Written by Rob

11 Sep 2016

After university, I moved back home and found a job about this time last year. The job was quite interesting, though the pay wasn't anywhere near enough for me to even think about moving out. I thought everything was going well until until I turned up for work and found that I, along with the rest of the staff, was locked out, and the company had gone bust.

I spent about 6 weeks, job searching, but actually spending much of my time either watching porn or shagging my girlfriend when we had the house to ourselves. I was in no rush to do anything, not realising how pissed off my mum was with me until I overheard her on the phone to her friend Maggie. They had been friends for years and though they lived miles apart talked most weeks and told each other everything. I was in the hall, about to go out when I heard my name mentioned. I stopped and listened with some embarrassment as she told Maggie about me spending all my time shagging my girlfriend, thinking she wouldn't notice the stains on the sheets. She reckoned I needed a kick up the bum to encourage me to get a job.

Maggie had divorced for the second time a few months previously and had bought a cottage near the south coast, using the proceeds from her divorce and from what I could gather a substantial legacy. It was isolated, pretty rundown, though much of the work had been done, there was still redecorating, the overgrown garden and other jobs. To cut a long story short, my Mum volunteered my services to go down on the train and help.

Maggie is a couple of years older than my Mum which would make her 49/50 years old. It was about 12 years since I'd seen her when I'd have been ten. I couldn't really remember much about her. I was less than pleased at the prospect of spending time, miles from anywhere, with someone so old, with whom I'd probably have no common interests. She gave me little choice when she told me that evening, threatening to throw me out if I didn't go, pointedly telling me I might have more luck finding a job down south too. Three days later, on a Sunday afternoon, after a six hour journey and three changes of train I stepped onto the platform at the station nearest Maggie's home.

She was supposed to meet me. No one on the platform. I went out into the car park, several parked cars, a woman leaning against the bonnet of a SUV was the only person in sight. She looked to young for starters, late 30's early 40's but fit, wearing a pair of denim cut-offs, revealing her tanned, toned legs. A white t-shirt, with what appeared to be a bikini top underneath, covering what looked like a nice pair of quite large tits. I'd started walking away when she called, “Hey Rob, where are you going?” I should imagine the surprise on my face was obvious when I turned back. “Maggie?” I asked, thinking perhaps she'd sent a friend. Her face lit up when she smiled, replying. “Of course, unless your looking for some else” She walked towards me, the crotch of her shorts pulled distractingly tight in the “V” between her legs. She put a hand on my arm, kissed me on the cheek. “Come on get in the car” she told me.

She turned to walk around to the drivers side. I couldn't take my eyes of her arse, her lovely bum, encased in the tight denim, wiggling as she walked. I followed, threw my bag in the back, climbed in beside her, trying to avoid staring at her legs or her tits, my laptop bag on my lap to conceal my growing hard on, caused by her touch, kiss and the sight of her bum trapped in her shorts.

She asked about my Mum, general chat. My cock recovered and I put my laptop on the floor. Driving along, I surreptitiously admired her legs and tits. The talk turned to me, how much I'd changed, what had I been doing, did I have a girlfriend. “You've certainly grown since I last saw you. You're a very big boy now” she said, seeming to emphasise the “Big”, resting her hand on my thigh, giving it a squeeze, glancing down at my lap. My cock had softened but now leapt back to life. She left her hand on my leg, glancing at me. From her expression, she was certainly aware of the affect she was having. I squirmed in the seat trying to hide the bulge in my jeans, by nonchalantly resting my arm across my lap until she put both hands back on the wheel when we turned off the road on to a rough track..

It was about half a mile to the cottage, though the track continued towards dunes in the distance. Each time the SUV bumped through a pothole her tits jiggled and I imagined what they'd look like naked. By the time we pulled in through the gate and parked next to a motorbike, I had a stonking erection and she had a knowing look on her face. I got out, grabbed my bag off the back seat, held the laptop bag in front of me, following Maggie. A guy about my age appeared from around the back wearing just shorts. She introduced Ben, briefly explaining he'd been helping her but had got a job he was starting the next day, though he'd still be around when he had time. He seemed friendly enough, staying outside while we into the cottage.

Outside the cottage had been re-roofed, work done on the stonework, inside the electrics and plumbing had been replaced. The walls and woodwork needed decorating, some of the furniture already covered with sheets. At least there was an internet connection I noted as she showed me around, sitting room, and off it a bathroom, kitchen and her bedroom all on the ground floor. Through an old door, stairs which led to a bedroom above hers. She said I could use the room as we climbed the rickety stairs. A bed, wardrobe and window overlooking the garden. I dumped my bags on the bed. She suggested I unpack and she'd see me in a bit. For several minutes I stood looking out the window, not another house in sight. Nothing but fields and the dunes in the distance. I wondered what there was to do to keep me entertained.

