. I could tell she had a thong on under her dress and her arse looked surprisingly good.

We had a cuppa and chatted away catching up on news. We sat opposite each other in the lounge and I could partly see up her dress, seeing at one point her white panties. I couldn’t stop looking and think she may have noticed.

This really turned me on. I didn’t fancy her, but suddenly the thought of fucking her was all I wanted to do. I knew it was wrong but I just wanted her begging for my cock. I guess it was partly that she was forbidden fruit, as she was married and my ex’s mother, but also because I knew she didn’t think I was good enough for her daughter and did her part in splitting us up. I had no idea if she would be up for sex but I thought that id try it on and see.

I became flirty turning the conversation from boring catch up news to telling Belle how wonderful and gorgeous she looked and she lapped up the compliments.

She returned the compliments and blantantly started flirting back. Within minutes she was almost offering herself to me. She asked if I had been working out more and was asking to feel my muscles, which I allowed her to do. I laughed to myself, thinking how two faced she was, when she said Wendy must have been mad to let me go. This made me more determined to fuck her, but also made me want to get her to become so desperate that she would beg me to to do it.

My body is pretty good due to time spent in the gym and Belle was loving having a feel of my upper body. I wasn’t sure what to do next as I didn’t want to try and kiss her in case she rejected me and was awkward. Then I remembered her massage table and the fact I’d had a couple of lessons and decided to tell her about my lessons.

As soon as I told her she showed real interest. I hinted that my problem was finding bodies to practice on. She said that she loved being massaged and that she would happily allow me to practice on her sometime.

I told her I was free now but didn’t have any of my stuff with me and she told me about the room and massage table she had set up for the weekly massage she still had. She also said she had oils etc.

Feeling a bit awkward due to Belle being Wendy’s Mum she led me upstairs and into the room. After sorting oils etc, i used the toilet asking her to undress and get on the table.

I came back and she was laid on her front naked with a towel just covering her bum. I knew she was naked as her clothes were on a chair and her white lace thong had pride of place on top in clear view.

So I just started on her legs checking the pressure was good. Within minutes she was saying how good it felt and how wonderful my hands were. She was saying I was better that her regular masseur and suggested paying me to massage her each week instead. I said that was worth considering and carried on.

Working up her legs, she was clearly loving it and without asking moved her towel up so it was just covering her bum. She didn’t object and just made noises expressing her enjoyment, the nearer I was to get pussy.

She looked after herself, probably with loads of beauty treatments and her legs were completely smooth. Then as I massaged her inner thighs she parted her legs slightly giving me a slight view of her shaven pussy. She was getting horny and kept parting her legs more and more and letting out little moans as I lightly massaged and teased her stopping millimetres from her pussy. A few times when my hands were right near her pussy she slightly thrust her bum up pushing her pussy towards my fingers, but I kept teasing her. I then moved to her back. I knew I had her in my control when I asked her if she she wanted her bum massaged and as well as saying yes she told me to take off the towel.

I continued to tease her and she was getting desperate for me to pleasure her pussy. She was naked and moved her legs so far apart her feet were just over the sides of the massage table having moved them herself.

Being so slim she would have known her shaven pussy was on full display to me. I massaged her right up her body almost touching her pussy and each tune I did she moaned with pleasure telling me how good i was.

I then told her to turn over, not offering her the towel back. She did as she was told and my ex’s mother was now laying naked in her back looking at me with lust in her eyes. She had closed her legs again but had no embarrassment about laying stark naked.

Without saying anything I started on her feet taking in her body. It was fantastic for her age and her small tits were still perky with big dark nipples pointing hard into the air.

Her pussy was perfectly groomed. I thought it was fully shaved but when she turned over I saw she had a perfectly trimmed triangle of short blond hair above her pussy.

As I worked up her legs her moaning started again and her legs started to open. I massaged right up her body and around her small tits. I even massaged just above her pussy where her pubes were, all the time not touching her sex. She parted her legs again so far that her feet were again over the side. As such her pussy lips had parted.

It was a beautiful sight of a woman who hadnt wanted me as her son in law, now clearly wanting me. It was a game as I teased her and she moaned and thrusted up she beat her pussy clearly wanting me. I wanted her to beg me to touch her but she hadn’t, but then it happened. She told me she was desperate for me and that I could do what I wanted to her.

