Written by Ron&Maureen

30 Aug 2017

First of all thank you to everyone who left a comment from our previous posting (Maureen's fulfilment). The one left by Ben&Sue1 especially got the old brain cogs thinking.

I am happy to say that Maureen is still seeing Tom for her regular servicing (her words). But after reading the comments left we had a chat about moving things along, as we know that Tom won't always be on the scene. Maureen said that Tom is such a sensitive lover and she feels that he is making love to her whereas she says that she is a little dubious about entering into another sexual relationship that wouldn't have the same passion that she has with Tom. However she agreed not to dismiss it outright and agreed to consider things.

So after some Internet searches we found a site. We were initially surprised that men had to pay to register with most, so we decided that it would be better if Maureen registered. The next thing was photos, we couldn't exactly post up photos of ones of us with our family. So I dug out my cheap digital camera and took some, which we chose four, one fully dressed, one topless. One a close up of her smooth vagina and one of her bottom. Trying to think of what to write in the profile was difficult but eventually we did it. Didn't want to sound desperate but also not aloof .

The advert went live but we weren't prepared for what was to come next. Within about the first half hour we received about fifty or so replies. What these men were describing what they wanted to do to Maureen shocked us. And the number of photos of penises, as well as the odd reply from women who were obviously a man. Huge learning curve made that day. So we rapidly made some tweaks to the add and waited to see what happened.

The next day, still loads of married men looking for a bit of extra nookie. But there was two that caught our attention. One was a couple similar to us, except the woman had gone off sex, the other was a couple who lived local. They were into swinging, but it was their reply that caught our attention, it was all very friendly, no talk of what they wanted to do to Maureen. Just talked about themselves, their interests (social not sexual), they were about ten years younger than us and they sent photos of their faces and fully clothed, looked like holiday photos.

We talked about them and replied, sending a photo of us both. It seemed we had fairly similar interests. They must have been online because we had a reply very quickly. After a few messages back and forth we received their phone number. Now what? After some serious talking Maureen told me to call them.

So very nervously I dialed the number. A woman answered and she said is that Ron?

We chatted for a while, being on speakerphone we all could hear the conversation. We found out that claire was a retired teacher, Bill an owner of a building company . It transpired that they lived about a mile or so from us. The conversation was normal. We didn't know what to expect, this being all new to us and a baptism of fire. But Bill and Claire did come across very likeable, friendly and ‘normal ‘. Just before we ended the call Claire suggested that we all meet up for a drink and a meal at a local restaurant. We said that we would let them know in a day or so.

Later Maureen and myself talked about everything. Would she be expected to have sex with both of them? Isn't it a bit sordid? So many questions. But in the end we decided that we would meet for a drink and a meal. I mean, there had been no hint of anything sexual in our earlier phone call or messages. And anyway, what harm could it do? They may decide when we meet that they don't like us.

Anyway the meet was decided for two days later. As we don't work and Claire is retired too, Bill only working a couple of days a week, it was decided on a lunch meet, at a local pub that served good food and drinks. When we got there Bill and Claire were already there, having selected a table in a quiet area away from the bar, Bill saying at least we will be able to hear each other talk.

Bill was dressed casually, jeans, shirt with top button undone, set off with loafers. Claire was dressed in a knee length skirt, a white blouse which was thin enough to see her bra and ample cleavage without being too obvious. She had finished the outfit with flat shoes and what I had guessed at the time to be black tights. Her hair was down around her shoulders. Although I would guess her to be around a size 20, but you know what us men are like at guessing so probably way out. But she did look classy and I suppose some people would say voluptuous.

We did the usual greetings, drinks and food ordered and settled in to chatting and getting to know each other more. About an hour or more in Bill asked Maureen what she hoped to get out of the site. This obviously took Maureen by surprise and she started to blush. Bill was suitably chastised by Claire who told him not to rush the poor girl and be careful who might hear. Then adding remember they are newbies and how we were when we started out. Maureen told them it alright and just explained again what we had already discussed on the phone with them previously.

