5 Jul 2018

This is the continuing correspondence between myself and my submissive.

September 2017



You were told to buy the skirt I told you about, but you did not, and therefore there is a punishment which I will inform you about later, however firstly YOU ARE TO BUY THE SKIRT TODAY, NO SECOND THOUGHTS, and as instructed previously, you are to wear it when alone, but no one is to see it yet.

Thank you for your stained knickers, sealing them in a freezer bag was cleaver as it kept their freshness of your pussy smell and the guys come stains.

Ok, if the party has taken place I hope that you did not attend, if it hasn’t YOU ARE NOT TO GO.

With regards to your holiday, if you have been I hope you did not have sex with anyone, if you are about to, NO SEX WHILE AWAY, as part of your punishment I hope you get frustrated, especially if Emma meets someone to fuck.

Who is Emma anyway, I hope you have not told her about your new lifestyle?

I hope you weren’t complaining that your Master has made you satisfy 6 different males in the last couple of months, when you said you surprised your Master wanted you to take on yet more different lovers. You will take on whom I say, when, how and with what restrictions, I expect you OBEY me.

So, you have met Lisa. I think Ravi should buy her stockings and suspenders anyway, she may enjoy them when she gets them on and he fucks her in them. Encourage him, I want details if he goes ahead of what happens.

Your night with Ravi appears to have gone well, your school uniform idea went down well Ravi seems to like the fact that you in a uniform turns him on, and I am sure he really would like to fuck Lisa in hers.

Can you describe how did Ravi react when you told him you wanted an evening with him and three of his friends. What does he think of you appearing to want group sex with virtual strangers, is he excited by the thought, what do you think he would say if you told him you had a Master and were being ordered to do these things?

Now to the events of your multiple sex encounter.

Your Master is very pleased indeed, the details you gave were very good, and I was impressed that you did cope with the things you were made to do.

If you had to choose, apart from Ravi, who fucked you best, make your decision carefully, (and remember it), and did you enjoy being fucked from behind up your cunt by Obo? Now be honest, did you enjoy the double penetration, would it have been easier with two guys who were smaller?

We shall now move on to my instructions for your continued sexual liberation.

First, you may not see this as punishment for not buying the skirt, but I feel a little embarrassment and exhibitionism will make you realise that punishments are not always harsh. You are to go out on a Friday evening wearing only your stockings, suspender belt and the knee-high boots you mentioned in a previous letter, wearing only a coat on top. You are to go to your local pub, have one drink and then return home alone. I hope you now realise that your Master is only one punishment detail away from making you display your body in public.

Secondly, you are to invite Ravi over for the night along with the person you believe fucked you best last time. You are to get them to take you out to dinner, you may drink what you want, but don’t get drunk, and then take them back to your place. This time you may simply enjoy a good fucking from two men you want to be with, you may say no to double penetration, solo anal sex, bondage or for one to fuck you while you suck the others cock, however you may choose to experience any, or all of these things and more if you wish. There are some stipulations, we are going to improve your vocabulary while fucking. You are going to talk dirty to these two, tell them that you need to taste their cocks, to come on their tongues, for them to fuck your cunt. You are to suck them and tell them that you want to still be able to taste them in the morning, when they fuck you I want you to cry out for them to fuck you harder, to spunk up your cunt and to make you come again with their cocks. Get very vocal this time, I want to know their reaction, ask Ravi if Lisa talks dirty to him and does the fact you use dirty words turn them on or shock them.

As previously instructed you are to wear your underwear to fuck in which you may remove later in the night after your first two fucks.

Lastly, I have taken note about Drulles at work. You said that she had commented on your stockings and wondered if she fancied you. Let us begin slowly with her, she may be someone who could take you back to the 14-year-old you and experiment with your lesbian or bi-sexual side.

Let’s begin slowly, I want you to chat with her about day to day matters, get friendly to start with, then one day I want you to take a banana to work with you, take it into the toilet and masturbate yourself with it until you come. Then when you leave the toilet, take the banana and offer it to Drulles saying something like, I brought this for lunch but don’t want it, do you?

