8 Jun 2016

Sitting in our hot tub enjoying a nice warm evening together Lizzie suggests a return of Paul our local masseur a guy we found on S/H, Lizzie is still fit at 50 and still a size 12 and has nice curves in the right places,the last time the session was on a massage table in the lounge, and she thought this time we should try it in our bedroom on our Super King size bed making it more comfortable. Lizzie showered and shaved leaving just a tiny landing strip on her pubes . Knowing from last time that Paul has a kink with white panties Lizzie wore them with just a short nightie on the warmest night of the year, Paul arrives kissing my wife ,we drink and chat before venturing into the bedroom. Lights down background music on Lizzie laid out in just white panties,Paul blindfolds her to make the massage more sensual and sensitive and I settle down to enjoy the view. Paul strips down and starts the massage on my wifes back sitting astride of her thighs taking his time oiling her up and caressing up and down before making his way down her body popping her panties up between her pert cheeks,using his thumbs making his way up inside her tight panties snaking across her oil slicked cheeks and tickling her smooth crack in a very slow motion. Paul moves on to her legs sitting between her thighs getting a lovely rear view of her bottom and the damp patch through her white panties that was slowly emerging ,massaging the back of her thighs stretching them wider with each stroke Lizzie enjoying the touches so far,and the feel of his erection pushing against her crotch. Paul gently turns my wife over leaving Lizzie with the blindfold still in place and a very wet creamy patch in her knickers on show,Paul smiles over at me knowing Lizzie was becoming more sensitive to his touch, his cock by this time was twitching around obviously enjoying teasing my wife into a hot state, moving up to her full boobs circling her erect nipples with his fingers spending time pushing them together asking my wife if she is ok? Lizzie by this stage is so relaxed and enjoying the pampering replies "yes" and Paul slides his hands over her stomach pulling her panties up leaving only her mound covered and stationed himself between her outstretched thighs giving him full access to her soft inner thighs and rapidly soaking knickers ,he touched, teased, stroked ,circling over my wifes mound and using his thumbs tickled Lizzies by now excited smooth pussy ,Lizzies toes started to twitch and my cock started twitching in unison. Paul asks if he can remove her panties and Lizzie by now is more than happy to be relieved of them saying "yes" ,he slides them down with a smile on his face over my wifes pretty painted pink toe nails, leaving her white panties sopping wet with her sex on the bed near me . Her pussy looked puffed up and slippery with all the teasing and Paul stroked her some more very slowly leaving my wife breathing heavier and her nipples standing proud. Surprisingly at this stage he asks if he could lick her pussy and even more surprisingly Lizzie says" Yeh!"in a heartbeat ,my wife spreads her legs nice and wide to give access to Paul who had teased her for two hours , for the first time in our married life another guy was tasting her tight slit OMG. Paul eagerly lapped away and tasted my wifes creamy pussy, which she seemed to enjoy by her flushed look.I kissed Lizzie in a loving way and began nibbling her sensitive boobs, Lizzie was overcome with all the attention from two guys at once ,Paul kissing and licking away for some time like a good lad made her pussy sound so wet and sloppy(think he enjoyed) ,We changed round so I could have a turn with my wifes honey pot which by now tasted so good Mmmm mm she was in the moment and horny , Lizzie squirmed on my tongue as I concentrated on her clit,Paul seemed more than happy playing with my wifes nipples giving them even more oral attention, Things were getting heated ,Lizzie was all over the bed not really knowing who was doing what, she shuddered as I lapped on her pussy leaving my beautiful wife hot wet and exhausted .......... Paul later left us and Lizzie wanked my stiff cock and squeezed my balls tightly saying how much she enjoyed the massage, I twitched spurted and spunked up very hard as Lizzie whispered "Maybe massage can be liberating"........ Thank you Paul .

......... B&L