I opened the window to air the room, almost immediately heard noises from below and leant out to see what it was. Ben and Maggie were in the garden. All I could see was his back down to the waist and Maggie crouched in front of him only the top of her head visible. I wondered what they were doing. As I watched she bent forward and began to bob her head up and down and I realised that she was sucking his cock. She must have gobbled him for two or three minutes before she told him she wanted to go inside for a fuck before he left.

I heard their voices downstairs in the living room. They got louder and I realised they'd gone in her bedroom below me. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but heard him laugh, her giggle then shriek. Things went quiet before I heard the rhythmic sound of a bed moving, increasingly loud moans and sighs, followed by Maggie, voice getting louder demanding to be fucked harder. Trying to ignore the sounds of them fucking only a few feet below me I unpacked and put my stuff away. After a few minutes she came loudly and things went quiet. I gave them ten minutes, waiting until I was sure they were finished before going downstairs.

Ben in his leathers, picking up his helmet was about to leave. “Good luck mate, hope you've got plenty of stamina. She's a fucking nympho” he grinned. Before I could ask exactly what he meant, Maggie, dressed as before, came out the kitchen and went outside with him and shortly after I heard him leave on his bike. Though she must have known I'd heard them shagging, when she returned she carried on as if nothing had happened, suggesting that I shower and freshen up while she got drinks.

I fetched a change of clothing. In the bathroom I couldn't help noticing one of her bras in a basket, with some lacy little knickers and thongs. I had a quick look at the label in the bra to see how big her tits were, 34E, picked up a pair of her used panties, the gusset still slightly moist. I put them to my nose, had a sniff, inhaling her pussy scent. I felt a bit of a pervert and quickly returned them to the basket.

I thought about her as I showered. Until I'd seen her giving Ben a blow job and heard them fucking I'd been unsure if she was just a touchy feely person, if she'd been teasing, or if it was a come on. By the time I dressed in shorts and t-shirt and rejoined her, still unsure what she was up to I decided to play things by ear. She was outside, sitting on a lounger in the evening sunshine. A sheltered paved area, the only part of the garden which wasn't overgrown or bare earth. She was still wearing the shorts, the T-shirt gone, revealing a bikini top. Not sure what they're called, but it consisted of two triangles of material which barely covered her tits, flesh swelling out the side, tied behind her neck and back. I felt my cock stiffen again. I didn't think I'd be able to stand the effect she was having for more than a few days, for once cursing that my cock was larger than average and difficult to conceal.

She handed me a beer and then stood, to show me the garden, explaining there was about a third of an acre and all the work that needed doing. I didn't take much of it in. Whilst looking either at her bum or tits which seemed in danger of spilling out of her bikini at any moment, I tried to stand so she couldn't see the bulge in my shorts. I was sure she did it deliberately, glancing at me each time her tits almost escaped. I think she was teasing me. The work would be “hard”, an old gate was “stiff”, other things looked or felt “Solid, Firm, Rigid” a flat pack shed was waiting to be built, she'd help me get “Get it up” if I assist you with the “Erection” Asking “Do you think it will stay up if I give you a hand?” You get the picture I imagine.

It started to get cool and she put on a denim jacket. That was about it, a few drinks outside, indoors for an evening meal, watched TV before she said she was off for a shower and bed. After all the teasing and innuendo, not a hint of anything. She took off the jacket. I got up to go to my bedroom, catching a glimpse of her untying her bikini top, slipping it off, briefly flashing a tit and nipple as she went into the bathroom and I went through the door up to the bedroom.

The door to the stairs opened outwards. I closed it behind me, feeling for the light switch at the same time. Just before I switched the light on I noticed light from the living room shining through gaps in the boards that made up the door, where over the years to wood had warped. I couldn't resist taking a look. Maggie had left the bathroom door almost opposite open. I was treated to the sight of her bending to remove her shorts, then untying the sides of her bikini thong, pulling it from between her legs. Back to me, she stood naked, her lovely rounded bum revealed. She half turned, reaching to switch on the shower, exposing a firm, full tit. It was only then that I realised that she didn't appear to have any tan lines, her shapely body evenly tanned. She waited for the water to get hot, before climbing in the bath disappearing behind the shower screen.

