Written by Wendy

2 Nov 2012

Hello again! I'm Wendy, a married 43yo mature lady, who hasn't been paid much attention in the bedroom for quite a while now. I hope you enjoyed reading the first part of my story, telling you how I have been achieving sexual satisfaction with my ejaculating 6" dildo. In the past 18 months, I've only had full sex with my husband on two occasions - the last time was almost a year ago. So as you might imagine, I was becoming quite desperate before discovering the dildo. However, I'm extremely happy with my toy and the intense orgasms I achieve as a result of it.

A bit about me. I work in IT, mainly from home but visiting the office 1-2 days per week. I am also a landlady, having usually a couple of university students living with us - this year I only have one student - a 22yo starting his final year. My husband works in the fabric design industry and specifically sales. I'm around 5ft 4" tall with light brown hair normally - although sometimes reddish, sometimes dark brown depending on my mood - which I wear sometimes straight and sometimes as loose curls. I take a size 12 when it comes to clothes and a 34DD bra gives me a sizable cleavage. My friends consider me attractive, saying I have a great body for a 40-something and that I have nice curves, particularly around my waist, hips and thighs. My ex-boss liked my bum and made a point of squeezing it when he got the chance (mainly at work parties on the dance floor). I know he would have liked to do more to me but I was too faithful and always threatened to expose his inappropriate advances.

Now for my sexy bits. My breasts are quite large but still firm and upright - thankfully no sagging yet. They have large dark pink areola containing broad nipples which when erect are well over an inch long. My pussy is unusual in that it has quite a raised pubic mound, which is soft, spongy and very, very sensitive during penetrative sex, particularly when it is waxed smooth. However, I like to dress it up sometimes and so currently it has a broad landing strip of thick brown curly pubic hair, neatly trimmed short and along the edges to show off my raised mound. The sides of my pussy are silky smooth below the mound and underneath between my legs. I have quite a narrow, tight slit which starts on the bottom of my mound. Here my clitoris is hidden between the tight outer lips, popping out only when the lips are teased open by invading fingers. I still possess quite a tight, little vagina - mainly due to the fact that my husband has a very small, thin penis (just under 5") and also due to me not having had children.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a uterine problem and the experts said that I was unlikely to conceive a child, even with surgery. During those medical investigations, the consultant told me the back of my vagina was unusually shaped, having a kink where it narrows quite dramatically an inch or so before my cervix - he asked if sex was painful! Now I've never had pain during sex but I've no idea if it could be painful as my husband's penis could never reach that deep inside me - so this was uncharted territory for me.This also affected my chances of conception due to sperm having a more difficult path to reach my cervix. Some internet sources have advised sex positions which maximise penetration, but with my husband's small penis and over 15 years of trying, his sperm simply cannot do it! Although he can penetrate me easily, he cannot reach my deeper recesses - not even the 6" dildo can reach those depths. However with its increased girth, penetration is more difficult and I need to be well lubed, but I do really enjoy taking it inside me - I'm much more likely to climax on my dildo than whilst riding my husband! And of course there is the added ecstacy of the ejaculation - much stronger than my husband's and more penetrative - it can shoot right up to my cervix if I angle my pelvis in a certain way. You can imagine my shock and utter delight at feeling the warm fluid penetrating me so deeply - the first time any fluid had managed to penetrate such depths inside me.

Ok then, let me rewind about 1 month. My husband was away on one of his sales trips. It was a dreary Monday evening and I thought I would get out my dildo. The student was in his room. I should say something about the house - it has 5 bedrooms over 3 floors, 3 on the middle floor and 2 on the top. The students occupy the middle floor where the largest bedroom has been converted into a TV/common room. Our bedroom is on the top floor along with a bathroom which is used regularly for my dildo fun. At 10pm I loaded the dildo's tesicles with some 'dildo spunk' and headed for my bathroom. Stripped naked, with my vagina and the dildo well lubed and kneeling on cushions, I mounted the thick shaft which I'd fixed to the floor tiles (it's more noisy when I do it in the bath). It wasn't long before I was riding that thick 6" shaft to ecstacy. I reached my first climax pretty quickly but wanted more and so continued to ride it, squeezing my breasts and my erect, protruding nipples in ecstacy. After 15 minutes I became unable to suppress my feelings and my pussy had become highly sensitised - in short, I began to moan more loudly.

