Written by Gosman

6 Jun 2009

I am a forty five year old guy, dark, reasonably fit, married to a very sexy wife, ten years younger and we have two kids. Last weekend we were invited to a mate's house fora bbq; when we got there at about 6pm there were quite a few pople there, enjoying the weather and the food, plenty of booze flowing. Emma, dave's daughter was there; she is 25 years old very very sexy,slim blond. She works as an estate agent and had just changed jobs. i have fancied Emma for years, and we always flirt. I went over an asked her how her new job was and made small talk we had a bit to drink and must have been chatting for over an hour, she told me that she had just broken up with her long term boyfriend and was pissed off with life a bit, and I said if only I was younger i would b chasing her for a date. She then said she thought she might go for older in future, as they would know how to treat a girl better, and I said I might have a chance then. What then happened totally shocked me, she said I need to show you something and took me into the study and closed the door and put her arms around me and gave a very deep kiss, and then pushed her agianst the door and french kissed her hands all over her tits, under her t shirt, she had no bra so I felt her lovely nipples harden, the i put my hand up her skirt and felt a very smooth fanny and started to finger her, she came on my fingers and we thought we shouldstop in case anyone found us, we swopped mobile numbers and said she would text me the next day; for the rest of the evening I could nottak my eyes off Emma.

The next morning about 10am she text me saying to meet hr in half an hour at a particular address and ring the door bell.

When I gotto the house, I letter foundout that she was selling the house and she had the key for viewing as the owners had gone to live abroad. I rang the bell and Emma answered in just stockings and susopender belt and some red heals nude apart from that, I went in and we were all over each other she took my shirt off, and then came my trousers I had nothing else on and she went to her knees and gave me the most wonderful blow job, and she swallowed when I came, she then took me upstairs and I lay her on the ebd and licked her out, and then fucked her, we fucked in a number of positions, including riding me doggy and missionary, I fucked her arse and her mouth again. We had sex for about threehours; we then lay and spoke about having an afair and agreed that was what wewanted but that Emma did not want to break my marriage and I did not want that either. So we have seen each other three times since, and she is coming away with me next week whn I go away for business.

She is a lovely woman, and a sexy horny fuck. I hope it goes on fo a long time.