I'd got my cock out by then, slowly wanking, eye close to the gap in the wood waiting for her to reappear. Five minutes or so later I saw her again, standing at the end of the bath, reaching for something. An aerosol, Shaving Foam. She sprayed some on her hand, turned towards me and I got my first full frontal view of her. Her large, heavy, perhaps unnaturally round and firm tits, tipped by dark hard nipples, the curve of her waist, fullness of her hips, shaved between her legs all on display. I found the womanly curves of her more mature body sexier than any of the girls I'd been with. My excitement increased when she, spread the foam on her pussy, picked up her razor and stooping, legs slightly apart, began to shave her pussy.

She drew the razor over her mound removing the foam and stubble in strips before raising a leg, resting her foot on the side of the bath. She put her fingers in her cunt, and gripping her pussy lips, pulled them taut, carefully shaving first one side of her hole then the other until she was completely smooth. Holding the shower in one hand, aiming the spray between her legs, she ran her fingers over her shaven pussy, slipped them into her cunt holding herself open, revealing inside her pink, gaping hole whilst rinsing the foam off. Close to cumming I stopped wanking, just holding my rock hard cock.

She turned off the shower climbed out the bath, and stood drying herself, patting her pussy, cleaned her teeth and walked out of the bathroom naked. For several seconds she stood looking at the door I was behind, as if listening or thinking. I stood still, hardly able to breathe. Presumably satisfied I was upstairs she sat on a chair, swung a leg over one of the arms, revealing her smooth cunt in all its glory. Her fleshy pussy lips parted, her fuck hole gaping open, pink, wet and inviting. She stretched, raising her arms above her head which did amazing things for her tits, lifting them but also revealing scars under both. She relaxed, cupped her tits, looking down as if admiring them, idly playing with her erect nipples.

She moved her right hand from her tit, sliding it down over her belly until she was touching her pussy. She wriggled down into the chair, opened her legs a bit wider, pushed a couple of fingers into her cunt and started playing with herself. It was getting better and better. With hindsight, had I been

more confident or experienced this is the moment I should have just opened the door, walked in on her and seen what happened. Instead I resumed slowly wanking, determined not to cum. She shut her eyes, pushed another finger into her cunt, and sat fingering and rubbing herself for three or four minutes. Suddenly she stopped, pulled her fingers from her pussy and stood up.

For a heart stopping moment I thought she'd realised I was watching and was headed towards the door. To my relief she was going to her room, the door a few feet along the wall. I waited quietly, listening to her opening and closing drawers. Briefly I heard a humming noise. Before I could work out what it was she reappeared carrying a vibrator. She settled back in the chair, got comfortable, this time with both legs over the arms. She could hardly have spread them any wider or positioned herself any better if I'd asked her too. I had a view directly between her legs as she turned the vibrator on and held it against her clitoris before sliding it into her cunt. I relaxed, enjoying her sexy performance, getting a kick from spying on her. She began fucking herself with it slowly turning up the speed. The humming got louder, rising and falling when she started to ram it into her cunt faster. Maybe five minutes passed before she stopped, pulled it from her hole, got up and carrying the vibe, disappeared from my view in the direction of her bedroom again.

This time I didn't hear anything. Wondering if she going to return or that was it and she was going to finish off in her bedroom, I pressed my eye to the gap. I didn't think she'd cum and was hoping she might be fetching something bigger to bring herself off with. I was straining to see where she'd got too when the door was suddenly pulled open. Before I could react, her hand was between my legs gripping my balls. I stumbled into the room. I was off balance and with her gripping my bollocks, had little choice but follow and to do as I was told.

She backed across the room until she was standing in front of the chair. Still holding my balls with one hand, she told me I was a naughty boy, spying on her, loosening her grip on my balls, dragging her nails along my prick. Despite the mistreatment my cock was still rock hard and gave an involuntary twitch “Nice cock though” she remarked, encircling it with her fingers and began to stroke me. She demanded to know if I was wanking while I watched her masturbating, giving my balls a squeeze to encourage me to answer. I gasped that I had been. Still holding me she sat, my cock close to her head. She seemed to study it. “Mmmm, you're bigger than Ben, thicker too” she said almost to herself. “Take your clothes off” she told me holding my balls to ensure I complied. I pulled my t-shirt over my head, pushed my shorts down and stood naked under her gaze. “Now show me what you were doing” she instructed. I looked at her questioningly. “Wank for me while I decide how you're going to make amends for your behaviour” she instructed. Hesitantly I reached for my cock and began to masturbate in front of her waiting for her to decide my fate.

TBC - If you want me too.