I was desperate to fuck her but wanted her to pay for the way she had treated me before, so I said that i didn’t think it was right because of Wendy. I didn’t say no but wanted her to plead and she did saying she was desperate for me. I reminded her about her husband and she said she didn’t give a fuck about him as he couldn’t get it up.

My cock was rock hard by this time and Belle reached out and touched it. I didn’t stop her and she was shocked as I’m blessed in that department and just kept telling me it felt so big.

She looked at me and asked me to fuck her as she hadn’t had it for ages. She said she would do anything in return for me fucking her. I still played hard to get but didn’t stop her as she leant over, undid and lowered my jeans and released my cock.

She grabbed my shaft and looked into my eyes and pleaded with me to fuck her. She then opened her mouth and placed the end of my cock in there and started to suck it like a slut.

I gave in and stopped playing my game as she sucked me like a pro. She climbed off the table and went on her knees in front of me, licking and suckibg my helmet, wanking my shaft and cupping my balls. She really did give the best head ever, slurping and going up and down on me like a woman possessed.

Unlike my relationship with any other woman I wanted to dominate and control her. If she wanted me she would have to do everything I asked. As such I told her to suck my balls and she did. I stripped and laid back on the massage table and parted my legs as she continued to suck my balls and wank my hard shaft. I noticed she was also rubbing her clit with her other hand and was moaning loud in pleasure as well.

I wanted to see how far she would go and asked her to lick my arse, which she did immediately and even suggested I turn over. I went on my knees on the table and leaned forward with my arse in the air. The dirty slut rimmed me probing her tongue in my bum hole before fingering my arse. With her other hand she reached through and wanked me. It was amazing and I was on the verge but I didn’t want to cum yet.

I turned back over on my back and told her to kiss me and my slut did as she was told.

She stopped and looked at me and again asked me to fuck her with my big cock. I got uk and told her to lie down on her back. I wanted to control her more and as she lie there I told her to part her legs and she did. I told her to part her pussy lips and she did. I told her to finger herself and she did putting 2 fingers deep inside. I pulled them out and sucked them clean.

I was being mean and told her to tell me what she wanted me to do to her using explicit language. She initially wasn’t comfortable using the word cunt but I soon had her begging me to lick, finger and fuck her cunt.

I relented a bit and put two fingers partly in her, they slipped in easily due to the massage oil on my fingers and because she had a loose pussy. I knew I could get 4 fingers in her easily but wanted her to beg for pleasure so just held my 2 fingers still slightly inside her.

She grabbed my hand in order to push my fingers in further and I told her off and told her to tell me explicitly what she wanted, and she ended up pleading me to finger her cunt hole.

Looking back I was being a bastard but she deserved being humiliated and actually loved me being in total control.

As she had asked so nicely I started finger fucking her. I’ve never known anyone moan so loud and she was shaking and continued demanding that I finger her cunt. I then also slipped an oiled finger up her arse, and was finger fucking both her hopes at the same time. She almost screamed as she orgasmed telling me she was cumming. Her whole body was shaking as she did.

As she came down from her orgasm I pulled her down the massage couch and told her to hold her legs apart. I positioned my hard cock in line with her waiting pussy and used some massage oils to lube it up.

She pleaded with me to fuck her so i did pulling her ankles up to my shoulder but also holding them apart. Although I’m well endowed her loose pussy easily took my cock inside, but not the full length. Still I eased it in slowly making her wait for it to enter her fully.

I also did it slowly to stop myself cumming as I was horny as hell. I did a few long strokes in her pussy and then withdrew and placed my still well oiled cock at the entrance of her arse.

She just looked and asked me to be gentle as I slipped it in her arsehole. After a few lengths she was in some pain but didn’t object. I couldn’t be cruel so placed it back in her pussy and fucked her hard and fast. She cum hard again shouting fuck me over and over. As she shuddered to a climax I couldn’t hold back and cum hard in her pussy.

I then told her to take me to her bed and went into her marital bed and we fucked again and played for a couple of hours.

She told me she loved being dominated and she had not been dominated like that before. She had never done anything anal before or had anything done to her bum. She said she was never interested but couldn’t say no to me and it was the best sex she has had.

Since then we have met numerous times and she is now my submissive slut doing whatever I tell her to do, even meeting a few guys and a couple for sex.