Written by Master_n_Wench

26 Aug 2011

My Master left me for 3 weeks before he told me he was coming to fuck me. 3 weeks of real dirty texts, they got me so fuck hot! Each time my phone went, all I could think of was what it would be like to be shagged by him!! I was consumed with sexual tension, I wanted to feel him on me, I so wanted to be dirty……….

It was a Tuesday morning, he was coming at 10am. I will never forget the feelings that were raging through me. I had not had sex for years, I was a faithful wife in a sexless marriage, until now, but I had to have him!

Master pulled up outside my house, he stepped out of the car and strode confidently to my door. I was so nervous, and at the same time, exhilarated. I opened the door with a shy smile, he flashed one right back at me and said, “ You know why I am here don’t you?”, I nodded, “I’ve come to fuck you”. He looked me over, I was dressed for him. Black bra, tits bulging over, black thong and holdups, heels, and a silky nighty. I could smell his sex scent, hmm. He scooped my aching breasts out of my bra and stroked them. His fingers and lips went to work, I pressed into him wanting it so. He kissed me so hard and passionately, then he went back to my teats, his hand sliding up my inner thigh to find my wet and needy fanny. My juice had started to leak! I could feel his rigid cock pressing into me, he took my hand and placed it on it….I wanted it so bad! Master started to maul me, bite me, sucked hard on my nipples, stretching them out with his teeth. My fingers were working on getting his cock out! I wanted him naked, wanted to feast on his beautiful hard body….so I did! I tugged his clothes off and they lay strewn on the carpet, along with us.

“Suck my cock Whore! Now!” I was then told to lick and suck his cum filled balls, I obeyed. The scent and taste of his red veiny dick drove me wild. I was in a sexual frenzy….I had to be fucked now! He lay on his back on my carpet and said, “get on it!” “Lower yourself onto my throbbing meat Wench”, I straddled him, not taking my eyes off of him for a moment…I felt so fucking horny!!!!!!! I could feel his immense hot bone probing my pussy, wanting to get into my wetness. I was shaking with pure desire, his cock found my hole, the tip of his helmet started to push into me. Slowly, oh so slowly, he broke into me. It was so HOT!! He teased me, gave me just a little, I wanted to be impaled. “What do you want?”, he asked. “Want me to fuck your cunt hard?” Please was my reply. He groped my tits, pinching them hard as I rode the full length of his shaft, then he held onto my hips and fucked me with all his might. Tits bouncing so much and about to lose control….”You dirty whore!” “You want me to spunk you don’t you?” Yes!!! I was in ecstasy and then he shot his hot, sticky cum into my orgasm. “Dirty, dirty whore” he called me. We collapsed together in a huddle of sweat and pleasure.

I had never been so fucked in all my life.

I was still on top of my Master trying to catch my breath. My cunt still twitching. I lifted off his well spent dong, it was wet and shiny with our juices. I looked at him, he was naked and beautiful, and I wanted him again! “You can make me coffee now wench”. We got up and I took hold of his sticky cock and led him into my kitchen. He sat naked on my chair, my eyes were all over his gorgeous body. I served him his drink and we talked, but I was aware of movement in his cock again.

“You want more?” he asked. Did I want more?? I so wanted him to fill my gash, needed to feel his bite on my flaps and the hard pinch on my teats again!

He took me to the sofa and pushed me down, ass hanging off the seat, legs spread, my cunt open showing my inner pinkness. He kneeled between my thighs and sniffed my sex, then poked a finger into me. “You are ready for me aren’t you”, then he took his finger out of me and smeared it on my lips, then put it in his mouth.

He drove me wild!! “You want it?”, please was my reply. “Please what?” Please fuck me again Master. He thrust his cock into me and fucked and fucked, then he pulled out of me, I could see his glistening spear erect and red “Suck me now!” He rammed his cock into my face, I could taste us. He held my head and face fucked me, I wanted to drink his spunk, devour every drop. He pulled out of my mouth, I slid to the floor, he stood over me wanking his thick weapon. “Open your mouth now”, then he shot hot spunk into my mouth and all over my face. It dripped from my lips and clung to my tits and hair.

Never had I ever experienced anything so dirty and erotic in all my life. I felt like a woman….and wanted more.

This was our first fuck….from here on the real naughty stuff began. I will tell you soon :)

Wench x x