Written by trainman

8 Nov 2013

A wet Monday afternoon ...... what else was there to do?

There's a line of four cubicles all with two or three gloryholes......some with two are to the next cubicle alongside and some with three have one in each wall so u can get cock next door both sides plus a gloryhole in the back wall because there's a corridor at the back. In that corridor, behind the gloryhole cubicles there's a sofa where guys can sit wanking watching cocks appear through the holes for sucking n wanking.....if you're really lucky u cld get three cocks jutting out of that wall then get on your knees and worship them.

When I was there last week I was sat on the sofa at the rear of the cubicles in semi darkness slowly wanking ...... i'd been in the place about 10 mins, the cubicles were all empty. I heard someone come nto the room and cld see him walking round to me. It was a guy i had a session with in the past. He sat next to me on my right, started to chat, then began stroking my nipples......he loves tit play .......so do i..... he leaned across and began sucking my right nipple then softly and very gently stroked my balls......my cock twitched to his touch and he murmured as he felt it swell. When I was hard he leaned down and took my cock in his mouth, all the time feathering my balls with his hand, so delicately, my ball sac was tight n swollen with his touch. I closed my eyes and leaned back on the sofa enjoying it.

I heard someone else coming in, opened my eyes and saw a grey haired guy stood next to me, his cock level with my face, steel cock ring round his shaft and balls and a 6 inch cock rigid to attention. I turned towards him, reached over and felt it, squeezing it gently at first to see what he'd do......when he moaned I squeezed his cock harder, then harder still. He leaned down and kissed me as I wanked him, my cock being sucked and my nipples being teased on my right. When he stood up straight I pulled his cock to my mouth and took it all. He arched his back and said 'Take it all, right up to my balls', so I did, tugging his balls down as he moved his hips fucking my face.

Another guy appeared alongside him and even in the semi darkness I cld see he had a big cock, so I just reached for it, pulled it to my mouth and swapped between the two cocks, licking and sucking as they stood there kissing and feeling eacj others tits. All the time my friend was sucking me, rolling my nipples between his fingers and feeding me poppers.

It was fantastic. Two strong solid cocks in my mouth, two pervs fucking my face as another sucked me and toyed with my tits.

I could feel the two cocks getting stiffer and listening to the two guys knew they were gonna cum. I was so horny after the poppers so I lay back on the sofa and, wanking a cock in each hand, licked and slurped till they both shot their warm, white cum all over my tits.

10 minutes later i was cleaned off and walking through the reception, my cock still hard. I saw a young guy, lates 20's just arriving, chunky build, trimmed beard. I went upstairs and checked all the rooms and cubicles looking for more sex. Walking past one room I found a guy standing facing the wall, wearing only black latex shorts......on the ground behind him, a ball gag, a dog collar, tit clips and chain. Some rooms had doors closed and locked....you cld just hear moans, slaps. Not much to interest me until, going down one of the corridors I met the young guy i'd seen in the reception, a towel wrapped round him with a very very obvious hard on bulging. I was naked, carrying my towel at my side so my cock n balls cld be seen, wearing just a solid steel cock ring. We looked each other up n down then stopped. He reached over and felt my cock and I kissed him. He pulled me into one of the rooms and locked the door.

Turning to face me he took off his towel and revealed a beautiful stiff cock, tight balls bunched in his sac. He sat down on the bed and, starting to wank himself said 'I'm almost ready to cum. I've been playing beofre I got here. I won't last long .... it's yours if you want it'. I moved his hands away from his cock, not wanting him to bring himself off too quickly and as he leaned back I softly stroked his shaft with my fingers as I cupped his balls with my other hand. He closed his eyes as I licked the tip of his cock and squeezed his shaft hard ..... but it was such a magnificent specimen I couldn't wait. I sank his beatiful tool as far down my throat as i cld.......it must have been 8" r 9" and thick too, completely shaved. While I still had his cock in my mouth I took a deep draft of poppers and just let his meat stand there, warm and solid in my mouth, rolling his balls in my hand. He lay back on the bed, me stood between his legs spread wide and I heard him moan with pleasure. My tongue began circling his shaft and I started to wank him into my mouth, real hard and real fast. I cld fel his ass tense then as i removed his cock from my mouth, he shot a spunky load onto his belly.....I tossed even faster and harder and then he really let it go, spunk flew up to his neck and across his tits ...... i rubbed his spunky cock against my face, leaned across him, licked it off his tits and forced him to kiss me.

I helped him clean up and, suddenly shy, he cldn't wait to leave the room.

With my cock stiff in the cock ring and my towel in my hand I went looking for more cock.

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