Written by forcedbihubby

22 Dec 2009

I just called a guy a few days ago who used to use and abuse me regularly when he lived in NYC. He has been out of town for over a year, and is currently in Florida on his way back to NYC from Puerto Rico, where he is originally from. He has a very big cock and is very aggressive and dominant and particularly skilled at getting men and women to do all kinds of outrageous stuff for him that most people would never consider. He used to throat-fuck me so hard that I would literally throw up! He was also the first guy to make me drink their piss and lick their asshole and really tongue their ass - including whilst he had a friend over to watch. I am very excited that he will be visiting NYC when he finally leaves Florida, because he has promised to call me and make me his cocksucking little bitch again as soon as he gets back to town. I admitted to him that no-one had ever used me quite the way he had or made me feel quite so weak and worthless, and that I couldn't wait to get down on my knees for his huge cock again.

I first met him at a video arcade here in the city where I was up to my usual cocksucker service. When his cock came through the hole in the wall I remember my heart leaped at its size and thickness. I was soon on my knees sucking it for dear life. He was moaning and very verbal. Calling me a cocksucker and his little bitch, and telling me how good his cock felt in my mouth. He made me tell him how much I loved his big cock and how much I wanted to suck it. It is unusual for people to be so vocal in the booths, as they usually don't want to draw attention to what is going on, but he didn't seem to care. The verbal abuse was really driving me wild and it was hands down the best expereince I had every had in an arcade. When he came in my mouth and I had swallowed all his cum, he told me to meet him outside, because I was going to go home with him and service him again but more slowly. When I stepped outside the booth, people were looking at me and laughing and had clearly heard everything he had been saying and knew exactly what I had been doing. My face was bright red, the humiliation was excruciating, but I was more turned on than I had ever been before. I followed him outside and took a cab with him back to his apartment. What followed was nothing like the cocksucking I had given him in the booth, but was all about him exercising his dominance and complete control over me. He had me crawling around naked on my hands and knees with his cock in my mouth. He slapped my face repeatedly with his huge cock. He throat fucked me over and over until tears were streaming down my face, my nose was running and he had to use paper towels to clean up all the spit and drool from all over my face and his thighs. But best of all he enjoyed making me gag and choke myself on his cock. He would sit in a chair and have me kneel in front of him wiht his cock lodged in the back of my mouth and tell me that I had to get every inch of his very big cock down my throat until I could lick his balls with my tongue at the same time. To encourage me, he held both of my nipples between his fingers and pulled them down towards the floor, making my head sink down and his cock start forcing it way into my throat. When I didn't get it all the way down or backed off before I had gagged and choked long enough for his liking, he would bitch-slap me just hard enough to shock me back to attention, call me a stupid cunt and tell me to try it again and get it right, and not come back up until he said I could. I was sort of in a daze. It all seemed to happen so fast. When it was happening I didn't think I was enjoying it. But I didn't seem to be able to stop him or say no. He had complete control over me. I was shaking when I left that first time, but I think I wanked myself five times that evening after getting home, replaying the events over and over in my head, as my wife was asleep in bed. I stroked off multiple times each day the next week, thinking about what he had done to me. He wasn't even remotely surprised when I called him the following weekend, to ask him if it would be OK if I came over...