Written by Andy

31 Mar 2016

Go to university, get a degree, walk straight in to a well paid job everyone told me when I left school in 2009. It may well have been true prior to the recession but when I got my degree three years later it certainly wasn't. I got a job after a few months, one I could easily have done straight from school. I moved on after a year and found a better job which lasted until last autumn when I was offered employment which was more challenging though still not great pay. At least it was a potential career even if it meant moving well beyond commuting distance from home. That was a problem. On the pay I couldn't afford to rent a flat and all the other bills.

A solution was suggested by a mate who told me that lots of people, looking for extra money, were taking in lodgers under a scheme which allowed the income to be tax free up to about £80 a week. I could afford that and looked into it. I found a place after trying several others, which allowed me to accept the job. A bedroom, with en-suite in a fairly large detached house, owned by a divorced woman, called Suzy. She was friendly, quite attractive, chatty and flirty, aged I guessed in her early 40's. I now know my guess was quite a long way out, she was actually 50 years old, about 25 years older than me. She was wearing a tight skirt which molded to her nicely rounded bum and a semi-transparent blouse. When she sat, crossing her legs, the skirt rode up revealing her shapely thighs and a strip of what looked like a lace stocking top. The blouse was see through enough to reveal a lacy bra underneath, supporting what looked like a nice pair or tits. We seemed to hit off and I was glad to accept her offer of the room.

According to the guy at the agency she didn't need the money but liked to have someone in the house. She'd already seen about half a dozen people and rejected them, telling me she was choosy and preferred to have a younger man sharing the house. He wished me luck, with what, with hindsight, was I suspect, a knowing smirk on his face.

I settled in, she cooked for both of us most nights, with her accepting only token amounts in payment. As I couldn't really afford to go out and hardly knew anyone, I watched TV with her in the evenings, or would go to my room to use my laptop, chatting to mates at home or watching porn with the volume down.. She went to work, smartly dressed, blouse and jacket, quite short skirts, 3 or 4 inches above the knee, she certainly had the legs to get away with it. I couldn't help noticing her laundry, surprised to see that under the her business suits, she wore very sexy lingerie. Half cup bras, skimpy little panties or thongs, stockings and suspenders, or hold ups seemed to be her normal attire.

From the first day, if she was home in the evening, she'd sit with her legs tucked under her on the sofa, skirt riding up her legs revealing an expanse of thigh. When she got up, there'd almost always be an momentary glimpse of stocking top, or if she was really careless a flash of her panties. She went out once the first week, returning with a guy who I assumed was her boyfriend until a few days later she returned with a different guy. In the first fortnight she brought three different guys to the house. From my room I heard them fucking. She was very vocal when she came. In the morning, there was no sign of the guy and she'd say she hoped they hadn't disturb me. I'd politely pretend I hadn't heard a thing.

A couple of times I passed her bedroom, the door slightly ajar, and caught a glimpse of her. The first time, she was still wearing her skirt, reaching behind to undo her bra. The second time, she was naked apart from her stockings and suspenders. Both times she had her back to me and I hurried passed to my bedroom before she saw me. I thought it was all accidental, just her forgetting I was there, deciding it was my imagination that her eyes had seemed to be looking at the reflection of the slightly open bedroom door in the mirror as I passed. It was hardly likely to be deliberate I reasoned, she's older than my Mum.

The first mornings she'd be dressed or wearing a long fluffy dressing gown while we had a coffee. After a few days the fluffy gown disappeared, replaced by a shorter satin one. I'd been there about three weeks when I went down to the kitchen one morning. She'd been out the previous night but come home alone. She was already there wearing her dressing gown, making the coffee. She turned handing me the mug, a gap open, her right tit partly exposed. Not to large, round and firm, a small hard pink nipple peeping out. She put a few things way, opening the fridge, stretching to open cupboards. The gown loosened and side on I could see her tits. She sat on the stool on the opposite side of the breakfast bar seemingly oblivious that her gown had opened more, completely uncovering one tit and most of the other. While we chatted it took all my willpower not to stare.

When these things are written down here it appears obvious that it was all deliberate, but at the time it seemed just carelessness. Nothing happened for a couple of days, until the Friday morning, Suzy rushed into the kitchen, later than usual, saying something about a bra. Instead of her usual dressing gown she was wearing a short kimono type wrap. It was obvious she'd started dressing, the wrap hardly covered her bum and I could see her stocking tops, clipped to red suspenders, and an inch of two of pale skin between the stocking top and wrap.

