9 Jun 2018

This follows on from my previous posting and is the letter I received from my submissive L.

March 2017

Dear Master,

I am writing this the day after I spent the night with Ravi, which I will tell you about in a moment.

Firstly, I did as you instructed and brought some stockings and suspenders, as well as the matching bra and knickers, they are black, which I hope my master approves of, because you did not tell me what colour to get.

I was very unsure about wearing stockings, but once I got my underwear set home, I had a shower, dried myself and put on the knickers then the bra, and for the first time I put the lace of the suspender belt around me, fastened it, then realised it would be better to put the straps inside my knickers.

Then I opened the stockings packaging, laid them on the bed, and began to put them on. They were very easy to put on, and didn’t feel like the tights I usually wear, and eventually I fastened the straps to my stockings, stood up and suddenly felt very sexy and horny.

Mast0er, I hope that you won’t be angry but I started to touch my pussy and rub myself through the knickers. I began to masturbate, feeling the stockings on my legs, pushing my knickers to one side, and I had an orgasm very quickly. I must admit I felt very sexy when I looked at myself in the mirror.

I hope Master that you are not angry with me for doing this as I had not been given permission to do this.

I put the underwear away for the night and dressed in them the next day, to follow your instructions about the journey to work.

That morning I wore the underwear, along with a knee length skirt, blouse and waist length jacket.

I left a strap undone as you told me to, drove to the station, and went to catch my train.

Everything went as you said, the guy, who I now know is called Ravi, go on at the next stop. He made a beeline for the seat opposite me, sat down, and smiled at me.

I was very nervous, I could feel myself breathing heavily but after a couple of minutes I pulled up my skirt, reattached the strap to my stocking and said “Sorry, it needs to be done up” or something like that, I can’t remember exactly as I was really nervous and was looking out of the corner of my eye at his trousers where I could see his penis getting hard and making a lump.

He seemed intrigued at me wearing stockings because he said that he thought it unusual that women these days wore stockings. I could feel myself blushing, but with the ice having been broken he seemed very confident and sure of himself. Incredibly as you thought he asked me out for a drink, which I agreed to as instructed.

We made arrangements to meet on the Friday night after work on the train, go for a drink near my home station, and I told him I would drive him home afterwards, although I knew I needed to take him home to make love as you had told me too.

We met on Friday as arranged, and I felt very apprehensive as I knew that for the first time I was going to make love to someone I really didn’t know and under “orders” from my Master.

I chose to wear my matching underwear that day as I felt I knew he had been turned on by seeing my stockings on the train, so I thought that it would not be difficult to arouse him.

We went to the pub, Ravi had a couple of drinks, but I was on coke as I wanted him to believe I was going to drive him home. When we were due to leave I asked him if he wanted to come back to my place for a coffee, which he accepted.

On the way home, I kept thinking that I wish you, my Master, had given me more instructions on what to do, how to get him to make love to me, and what I as allowed to do.

Once home I made coffee, we chatted, then he leant forward to kiss me, I did not stop him, and we continued to kiss. It was only 8.30 but I asked him if he wanted to stay the night, because if he did I could have some wine. He said yes, so I opened a bottle and we drank it while kissing and making out on the sofa. He spent a lot of time rubbing my breasts through my blouse, and running his hands up my legs, feeling my stocking tops and suspenders, and gently stroking my pussy. I, felt and touched his penis through his trousers and I could feel it was hard and I thought quite big.

While we talked, I found out he was just 18 years old, lived at home with his parents, but came and went as he pleased, and was by no means a virgin.

Finally, we went through to the bedroom, he undressed first, and had a good muscular body, and his penis was erect, with a red shiny head, and glistened with pre-cum. Ravi’s was only the 2nd penis I had seen, but right then I knew I wanted it inside me.

I then undressed, but he asked me to keep my stockings and suspenders on. We then got onto the bed, we kissed, he played with my pussy, running his hand over it, pushed his fingers into me and then licked my pussy until I was having several small orgasms.

Eventually, he asked me to suck his cock as he put it, but as I had never done this before I was apprehensive, but I bent down as he lay on the bed and I did put it in my mouth. It felt hard, hot and had a sweet taste which I did not find unpleasant.

After a while, he got me to lie on my back and opened my legs and made love to me. He was gentle, kind and it felt wonderful, so much better than my previous experiences, and after about five minutes he let go and filled me with his cum, and I fortunately had my own orgasm just before he came.

He rolled off me, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I woke at 7am, Ravi was still asleep, took off my underwear, showered and was dressed in jeans and t-shirt before he woke up.

When he did, as I was unsure what you would want me to do, I let him shower, dress, fed him, and then took him home, but it felt awkward in the cold light of day.

I have his phone number, but Master, what do I do now?

I hope I have been a good submissive, that you are pleased with how I have performed.

Please write soon if I have pleased you.

Love your submissive.

(If you are interested as to how this situation continues, I shall post my reply to L, including my comments and instructions, along with her next letter back to me)