I hope she takes it and eats it in front of you so that as she peels it you know it has been up your pussy. If all goes well I want to know how that makes you feel.

I know you maybe away when this letter arrives, if you are and it takes time to fulfil your instructions there will be no punishment for lateness, only for not complying to those instructions.

Your Master waits your reply, be a good submissive, do as you have been told and there will be no punishment.


October 2017

Dear Master,

I have done as I was told and completed all that you instructed me to do.

I got your letter just before I was going away on holiday, and I went on line and got the skirt as ordered and it was waiting for me when I returned. As I was told I wore it around the house, it is very short, but very sexy. I have tried it with stockings and suspenders but it does not cover the straps let alone my stocking tops, again as instructed no one has seen it. Master, when and where will I be expected to wear it?

I did not go to the party as it clashed with my holiday, thank goodness, as Ravi was continuing to ask me to go.

I enjoyed my holiday, and as you told me I did not have sex with anyone. You asked about Emma, she is an old schoolfriend who I have known since I was 11. We have been away before together several times.

About my holiday, when we got to the hotel in Italy, Emma and I found that we had been given an apartment with one double bed and one single sofa bed in the living area, so we decided to share the double bed, as we are not shy of each other’s bodies having holidayed together before. The only problem was that because of the sex I have been enjoying, and because Emma usually sleeps with her boyfriend, we embarrassed ourselves by sliding arms round each other in the night, and on the second night I woke up to find my leg over Emma’s, so that my knickers were pressed against her skin. I felt embarrassed, but she is a heavy sleeper, which was fortunate, as I kept on doing things like that, even imagining she was Ravi one night, after rather too much wine, probably because I had not enjoyed much sex for a few weeks. Emma thought it was funny when she realised I was doing it, and handed me her hairspray one morning, telling me to have a few orgasms to calm myself down a bit, but no, I didn’t use it.

No situations came up for Emma to have sex with anyone, I’m not sure if she would have done as she has a boyfriend, but on two days before we came home, we both had quite a lot to drink, and in our room that night, sipping wine we started talking about sex. Emma asked when I had last had sex, as she knows I don’t have a regular boyfriend. I think she thought I was going to say months and months ago, but I slipped up and said just over four weeks ago. She immediately asked who with and I blurted out four guys. She wanted details, but I just said it was one guy I know and some of his friends, which made it sound worse. She was surprisingly interested and admitted to me that her sex life is not good at present, and she might want to come out with me one night, provided she could use protection. I was amazed, to be honest, especially as she expressed an interest in me being her guardian. I pressed her a bit more about what was wrong with her sex life, and she told me her boyfriend was not that adventurous as she put it, she was drunk and told me he just wanted to fuck with him on top, had no fantasies when she asked him, and when she said she wanted to fuck outdoors, he said no way. I bet she would love to have a Master like you and be as lucky as I feel. I did not tell her about you or being instructed to do the things you tell me too.

I accept your punishment for letting slip about sex with four guys, but she was so drunk by then that I don’t think she remembered it because she did not mention it next day.

Emma is very attractive, and could seduce anyone, as men just gape when she goes out in her thin front buttoning dresses.

You asked me how Ravi reacted when I told him I wanted an evening with him and three of his friends he was like a schoolboy who had been offered sex with someone like Taylor Swift of a top model. He could hardly wait to organise it to be honest. He accepts that I like to have sex with virtual strangers and wants to share in this, as he obviously enjoys watching and participating. He even wished Lisa would do it too, as I have told you before.

If I told him I was being ordered to do all this, he would probably be even more excited, but I don’t know if he would be pleased if he knew I had slept with him first time on orders though. He seems keen on getting me to perform with more guys, so he can watch and participate, saying they would all be safe or he would not take part. He told me Obo has asked him if I would consider Escort work, and if he knew about you he would probably want me to ask you to let me do it. I told him I am not into that, unless you want me to do it Master.

