Written by Master_n_Wench

16 May 2011

I first met my ‘Master’ 5 years ago, in a work capacity. He had an immediate impact on me……good looking, nice eyes, such a sexy smile, and a superb bulge in his trousers!

We were very pleasant and business like, and I must admit I couldn’t wait for him to visit again. It was the same way each year when the time was nearing.

I am a married woman, not happily. I would NEVER have approached a man, I had accepted my way of life a long time ago. Sleeping in separate rooms, a sexless marriage for many years.

It was almost time for this gorgeous man to come again, my excitement growing, and a strange yearning inside me. He was always so chatty and confident in his ways, I liked that…he made me smile and if I am honest….blush a little. He had no idea what was going on in my head, or other parts of my body! I used to get flustered whenever he glanced my way, and that’s how it was for a while, until two and a half years ago……

My Master……..

He came to deliver my order one Sunday morning, we got talking and I was just about to make drinks for some people who were there at the time. He stayed for coffee. I saw him glance down my top at my breasts. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at him, wondering what it would be like to be made love to by this very sexy man! Only I knew how hard my teats were then, and how damp my pants had got. “Time to go!” he said, “is that your mobile number I have?” I replied yes and said my goodbye…watching his sexy ass walk away from me. I was left wanting. 2 seconds later he came back……”I forgot my car keys, won’t get far without them”, then he was gone. A moment later a text arrived to my mobile, it said, “no offence, only left my keys so I could see you again”, with a row of smiley face symbols! That text was to change my life. All sorts of emotions surged through my body, but one thing I knew for sure, I was so turned on by this man. In all my married life it had never entered my head to take a lover. I replied, “see you soon”, what came next was the sexual awakening of me.

I got such sexual texts from this man, he was so graphic, I was so unsure as to what to write back, all I knew was that I was sooo turned on by his hot messages. It wasn’t the only thing that was hot, my pussy was on fire!

After a couple of weeks of very saucy, naughty sex texts, I agreed to meet him for a coffee. Where?? I took a gamble and said he could come to my house. My husband was at work and we wouldn’t be seen by any prying eyes. What had I done????

It was a Tuesday…..he pulled up outside my house and strode down the path and knocked on my door, my heart was pounding. I opened the door and gave a nervous smile and an hello. Straight away there was a sexual spark in the air. I told myself it was just for a coffee and led the way into the kitchen to make the drinks. Somehow I found the courage to ask him for a hug, he felt divine! We chatted for a moment, but all the time, my eyes were going all over his body. I turned to make the drinks, hands all shaky, then I felt his hands on my hips. It felt so good! He slid my skirt up and revealed my black hold up stockings and see through panties. I still had my back to him, I could smell his manliness and feel his cock, hard as iron pressing into me. It was pushing against my ass! It was solid and straining against his trousers to get out. I was trembling with pure lust and I so wanted to get my hands on it. I turned into him and his meat was pushing into my fanny. I felt his hands wandering all over me, making me so horny and wanting to be touched much more intimately, deeply.

I just had to release that hot, cum filled, pulsing beauty of a dong out of his trousers….so I did! Oh my! My eyes feasted on it, so red, so big, so ramrod hard, and I wanted it so badly. My mouth found his and we kissed hard and passionately, my fingers seeking his cock and balls to stroke and tease, hmm. His fingers found my clit, he frigged it so good, I was so close to orgasm already. I didn’t know what it was like to be so aroused, so wet and so in need. It felt like my body was going to explode with desire. We kissed more and more then he pushed my to my knees, his throbbing meat was in my face. “Suck it! Suck my cock whore!” The very first taste of man meat I had ever had in my life!! I let his cock touch my wanting lips, I could smell his sex juice….I wanted his cock in me. I was kneeling before this man who I hardly knew, and I let him push his manhood deep into my mouth. My tits were aching, my nips wanted biting and I wanted this man to do as he wished! I sucked, licked, and slurped on his hard bone. He forcefully fucked my face. Then he pulled out of my hot mouth, I wanted more, he pushed me to the floor and ordered me to spread my legs and “touch your cunt whore!”. My fingers did as he demanded…”You dirty wench”, then his face was buried in my snatch. He ate my pussy, biting my flaps, pushing his tongue right up me. I was totally consumed in pleasure. I could feel my orgasm coming, my teats solid, I shuddered! He knew I had cum, my juice on his lips and tongue. He made me get up onto my knees again, he leant against my fridge, then rammed his dripping cock back into my mouth. I sucked him and took all of his cum, I felt it spurt into the back of my throat. I drank every drop of his hot, salty, spunk.

We lay together on the floor, still clothed, but very dishevelled! His trousers round his ankles, and me with my skirt up high, pants pushed to one side, flaps hanging wet. I had never felt so sexually charged in all my life.

He was my Master from that very first moment. My Master demands and I obey….I totally adore him.

I have so much to tell you………let me know if you want to know how norty I have been since....;)

Wench x x x