Written by ArlingtonOne

8 Mar 2013

Over the last 5 days I’ve received 9 SH member emails and 2 chat requests regarding my posting earlier this week involving wife and her young professional friend, Callum. With exception of one SH member who thought I was far too BDSM given my attitude watching my wife getting played by several young lads, ALL emails asked for ‘more detail’ on Judi and Matt that evening. It’s easier to post an update than separate replies. (NO…I’m not into BDSM, but any GB experience warrants some latitude.)

Judi began the evening giving Cal and Ben quite good BJ’s. Recall, Callum had party members use a cock de-sensitizer that would prolong hard-on’s. 3rd man up was Matt...his cock proportions are substantive in length and girth…largest of the 4 gentlemen attending my wife. Matt had attempted to reach Judi on several occasions since the Durham conference several months ago. It’s Cal, however, whose been the successful partner since…meeting my wife for dinner dates/trysts on almost monthly basis. Matt was thrilled when Cal engineered the GB follow-up evening with Judi. He went so far to recommend bringing in several more friends…make it a real train event! Callum refused to go that route. And, once again, my invite as a friend to observe…none of the lads know me as Judi’s husband!!

After Cal manipulated/lubricated Judi’s vagina, Matt went to work…with little effort to be gentle, he proceeded to charge into Judi’s cunny. Startled , Judi early on struggled…BUT within moments of his energetic pumping, Judi’s body favorably accepted…she was synching with Matt’s fuck action…Matt slowed down his cadence to keep both he and Judi in synch. 10 minutes or so into his enjoyment of this married lady, he began to converse…more one way…asking if she was enjoying the evening. No reply…initially. He asked Judi why she hadn’t replied to his vm’s…no reply. Matt said he enjoyed being with her…and wanted to establish a routine meeting her. Judi’s lack of response prompted Matt to begin manipulating her body as he fucked her…working her pear-shaped breasts…French-kissing my wife…while ever so well banging deep into this woman. I noticed a perceptible change in Judi’s disposition…for the better.

Judi began to respond…whether meaning to or instinctively as her fuck labor continued. Matt picked up on it…continued to ‘promote’ his desire to be with her as a tryst couple. Matt took a step as he began to increase his tempo…telling her that he bet she’s never been loved as well as that evening…that her hubby couldn’t compare… Judi softly replied…she loved her husband…that he loved her as well. Matt took up the challenge in an interesting way. He paused his cock’s throbbing into her…asked if she wanted him to stop…? I knew exactly what he was doing…AND it worked…! She softly replied almost in cooing…’please…no…don’t stop…’ Judi was enjoying being fucked by Matt…straight and direct to the point…!! That’s all Matt needed…he resumed with more passion…telling Judi he would make her feel satisfied. His paced quickened…with an increasing pump fucking action… BUT, she was responding in like. At one point, Judi’s left leg lifted over Matt’s back…suggesting she wanted him deeper. She realized what she was signaling…and dropped her leg to the bed. Matt smiled…turned back to the other lads…winked…said, ‘look at that…she really wants to be fucked…! This lady is a married nymph…she needs us…ALL of us…and more!!” I could tell he was getting ready to spunk her. AND, I could equally tell, my wife was ready to have an orgasm…beautifully timed to Matt’s movements! Her body arched as he spunked her…clearly she had been “satisfied.” He slowly pulled out…cream seeping from her vagina…but he remained there in the bed. Kissed her again…told her he was much better than whatever her hubby could ever provide in bed. He turned to the other lads…chastised them for not allowing more friends…turned back to Judi and once again offered to be with her more frequently now that she knows how good a fucking she was getting…!

Ben asked…’do you think she’ll remember it all…why don’t you help her remember tonight…’ Matt smirked…motioned to his friends to move to the other side of the bed. As they did, Matt went back to kissing my wife…to my surprise, my wife responded by reaching around Matt’s neck…she was enjoying it all. This also facilitated Matt to reach down to her pussy…fingering her…and bringing his hand up to her mouth. He ordered her to lick his fingers…she did…again to my surprise! He then moved down to her left breast…holding it up…grasping her nipple with his fingers…as he went to kiss and suck on her tit. He then moved down to under her breast…and began to lap and lick just under the breast…a move that I know all too well how effective on my wife. She was caving his actions…squirming…moaning out of pleasure… Matt then began to move his tongue down across her tummy to just above her shaven clit…BTW, shaving of her pussy has been a recent development…my liked to have a modest pubic area.

Just as Matt was about to move across her vagina, he looked up, directed his friends to hold Judi down…Cal and Ben held her shoulders and hands on the bed. Matt went to her pussy…drenched and all…exclaiming how beautiful it was…she was. He then shifted his face to her inner right thigh…adjacent her vagina…to everyone’s surprise…and to my wife’s protest…he quickly bit into her thigh…just enough to leave a deep teeth mark impression without altogether breaking skin…! Judi yelled…broke one hand free and hard-slapped Matt’s left cheek…leaving a hefty mark. I thought matters were getting out of hand…ready to step in…BUT as it were, not required. .. The lads restrained her again…Matt laughed…got up…to allow the next partner to his anal fuck my wife.

I knew what that was all about…how often I’ve done same to other wives. The intent…leave your mark so that the lady’s BF or hubby would know she’s been someone’s conquest…OR…act as deterrent for the woman to have relations with her husband or BF for a time. Back in my early US days, it was called ‘hickey’…a mark on a gal’s neck…to lay claim to her…albeit it would only last a week or so. I tried to do it once to a young lady’s breast…didn’t work. Lost the GF and got hell later from her Mom. An older friend of mine told me…MY mistake…should have done it to her Mother…would have had better results…!!! Late last week, when my wife returned from her ‘party’ I “tested” the theory… Late evening, I went to make love with my wife…as I began to show interest going down on her…Judi asked me not to…that she had a ‘yeast infection.’ We kissed…’ I laughed to myself…knowing full well every detail…someday soon I would make her aware of my knowledge how ‘bad’ a girl she is…;);)

As the party was ending, Matt went over to her…she didn’t refuse his kiss…however not sure how much else she didn’t refuse. Matt said she was wonderful…needing much more attention. He touched her jaw…lifting her face…kissed her…and I could hear all quite well…Matt ‘ordering’ that she respond to his call next time. He wanted to get together for dinner and date…just as Callum does . My wife seemed to agree. Matt added…perhaps more insult for me…’I know you know that I’m far better in bed than your husband…I enjoy fucking you Judi…give me the opportunity to show you how good it can really be for you…!’

Before I left, I was able to draw Callum aside from the bedroom, and asked what Matt really meant by “showing how good” he can be. Cal was blunt…he never would have been if he knew I was her husband…it was Matt’s plan to train fuck Judi on his date…he would have 5, 6 or more guys…at minimum join in the party. They weren’t Cal’s friends which would have made me feel more comfortable… As Cal shared, his pending engagement would likely allow Matt to proceed. Given Cal was taking Judi to bed again that evening…I saw not much difference except for the fact that Cal’s gang bang party was much more civilized...than any Matt would plan for my wife...!!!