I am so glad I pleased you Master with my multiple encounter, and yes it would be easier with two less well-endowed men if they both have me together, but I think it would always be a struggle for me to take this. The truth is I did not really enjoy double penetration, it made me really feel as I was just a prostitute being used between two men for their enjoyment regardless of what I wanted. Is this what you want me to feel Master? On the night it was Loz who truly pleasured me most effectively, and it is he who fucked me best that evening. I did not like him much but that is different. Having made that decision I found I then had to have him and Ravi, as per your instructions, I was tempted to cheat and pick one of the other two, but I have not done so Master, even though I had to take that brute of a black guy again.

I went out with Ravi and Loz as instructed, and Loz took pleasure in trying to get me drunk, but I refused after 2 glasses of wine. I was pleased that there were few restrictions as to what I must do, and I told Ravi that they could enjoy me, but if I said no I meant no, He accepted this, and must have told Loz because when we started having sex, things developed quickly.

I wore a new pair of black stockings with my suspender belt, matching bra and knickers, under a loose dress that was down to my knees. Once home, we went to my bedroom, and I performed a little striptease for them after they had undressed. Taking my clothes off in to the music on mu front of a man is something that used to make me nervous, but now knowing these guys and with more confidence it arouses me now, and I can feel myself getting wet. When I took my dress off I threw it at Loz, slipped off my shoes, then leant back on the bed, parted my thighs so they could see my black knickers tight on my pussy. I felt very liberated, probably due to the wine, although I had not drunk much, I stood up dancing to the music on my stereo caressing my boobs and my pussy through my underwear, looking at Ravi and Loz who both had hard cocks. I reached forward and touched both their cocks, then left them, turned around, undid my bra and took it off and tossed it over my shoulder, then I teased them by pulling my knickers down very slowly, before stepping out of them.

I turned to face them, but they were both moving towards me, Loz pushing me on to the bed on my back, before pushing his cock into me, while Ravi knelt on the bed and put his cock in my mouth. Loz soon began to fuck me, forcing himself inside me hard, it felt a bit painful, but soon felt wonderful as he began to make love to me. All the time I was sucking Ravi’s cock, which was hot, hard and sweet tasting. I had aroused myself so much before Loz took me that I climaxed straight away and had to wrap my legs around his body as he made me come again within 30 seconds, something I don’t do often, at least when a guy has only just started fucking me. All this time I was trying to suck Ravi, but his cock fell out of my mouth as I panted and gasped for air trying to get my breath back having come. Ravi knelt next to me watching his friend fill my pussy with his cock. I remembered your orders, and told Loz to fuck me harder, repeating it even when he did so, and it came as no surprise when he suddenly exploded inside me, the quickest he had come when he fucked me. Ravi took his place straight away and again I wrapped my stockinged legs around his firm body, which has become so familiar, and he slowly began to make love to me as he always does. Loz sat on a chair watching as we fucked, and again I tried to be more vocal telling Ravi that I needed his cock so much, and that I wanted to come 10 times, and that they could have me as many times as they wanted. When I said this, Ravi’s cock seemed to swell harder and longer, and he too came quickly. We all took a rest for a while knowing that we had all night.

Talking and saying dirty words seemed to excite both of them, and Loz said that his wife never used dirty words or dressed in sexy underwear. Ravi told us that Lisa tells him she wants him to fuck her, but that’s all she says. Ravi said I seemed different that night, and I pretended not to know what he meant, but for me, it was obvious that he liked me talking dirty, and I was sure if I was even more dirty, I could milk his, and Loz’s semen so quickly they would be embarrassed, it made me wonder what I could have done with the other guys I had had, and how many times I could have made them come.