She spotted the clean laundry in the basket on the floor, walked around the breakfast bar, bending over, saying she was looking for the bra and panties that matched her suspenders. As she leant forward, to search, the back of the wrap rose uncovering the curve of her buttocks. She bent further, the robe rose higher, uncovering her naked bum, legs slightly apart, exposing her cunt as she pulled things out of the basket.

She had her back to me so I continued looking, taking in that there was no hair hiding her cunt, the fleshy crinkly pussy lips, pouting open, her fuck hole, pink, moist and inviting. She stretched to reach something, moving a leg, her puckered anus joined everything else on display. She found what she was searching for, stood up, quickly glanced at her reflection in the kitchen window before turning around. The wrap had somehow loosened, a gap opened, her tits almost uncovered again, but this time flashing her pussy through the gap as she moved. I had time to notice that she was shaved, if a bit stubbly.

She must have seen in the window that she was showing practically everything and me looking, but didn't say anything. I looked away, crossing my legs to try and conceal my erection. She put the bra and panties down on the breakfast bar, walked over to the fridge and opened the door, took out a jug of juice, asked if I wanted a glass. I looked at her face, said my coffee was fine holding up my mug. She knew exactly what she was revealing, a knowing smile on her face, as if she was challenging me to break eye contact and look at her pussy as she poured herself a glass of juice. Somehow I managed not to look at her cunt as she took a sip of her drink, told me she had a busy day, would be late home and I'd have to make my own supper. She looked at the clock, said she must rush, the wrap flapping fully open as she hurried passed me. From the kitchen I could see the hall and stairs. Walking along the hall she slipped the wrap off, climbing the stairs, all but naked, her lovely round bum, framed by the suspenders, wiggling as she went back upstairs.

Even I realised it was deliberate. There was no way all that was an accident, she had to know what she was doing, but I hadn't a clue if she was being a cock teaser, playing games and getting off by flashing her tits and pussy or if it was a come on. Whichever it was it had given me a boner. I had time to go to my room for a wank before I left for work, then spent most of the day wondering what her game was and if anything would happen when she returned later that evening.

I got home, stuck a ready meal in the micro, watching a bit of TV while I ate it. I went for a shower and changed into shorts and a T shirt. Wondering what time she'd return and what, if anything, would happen I went back to watching TV. About half eight I heard her car pull on to the drive. She came in, chatted to me for a few minutes before going up to her room to shower. She reached the top of the stairs and called down to ask me to open the bottle of wine, chilling in the fridge and bring her a glass. I did as she asked, taking the glass up to her bedroom.

At the door I could hear the shower running, see her clothes over the back of a chair, her bra on top, stockings and suspenders on the floor by the bed, her panties just outside the door to the en-suite. “I've got your wine. I'll put it by the bed” I called. “Just bring it through” she replied. I wasn't sure what to expect after the morning, perhaps she'd been playing a game. She'll be in her dressing gown I told myself.

Wrong. She was completely naked, bending over, to reach something in the cupboard under the sink. For the second time that day she was revealing her cunt and arse hole to me. Without a hint of embarrassment she told me to put the glass down, which I did, turning to leave before she noticed the effect she was having on my cock. “Don't go. I might need a refill” she told me downing half the glass. It sounded more like an order than request. I sat on the loo seat, trying to nonchalantly hide my erection, watching as she turned and climbed under the shower. She wet her body, poured shower gel onto her hand and began to wash. Neck and shoulders, then her tits, stroking her erect nipples with her fingertips.

All the while she was watching me, a twinkle in her eye. “Do you like my tits?” she asked, giving them a squeeze. I stammered that they were very nice. “And my bum?” she wanted to know, wiggling it towards me. To be honest her body was better than some of the girls, I'd been out with, half her age, . She deliberately teased, pouring more gel on her hand and washing her stomach, moving her hand in circles closer and closer to her pussy until she was openly rubbing her cunt. She smiled or maybe she was laughing at me I wasn't sure. “Is your cock hard?” she wanted to know. I think I nodded. “Get it out then. Show me” she told me. I glanced at the door. “Come on. Get it out. I want to see your cock” she instructed. I pulled the waist of my shorts down and my cock sprang out. I'm not huge, about 7 inches, but it is quite thick. “Umm. Nice cock” she commented. “Now take your clothes off” she demanded. I hesitated only for a few seconds but to long for her. “I want you naked. You're not shy are you?” she teased.

