Written by Dougalsdad01

27 Sep 2011

So much fun can be had shopping especially if you’re shopping for underwear. We’d planned to go shopping for Cathy’s Christmas underwear and as a special treat we were going to a branch of an expensive chain, I’m sure you can guess the one. I knew it would cost me an arm and a leg but I would benefit in the end. After a bit of conventional shopping we decided to have a coffee before starting on stage two of the monster spending spree.

After we sat down drinking a couple of latte’s watching the shoppers go by I felt a tap on the shoulder, my mate Matt was there. Matt had seen us and decided to say hello. Matt and I go back many years, we worked together and became quite good mates, but I hadn’t seen him for about 6 months. We asked him to join us for a coffee to catch up and he said that as I was paying to make it a large one with all the trimmings, cheeky, but that’s Matt.

Various chat turned round to what was in the bag, but it was just an electrical item, some stationery for home and a few goodies for the Christmas table. Cathy then told him that it was going to get a lot more interesting though as it was underwear time, Matt offered to come with us to give his advice but Cathy said that she knew what his advice would be like, see-through and very flimsy, though that was more or less what I wanted her to get it was not necessarily up to me. Whilst Cathy would go for something very sexy it would not be the raunchy tarty stuff Matt would recommend. Finally I said “Besides which Matt you wouldn’t have the balls, you would be more embarrassed than she would be”. Cathy is French with a typical titude to sexuality and nudity, her attitude when she’s out braless is that it is no more than can be seen on the beach. Matt just laughed, he knew he’d been beaten.

After much more giggling from Cathy but no more offers from Matt we finally went our separate ways and we went to look for underwear. Cathy took 3 sets into the changing room with her, all matching pairs but with a variety of thongs and knickers, trying the thongs and knickers on over her own for hygiene reasons. She looked terrific in them all, this was going to be expensive. While she was trying on a fourth set there was a tap on my shoulder, it was Matt again, all he said to me was “I’ve got the balls if Cathy has”.

Cathy called me from the cubicle and before I could push my head through a gap in the curtain matt was there before me. It came as no great surprise to me that Cathy just took it in her stride and I felt like the third party tagging along instead of Cathy’s husband. They seemed to be talking for ages while I just stood there waiting for a verdict. Matt withdrew his head from the curtain, walked across the store and returned with a few more items. Cathy tried them on and got Matt’s opinion, at least he did the decent thing and looked away as she got changed.

Eventually they agreed on some underwear and I was left to pick up the bill. I wanted to see what I’d agreed to buy but they both told me in unison that I could see them later and it would be worth the wait. Cathy, or rather I had bought 3 bras and 6 matching assorted knickers, most of them to match the bras and a basque style quarter-cup corset. As we walked to the till he threw into the basket 2 pairs of very glossy hold-up stockings, one was black, the other white, both had lots of expensive looking lace at the top. The shop gift-wrapped the underwear and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see them before Christmas day. On leaving the shop Matt stayed with us for a while just chatting and eventually we separated so we could go home.

On Christmas Day I had to agree with Matt, between them they really had chosen some really terrific underwear and Cathy put on a plain glossy white padded bra and a pair of glossy white matching knickers, a cross between French knickers and shorts, the sort that really showed off her cute 5 foot 7 inch 34A figure. Glossy white hold-ups complimented the underwear. Over the top she had a simple cream button front dress with matching shoes, she looked really feminine and very elegant. Her son was spending Christmas with his father so it was our year to be on our own, we were off to the pub to meet a few neighbours, friends and Matt. Matt would then have lunch with us later.

Matt joined us after about 20 minutes and everyone was in good form, lots of noise and laughter filled the air. Matt asked Cathy what I thought of the Christmas presents I’d bought her, she told him that I’d only briefly seen them as we were running late this morning but liked what I saw.

We finally returned home to the smell of a traditional Christmas roast, cooked to perfection, with all the trimmings. We even wore the silly hats that were in the crackers.

After lunch we settled in the lounge to watch a DVD and to play video games (Matt and I still think we’re teenagers). The conversation came round to Christmas presents and eventually to the underwear and what Cathy had on at that moment. Matt realised that it was a set we’d agreed on before he arrived at the changing room and asked to see them. Without batting an eyelid Cathy stood up in front of us and started to unbutton her dress and said to me with that gorgeous French accent “It’s nothing he hasn’t seen in the changing room and I wear far less when we’re on the beach”. Moments later she was standing there in her bra, knickers, hold-ups and heels looking like a catwalk model. Matt’s jaw dropped and he just sat there stunned into silence. She did a few turns, paraded up and down and even I was speechless for a moment, she looked terrific.

When Matt and I had recovered and closed our mouths I said to Cathy “If you’ve got the bottle I’d like to see the rest of the outfits, after all I have paid for them”. With that Cathy disappeared upstairs and reappeared a few minutes later in a red bra and matching thong with a sprig of holly in hair, still wearing the stockings and looking very festive. A few quick twirls in the lounge and she giggled as she ran back upstairs, she was clearly enjoying herself and the attention she was getting.