You may remember that Loz had talked to Ravi about tying me up, and on the night, he was determined to do so, and Ravi went along with this. Loz got some cords out of the bag he had brought, and the two of them took me back onto the bed and they tied my wrists to the bed posts at the head of the bed, spreading my arms wide so I could not move them other than to twist myself. I was left in my underwear, which Ravi knows I like to have sex in, and which in any case makes Loz even more turned on if that is possible. Loz moved on top of me at once, kissing my mouth, my neck and my breasts, guiding his fat cock between my labia and into my pussy which was already well lubricated by both guys come. As he built up a rhythm he fucked me so vigorously I was forced to breath in time with his thrusts.

The whole bed bounced as he fucked me like that, and Ravi sat watching as his mate really fucked me, making my body bounced under him. My first orgasm came quickly and hard, and as a grunted with such total satisfaction, I again tried to excite Loz by talking dirty, and even though I did not need Loz to do it harder, I managed to gasp for him to fuck me as hard as he could. I felt self-conscious, but he something about me being a fucking slut, and he literally started fucking me so violently that the bed creaked and banged against the wall. I was afraid I would not be able to last the night as I cried out and climaxed again, another orgasm building up inside me as Loz continued to fuck me so fast, that I was forced to another two harsh orgasms. I tugged my wrists at the cords, but they were really tied properly, so I could not escape even if I anted to. For me, not being able to escape scared me then, but Loz was such a powerful lover that I could only concentrate on breathing, especially as he didn’t even slow down when I climaxed, and my cunt felt terribly sensitive as I was aroused again.

Loz suddenly shouted he was going to come, and I felt his sperm up inside me so deeply, right in my womb. Looking across I could see Ravi was rock hard and Loz was sweating and grinning at me as he got off, then Ravi was between my legs, and he made love to me as he always does, lovingly, with lots of kissing and caressing, which only aroused me so much so that I felt my pussy tighten round his cock so wonderfully I thought I would burst as my climaxes felt so good. The only difference was that my wrists were tied, so I could not hug him, only with my legs as he enjoyed my wet, slippery pussy, slurping in and out of me faster and faster until he too emptied his come up inside me. I tried to be vocal with Ravi too, telling him to make me come again please, even though again I did not need to say so, as I was close to coming again anyway, but Ravi loved it, as had Loz.

As I was hot and exhausted, we rested for a while before they untied me, and I was allowed to go to the loo and wash. When I went back to the bedroom they tied my wrists together, got me to lay down on the bed, stretch my arms above my head, the secured the cords to the bed head again. I had to sleep like that with my hands above my head, and whilst I let them do it to me, I was not sure about it. I did not want to say no to them though, as I wanted to satisfy every desire they had, as many times as they wanted me, perhaps so that I could feel personally satisfied at having done so much with them.

They both lay on the bed naked, one each side of me, and they fell asleep quickly. I took some time to go to sleep, and I thought about you and what I was doing. Master, sexually, my body is yours to command as if by remote control, and I will submit to whatever depravity you order of me. Master I will truly obey you because for me, this is what I placed the advert for, to have my sex life controlled, and to be driven to more demanding heights to see what I am capable of. Lying there, I realised that this is a wonderful thing that I am doing, that I am having so much sex in different ways, and with several lovers, that I am feeling a woman, a satisfied and fulfilled woman, who wants more experiences and satisfaction.

Anyway, I finally drifted of to sleep between Ravi and Loz, their arms around me, warm, comfortable and a feeling of satisfaction. In the night I was aware of them fondling my breasts and between my legs, but I was so tired I dozed as they did so. When I woke up I felt odd with my wrists still tied to the bed, and I realised it was light. Ravi was awake and knelt next to me and offered his cock to my mouth. I could smell semen and pussy juice on him, but opened my lips to let him push his cock in. I sucked and lapped at the underside of his shaft as I know he likes this and he watched my face until he got too aroused and began bucking, his cock swelling a bit bigger as he came in my mouth. I took his come and swallowed it, for him I would do anything, then he kissed me, got dressed and said he had to go and meet Lisa, and that Loz would untie me.