I'd been with girls and had sex with some of them, but I wasn't all that confident with women. I did as she asked and took off my clothes while she watched, still fingering herself. I stood naked, she stopped playing with her pussy, rinsed the soap off. “Pass me my razor and foam. I need to shave my pussy before you fuck me” she said matter of factly. I picked them up, turned to pass them to her, she took them in one hand, grabbing my cock with the other. She stroked it a few times, got me fully erect again. She let go and told me to masturbate”Keep your cock hard, but don't you dare cum. I want your spunk in here” she indicated, spreading foam on her pussy.

I took hold of my cock, feeling to nervous and embarrassed to look at her. “Don't just hold it. I want to see you wanking” she said softly. I began to masturbate, looking up when she moved, picked up the razor and began to shave her pussy. “Just relax. There's nothing to be ashamed about sex” she encouraged, showing she didn't have any hang ups by opening her legs, uninhibitedly displaying her cunt while she shaved around her fuck hole.

She finished shaving, washed off the foam, asked me to pass her a towel. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy inviting me to feel how smooth it was before getting out of the cubicle. She told me to dry her. I rubbed her back dry then her front paying particular attention to her tits. Most of the time she had hold of my cock. I dried her her navel. I crouched in front of her, dried her legs then asked her to part them. My head close to her pussy I carefully rubbed and dabbed her legs dried her cunt. My confidence growing, I couldn't resist dropping the towel, leaning closer, burying my face between her thighs and trying to lick her pussy. She let me lick her for a short while before stopping me and telling me to get on the bed.

I eagerly did as I was told, she joined me, lay on her back, spread her legs and told me to go down on her. I wormed my tongue into her hole tasting her sweet cunt juices. I sucked her clitoris, flicking it with my tongue. I must have been doing something right. She clamped my head between her thighs, put her hand on the back of my head, forcing my mouth against her pussy. I could hardly breath. Almost drowning in the juices flowing from her sex, I licked and sucked her pussy until I was forced to free my head and come of for air.

She immediately pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. Straddling my mouth, she took hold of my erection, wanking me. She bent forward, lowering her cunt on to my face at the same time as she took my cock between her lips, sucking it into her mouth. It was more her cocksucking experience than my self control that prevented me cumming. I lapped away at her pussy, she stopped sucking. Stroking my cock she sat up, and began to move her hips grinding her cunt against my mouth for a minute or so.

Lifting herself off my mouth she told me she wanted my cock inside her. She turned around sat on my chest and slid down my body, leaving a sticky trail of cunt juice on my skin. My cock touched her bum, she raised her body, reached between her legs for my cock and expertly guided it into her cunt. Her tits were close to my mouth, I managed to take a nipple between my lips sucking it as she began to rock on my cock. Each time she rocked back my cock slid deeper inside her until I fully penetrated her. With my cock in her tight silky hole she straightened, her nipple slipped from my mouth and she sat with my rampant prick buried inside her for a few moments.

She began to ride me, moving up and down. She leant back, one hand on the bed, treating me to the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Her clitoris popped in and out, with her other hand she began to stroke and caress it. She rode me faster, I was struggling not to cum, but her breathing was changing, her body flushed, her fingers moving faster, frigging her clit. “Fuck me. Ram your cock in my cunt” she gasped. I realised she was close and did my best to thrust into her as she rode me more erratically, starting to moan loudly. Making the noises I heard when she was being fucked by the guys she brought home for sex she started to cum. I'd held back for as long as I could, but the sensation of her cunt fluttering, seeming to pulse as she climaxed was to much for me and I ejaculated, pumping my spunk into her with three or four thrusts.

It was incredible. The best fuck ever, particularly after my last girlfriend who would just lie on her back, looking bored while we fucked. I fucked her from behind an hour or so later and in the morning I was awoken by her warm, wet mouth engulfing my cock, sucking me hard before we fucked again.

There's more to tell and not just with Suzy if anyone's interested.