Written by Ron&Maureen

12 Sep 2017

QOnce again many thanks for all the comments on our previous posts.if you haven't read them yet please search for “Maureen's fulfillment”.

I'll better start as giving a quick explanation of our circumstances as it seems from our last post some people are not aware, properly because they hadn't followed our previous postings. We are a married couple in our sixties. I have suffered with erection problems for about the last ten years. Hence why we are now in the situations that we are now.

This time I would like to tell you about a particularly exciting night that happened last weekend. As you will know, if you have been following our escapades, that Maureen has a lover,Tom. A young gentleman, exactly that, who has been “ servicing” Maureen regularly now for several months. He is in his twenties, works in a gym as a personal trainer, muscular body and a penis that resembles the size of a Pepsi bottle in girth and length. He is a skilled,gentle,considerate lover,who makes love to my wife and doesn't just “fuck her”.

Last Friday Tom came to us for the night. Usually Tom and Maureen retires to the spare room for the night. However this weekend would be different. We had talked and decided that they should now use our marital bed, all together, as Maureen now knows that I enjoy watching and also that we have built up such a good trusting relationship, comfortable with each other, our feelings and quirks.

Tom came straight from the gym. When he got in he asked to use the shower, Maureen joining him. I popped my head around the door and I could see their naked bodies entwined, kissing deeply, his hands cupping Maureen's buttocks, the warm water cascading over their bodies. I retreated back to the lounge. Shortly they emerged, naked, going into our bedroom where they dressed, Tom in shorts and Maureen pulling on one of Toms “muscle” t-shirts. She looked magnificent, her breasts bare underneath the thin material,her nipples erect, the bottom of the T-shirt just covering her thigh.

We all sat talking and watching television, yes, just like a normal “family” night in. Maureen and Tom was sat together on the sofa, his arm around her, her hand on his leg. The T-shirt ride up exposing her nakedness, her smooth vagina, clearly visible,a real beautiful sight. At around 9om we decided to retire to bed. I climbed in bed first, Maureen pulled off the T-shirt now standing naked beside Tom. As he lowered his shorts his penis exposed, semi erect it looked so impressive, as always. His shaven penis and scrotum, heavy with his sperm. He pulled Maureen to him and kisses her like a lover would. Her hands took hold of his penis, pulling the foreskin back. Tom pushed Maureen onto the bed,sitting she guides his now erect penis to her mouth,taking his length and girth. Not for the first time or the last she sucked him deep, her tongue running along its length, teasing the tip of his penis with her tongue.

Toms hands on her head guiding her, his penile shaft glistening with my wife's saliva. I move closer, placing my arms around her, my hands caressing her breasts. Her nipples solid, erect, excited. I lean into her to kiss her shoulders as she continued sucking on Toms penis. I could make out the tip rubbing against the inside of her mouth, him guiding her mouth down and onto his penis. Maureen wasn't complaining, loving it. My fingers seeking out her nipples, tweaking them gently. Toms eyes closed, completely entranced by my wife's oral onslaught. His scrotum heavy, full of his young verile sperm.knowing that all too soon his penis would be ejaculating his semen into my wife for the first time that night. And knowing also that this young mans stamina would mean that it won't be the last. Maureen attempted to take his penis deeper. She had become quite expert at oral, since meeting Tom, since. Having sex with several other men recently she has had plenty of experience, none of which had ever expressed dissatisfaction. I was so close to her, to Toms penis gliding in and out of Maureen's mouth. Her hands around his waist, hands on his buttocks, pulling him into her. I sensed that it wouldn't be long now and I proved correct. Toms hips started to involuntarily twitch and thrust, Maureen knew too, she had been here so many times before with him. Maureen pulled away, just enough for her mouth to be clear of his penis, opening her mouth, her tongue out, Tom knew what she wanted, again, they had been here may times before, taking hold of his penis he pointed the tip at her tongue, with a groan he started to ejaculate, the first stream of semen shooting into my wife's open mouth, the next onto her tongue. His semen coating it, as Maureen swallowed the next stream of semen hit her lips, her tongue licking it away, my wife was not going to waste a drop. Once he had finished ejaculating Maureen gently licked all around the head of his penis, cleaning around the base of the foreskin until she was sure that every last drop of semen was removed.

Tom went to use the toilet, Maureen got into bed, smuggling up to me. As her lips met mine I could faintly smell Toms semen on her lips, as we kissed I was able to taste his sperm on her, remnants of it on her teeth told of what had just happened. I whispered to her that I loved her, Maureen smiling adding that she knows.

As Tom reentered the room I noticed that his penis was still semi hard. Where do these young men get their stamina? I knew that it wouldn't be too long before he would be fully erect, hard and eager to make love to my wife. Knew how much he liked pushing his hard penis into my wife, filling her, making her orgasam. Knew that my wife loved him making love to her, knew that she gives her older body to his penis, his tongue, his fingers. Dispute their big age difference they were suited sexually.in fact suited in more ways than just sexually. This young man could have any girl of his age but he chooses to have my wife, the mother of my children, the grandmother of my grandchildren. A woman almost three times his age. This man despite his age knew his way around the female form, knew how to please, to pleasure, to melt her soul, to give her orgasam after orgasam.