Suddenly the bathroom door creaked and I turned around to see the 22yo student standing watching me from behind. I clearly had forgot to lock the door. In complete shock I jumped up, the shaft slipping out of my soaked vagina, already in a state of contraction. While he took in the view of my bare ass I reached for the towel and screamed at him to get out. As I turned to face him, my tits and hairy pussy now covered, he begged me to allow him to stay and watch me masturbate myself, promising he wouldn't do anything, not even touch me. It was then that I noticed his erection poking through the opening in his boxer shorts. He said he had heard noises and thought he should investigate. He apologised for coming upstairs (a rule I had imposed when he arrived) and again begged me to allow him to stay. Well, my heart was pounding and I was utterly breathless, not just from my own delightful exertions and the shock of being caught - the size of his penis had also caused me to gasp for air. It was just as thick as my dildo but much longer - he said it was 7" long after seeing me staring intently at it! Below it hung 2 large well defined testicles - hanging much lower than my husbands. I quickly recovered my composure and told him he could watch but no touching - he had also been masturbating while watching me ride the dildo, clearly apparent from his extremely vertical shaft and the bubble of semen oozing from the tip.

Anyway, I mounted my dildo again and began to ride it, while watching him yank on his very stiff erection. He had moved around to face me, sitting on the loo seat about 6 feet away from me. Now he had full frontal view of my bouncing breasts and my highly sexed hairy pussy. I started slowly, moving up and down on the shaft before beginning to grind my clitoris into the testicles by writhing back and forth. I then leaned back and began to push my pevis upwards, feeling my wonderful dildo shaft stimulating the front wall of my vagina. He gasped and commented on how good I was at 'riding cock', saying that my body had a fantastic 'smooth wave-like

action'. I gradually began to move faster, sitting more upright and rubbing my breasts and pussy. Soon I began moaning, softly at first, then more loudly as the excitement rushed through my body. At the same time, I could see him pulling faster on his shaft, clearly eager to reach his climax. I leaned forward and started to ride hard at full speed, thrusting my pelvis down onto the shaft in my desire to climax. I'd decided I was going to give him a shock and let him watch the dildo shoot it's load over my body - but first I needed to cum. Less than a minute later I screamed in ecstacy as my body succumbed to a powerful orgasm. I stopped writhing and let my body jerk uncontrollably in ecstacy as the orgasm overwhelmed me.

When it was over, I leaned back and let the shaft slip out of my pussy. I called him over and instructed he hold the shaft (covered in my pussy juices), pointing it at my pussy hair. He rushed over, his cock clearly on the verge of climaxing, the helmet throbbing violently. I pulled the cushions under my back and lay down, telling him to press the button under the testicles. Of course, he pressed the wrong one at first, switching on the vibration function. He quickly cancelled this and pressed the other button. The little noise of the pump started up and a second later the first explosion of 'dildo spunk' blasted my pussy, covering the pubes in creamy fluid some of which ran down between my legs and into my slit. A second explosion hit my erect clitoris and splashed all over my pussy and tummy, followed swiftly by a third, which shot further up my tummy, missing both tits and splashing over my neck and chest. I raised myself and let him direct the remaining jets over my breasts and nipples.

I gasped with pleasure and excitement. He was utterly shocked and his jaw completely dropped when he saw the dildo shoot its load over me. I laughed and asked him if he had seen anything like that before. He just shook his head, speechless as well as breathless! He ran his hand over my pussy, rubbing the cream through my pubic hair and used his fingers to mop up the stream running down into my slit. I found it pleasurable and so said nothing, even though he had promised not to touch me.

That's enough for now - I've run out of time again and need to go. But this story isn't finished. In fact I'm only just getting started!