By now Loz was awake, and he went to the loo. When he came back he had a hard on again, and he got back onto the bed, telling me how sexy I looked like that, in my stockings and suspenders, tied to the bed and ready to be fucked. He pulled apart my thighs and immediately pushed his thick cock inside me, seemingly even bigger than usual, probably because I was a bit sensitive down there. He said to me that he never got this much sex at home, that his wife would never let him tie her up and that sex with me was great. I asked him to fuck me slowly as I was sore, so we had sex slowly but powerfully, he kissed me more lovingly than he usually does, so that my cunt was soon clenching round him as I felt waves of my pleasure sweeping over my body as I came. He had me for ages, slowly arousing me, then he began to pump me harder so that I was squashed under his massive body as I shuddered with my orgasms. For me, that sort of sex was incredible, as he is so big that he simply drove me over and over to such intense orgasms, but my wrists were sore by then, and I was glad when he came inside me, and I was untied. He said he wanted to enjoy me like that again as soon as I will let him. I still don’t find Loz attractive, but as a lover, he is very satisfying, I must admit, and for some reason he reminds me of Conan the Barbarian, only black. I stood, removed my underwear, the tops of my stockings wet with spunk, then Loz watched me shower, cleaning my smooth pussy, washing away the cum and sweat. I dressed in white knickers, no bra, a t-shirt and jeans as Loz found his clothes. Before he put them on, he got me to kneel I front of him, and told me to clean his cock so that his wife wouldn’t smell the spunk or my juices when he got home. This time he didn’t get hard even though I tried to make him stiff. Once he was happy, he dressed, kissed me said he will fuck me soon and left. I felt tired, sore but vey content.

I did go out as ordered with my leather coat on, and underneath only my stockings, suspenders and boots. It was risky not letting my coat be pulled open to reveal my thighs or even my uncovered pussy, I was shocked that you had not said I could wear my bra or knickers, but I realised this was a punishment. There are not many buttons on my coat, so when I tried to sit on a stool I almost exposed myself. There were some builder type guys in there who gazed at my legs, as of course my stockings looked a bit kinky with my leather coat, and the fact that they must have thought I had on a very short mini skirt. I know I blushed as they started to talk to me, especially as they know where I live, so I tried to be as casual as I could and drank my glass of wine to relax. I felt as though I was going to flash everything to them any moment, and I was so relieved to finish my drink and leave to get home. I know why it was a punishment as I felt so apprehensive and close to showing my shaved pussy, because when I read your letter and it told me what I was to do, I thought it would be easy, but Master knows what he is doing, and it was a punishment as it made me feel very awkward.

Finally, I need to tell you about Drulles. I did as I was instructed and took a banana to work, it was quite large, about 9 inches long and quite fat, and when I smuggled it into the toilet at work, pulled my knickers down and masturbated with it I felt wonderful. It was just like it is when I use my dildo, but that is only 7 inches, the banana slipped in easily, so I know my pussy has been stretched enough to take it, stretched by the cocks that my lovers have pushed into me. I had to be quiet as other women came into the toilet and so I stifled my vocal delights as I made myself come. After I took the banana to Drulles, offered it to her saying that I had brought it for lunch but didn’t want it now, did she, just as you told me.

She took it from me, we stood chatting and I watched her eat it while we talked, knowing it had been in my cunt just 10 minutes before. Strangely if made me very wet, and when I got back to my desk and sat down my knickers were soaked, both from using the banana and watching Drulles.

Since then we have talked regularly at work and she is quite open about being a lesbian, although she never talks about anyone she is seeing. At home I wonder what she enjoys about being a lesbian, as I know I like a man to fuck me with his cock, as I said before at 14 I had one afternoon who was a lesbian, I was drunk, but I remember what she did to me, and how her pussy felt when I touched it, which was wet.

I will get this letter to you, and wait for your reply, I hope Master is happy with me, and will allow my to enjoy more sex soon, I hope that using my dildo is ok as I feel very horny almost all the time, and need to feel the pleasure of orgasms through my body.

Love your Submissive