Maureen faced me, as she kissed me my arms wrapped around her, pulling her close to me. After several minutes I felt Tom move closer, his body against Maureen, felt his hands wrap around her, his hands cupping her breasts. We were three lovers entwined and as one. My hands caressing her back, as I moved down to her buttocks my hand brushed against Toms penis. Erect again, pressing against her buttocks. I moved my hands to her front, covering her pubic mound, my fingers seeking out her labia, moist and swollen, I pushed a finger into her. Maureen pushed herself onto my finger, gently biting my lip, an orgasam building inside her. It was then that I felt the most amazing thing of my life, I felt Tom pushing, felt his engorged penis against my hand. He pushed and I felt his penis entering my wife from behind. This young man was going to make love, penetrate my wife's vagina with his penis whilst I rubbed her clitoris. He slowly slid his erect hard shaft into her, I could feel Maureen opening, accommodating his penis. Maureen groaned, her grip on me increased. As Tom started to withdraw only to push in deeper Maureen's started to quiver, he fingernails clawed my back, digging into my flesh. Her head sank into my chest, then suddenly she climaxed, uncontrollable shaking, biting gently on my shoulder, her fingers digging in deep, her hips pushing back in an attempt to take the penis inside her deeper. Tears started to run down her cheek, her inners being ploughed deep, my fingers rubbing her clitoris. This was an orgasam of all orgasams, the tears she was shedding were not of pain or hurt, but of total unbearable pleasure. I was so proud of my wife, allowing herself to be totally submissive to these carnal needs. Tom continued to slowly pound into her, long, deep, controlled strokes. His head lowered, kissing and licking her back and neck. He knew that Maureen's body would surrender again to an orgasam. And she did, her voice almost hoarse through the screams of pleasure she succumbed to. But Tom wasn't going to stop yet, he knew that his body, his penis, his love making would bring Maureen again to climax. I heard Maureen telling him to push deeper, to take her body, to fuck her. Here, my wife, a few months earlier would never utter such words, but here, now, it was just this descriptive that truly was what she wanted. Then what she said next made me freeze, she simply said, almost inaudible but understood by us all, “ do me in the rear, want you in my bum”.

I whispered if she was sure, knowing that the last time someone tried to penetrate her anus she was in so much pain. She gestured towards the bedside cabinet, where her vibrator was kept, opening I took out the Durex play and gave it to Tom.

But I also knew that this time it would be different. He is such a caring, gentle lover, that if anyone could penetrate Maureen's most intimate part without hurting her too much, it would be this man. I trusted him, Maureen trusted him.

Tom removed his penis from Maureen's vagina, his shaft wet and shiny from her secretions. Maureen rolled over onto her front, Tom squirted some of the gel onto her anus, then gently rubbed it in, his finger pushing open her tight hole. He very carefully gently pushed his finger into her anus. Squirting more gel onto his fingers he pushed deeper until his finger was almost in up to the knuckle. Then he stopped pushing, allowing her to get accustomed to the Penetration. He withdrew his finger and put gel on his penis. Copious amount of gel was applied, coating the head and too, then down the shaft. Then he placed the bottle to Maureen's anus and squirted a large amount on and as much into it as he could. He asked me to place a pillow under Maureen's hips, raising her rear end up . spending time to make sure that Maureen was comfortable. Maureen was shaking slightly, nervous, fearing being hurt but also excited that this young lover was going to violate her anus, that he will take her anal virginity. Once Tom was satisfied that Maureen was comfortable and lubricated well he positioned himself behind her, taking hold of his penis he placed the tip of it against her tight hole. The puckered brown ring glistening with the gel. I shifted so I could see better, wanting to see her being penetrated. Tom bent forward placing a kiss on her back, then he slowly, very gently, carefully pushed. It was if her body wouldn't relent, placing a hand on her lower back to aid support, he pushed again. I saw Maureen grip the sheets. Eyes tightly shut, teeth clenched. She let out a small cry and Tom pushed a little more, I saw her anus open with the force and the tip disappear inside my wife's rectum. Tom stopped pushing, leaving the head of his penis inside. I looked at Maureen, a few tears again on her cheeks. OK I asked. Yes she replied, try a little more. With that Tom pushed slowly, Maureen cried out once again. Her fingers digging into the mattress. Another half inch or so of his penis entered her. Then stopping again, allowing Maureen to adjust. Tom asked her if she was OK, did she want to stop. No she replied, now the head is in the pain wasn't so intense. Tom applied some more gel, then gently pushed. Slowly, gently, he fed more of his length into my wife. Then pulling out a bit before pushing in again. Eventually Maureen had taken all of him. Her anus looked stretched, full. She took my hand and slid it under her guiding it onto her clitoris.I fingers found her engorged clitoris, taking it between my fingers I gently rubbed it between them. Maureen moaned, bending forward I encircled one of her nipples with my mouth and suckled. Tom was evero gently thrusting into my wife. I could hear the squelching sound of his gel coated penis going in and out of her rectum. There was a slow steady rhythm built as this young mans hard penis explored my wife's tight anal sheath. Maureen started shaking as my fingers and mouth worked on her. I felt her push back onto Tom, clearly my wife was adjusting to it, she clawing at the sheets, panting, moaning. Toms obviously couldn't take much of this as his penis was held in a tight grip, I slipped a finger inside Maureen's vagina, I could feel Toms penis through the thin membrane of skin separating her vagina and rectum. I could feel his veiny length sliding in and out. Maureen started to orgasam then I felt twitching, then a swelling, pumping sensation as the penis started to inject Maureen's rectum with semen. Tom let out a loud groan, Maureen orgasam as he emptied himself, filling her with his seed. It was totally mesmerising.