She took a little longer to reappear this time and while we were waiting Matt and I just laughed and talked about almost anything except for what had just happened. When Cathy did reappear she was in black, a very thin, shiny, black lacy bra, matching thong, black hold-ups and black strappy shoes. It was easy to see her nipples through the lace and Matt could not avoid noticing the slit of her neatly trimmed pussy, the lace was so thin. In her hands she had a black walking cane we’d bought just to keep in the umbrella stand by the front door as a decoration. Parading around once more she did it more slowly this time, looking very sultry, using the cane as a prop. She stood just 2 feet in front of us, legs apart and leaning forward onto the cane, she knew exactly what she was doing. Then she went back upstairs, the next time she came down she had on a very light grey quarter-cup corset and matching knicker set and her arms were folded across her chest, her hands were on her shoulders, her arms hiding her breasts, she said “This one is a bit too revealing for me to move my arms”. Matt said “Do you think we haven’t had a good look already, that last set were more than just a bit transparent”, and with that Cathy dropped her arms. I couldn’t believe it, here was my wife parading around topless in front of my mate with her pussy quite clearly visible through the thin fabric of her knickers. She was just 2 feet in front of me and I said “Okay, you’ve proved you’ve got balls, you might as well sit down and join us, that will really test your bottle”. Cathy squirmed her bottom between us and I passed her a drink. The three of us chatted, well Matt talked to Cathy’s breasts and I noticed that we both had a hand on her legs. I started to stroke Cathy’s left leg and as she relaxed I moved my hand higher until I was stroking the inside of her thigh, when I looked down I saw that Matt’s hand was on the inside of Cathy’s right leg and almost instantly the conversation stopped as we all looked at each other and smiled. Matt lifted his right hand to Cathy’s right breast and from that instant I realised where this would lead.

Cathy just slid down on the settee between us and opened her legs, she wasn’t going to stop us. Matt by now had a finger inside her knickers while the other hand squeezed her breasts, Cathy started to moan and I reached down to remove her knickers, Cathy lifted her bottom to make it easier for me and to give Matt better access to her pussy. Matt looked at me several times to make sure he wasn’t overstepping the mark, I smiled and gestured for him to help himself. With that he got off the settee, knelt down in front of Cathy, opened her legs wide and buried his face between her legs lapping her pussy wildly, I could see that Cathy was starting to quiver, she would soon orgasm, another man was bringing my wife to a climax. I could see that his hand was in between her legs, I assumed he had fingers in her pussy, a little later it became obvious that he also had a finger in her arse.

Matt’s position kept me from her pussy so I unzipped my cock and awkwardly straddled her shoulder putting my cock between her lips, Cathy turned her head and deep-throated me. It wasn’t the most comfortable of positions so I said that we would be much more comfortable in our bedroom and we climbed the stairs, Cathy first with Matt immediately behind her, his face just about level with her bottom and me following behind.

Once we got into the bedroom Cathy got onto the bed, kneeling as invitingly. We stripped off and joined her, one on either side, Matt’s hand was immediately between Cathy’s legs and her hand moved to encircle his cock.

I started to kiss Cathy and Matt lay down on his back, his head between Cathy’s legs and she lowered herself onto his face and then lowered her face to 69 him, once again it took me by surprise, here was my wife 69’ing my mate. Cathy looked up at me and winked. I watched for a while, enjoying seeing my mate eat my wife’s pussy and watching Cathy as she rolled his cock between her lips, she really was giving him a good time.

At this point Cathy sat up, turned around and lowered herself gently onto Matt’s cock, I actually watched another man’s cock disappear into my wife’s pussy. Then she rode him, bucking her hips. I knelt at her side and she greedily took my cock in her mouth again, her hand moving my cock in and out in time to her and Matt. Her rhythm became faster and with a shudder I watched both of them orgasm together, Matt’s hands on her hips pulling her down hard onto him. I couldn’t control myself, nor did I want to, and within seconds I too started my orgasm and I came in Cathy’s mouth. She swallowed every drop just as she always does and we all lay back and started to relax. We just lay there recovering, smelling sweetly of sex and sweat, giving glances and laughing gently. Then conversation returned to normal, what we’d got planned for the rest of the day, where we were having dinner that evening and when Cathy’s son was returning home, surreal really.

Cathy and I talked about it over the following few days and she asked me if I’d done her proud the way she’d performed, she said she wanted me to be proud of her and for Matt to be jealous of me. How could I not be proud of her, when I met up with Matt the following week he was as happy as a dog with 2 tails. Matt told me that I am a very lucky man and that Cathy was one of the best fucks he’d ever had, quite an achievement I thought.

That wasn’t the only time Matt fucked Cathy, he’s had her several times since but our friendship hasn’t changed. Matt never takes it for granted and he never visits us expecting a fuck though I do think he always has his fingers crossed. If anything the threesomes with Matt have become better as he is finding out what Cathy likes and what he is allowed to do such as fucking her arse and coming over her face. I’ve invited him to “borrow” Cathy one night and take her to a swingers club, he hasn’t taken me up on the offer yet but he has said he will.

Sometimes when the three of us are out together some people may have a clue as to what is going on as Cathy is not afraid to wear clothing that Matt finds appealing, see through tops with no bra always have had an appeal for him and Cathy regularly gets that knowing look when we’re out together but that’s stories for another time.