As our glasses were empty I asked everyone if they wanted a refill. Claire then said, why come to ours for a coffee and a proper chat,explaining that they only lived about five minutes away. So it was agreed and shortly after we were strolling together. They weren't wrong when they said they lived about five minutes away. All too soon we were at their house. And what a house. It looked huge compared to our bungalow. Detached, fairly newly built in last few years I guessed , with a twin garage, and conservatory. All surrounded by garden on all aspects. Then it dawned on me that Bill was in the building trade so should have expected it.

Once inside Claire kicked off her shoes, telling us to do the same showing us into the lounge, telling us to make ourselves comfortable before going to make coffee. Over coffee conversation inevitably got around to their lifestyle. Apparently after their children flew the nest, Claire took early retirement. Life started to become mundane, so they looked at spicing things up, initially threesomes but ending in them now holding the odd party now and again. To be honest neither myself or Maureen really understood at the time what they meant by parties. But soon became clear.

Maureen commented on how lovely the house was and Claire asked Maureen if we would like to be shown around. Bill said he'll explain how things worked regarding the layout as we go. I didn't have a clue what that meant but again was going to be enlightened.

The house consisted of four double bedrooms, three ensuite, a large family bathroom, a converted attic which looked like it was possibly a ‘man cave’ as had a large sofa bed, desk and stuff.

Downstairs was the lounge, toilet, shower room, dining room and kitchen. To the rear was a large conservatory attached to the dining room. They had obviously worked hard throughout their lives and now were able to live comfortably.

Back downstairs Bill got us all a glass of wine, then he asked if we have given it anymore thought of maybe hooking up. I looked at Maureen, how do you feel? Maureen said she would be interested, but how would it work.

Claire said that she thinks she knew what Maureen means, then went on to explain how it usually works with a new couple. We could do it as a threesome, or if you just want it to be just you and Bill that's fine. Or as a foursome, Ron can either watch or if he like join us, sure he is good with his fingers and tongue, or use my toys. It's really up to you guys, whatever you are both comfortable with. Or maybe we could get one of our regular friends to join us if Ron didn't want to join in.

We must have looked relieved because Bill commented that they know it's scary, but the first dip into the unknown is always the most nervous. That they still get nerves each time, but that somehow heightens the experience. And in the end, if you decide not to go further at any point then that's OK, it's an accepted unwritten rule..no means no. Who knows, you may enjoy it so much that you want to join one of our parties that we have now and again.

Bill got us another drink and said would like to see a dvd of them. I glanced at Maureen, who raised her eyebrows at me in a way that meant we can't be rude and say no. So I said yeah OK, then added, what do you mean by you? Claire then said just that maybe if you are serious about taking things to the next level maybe you need to see what our lifestyle is about, don't worry, it's not seedy or probably what you think it's like. We are all just normal people that like to a little more open let's say with relationships.

Maureen answered first saying yes OK. Bill selected a dvd, put it on and joined claire on the other sofa.

The screen came alive. I recognised one of the bedrooms, taking it to be the master bedroom as it looked ‘lived in ‘if you get my meaning. The camera was aimed at the bed, Claire was Sat on the bed, resting against a pillow, naked, her breasts ample breasts hanging down. Then we watched as Bill came into view, approaching the bed, he was naked, his Penis erect, a slight pouch to his belly. I looked at Maureen, she looked at me, placing her hand on mine. Bill stood by Claire, her hand took hold of his penis, lowered her head and took it into her mouth. We watched as Claire expertly sucked bill's penis, as he held her head. Claire expertly took all of Bill's penis in her throat. After about five minutes Bill pulled out, Claire turned over onto all fours. Her breasts hanging down, Bill got behind her, positioned himself ready to penetrate his wife. Claire pushed back and me and Maureen watched as Bill entered Claire. As he pounded her Claire’s breasts and stomach swayed, claire was moaning, enjoying being pounded by her husband. Don't know how long it lasted but eventually bill withdrew, claire turned over and shuffled so that the camera was able to pick up her vagina. Totally shaven, thick meaty labia on view. Bill climbed on the bed and took his wife missionary style, sinking in deep, we watched as he took claire to her peek. His pace speeded up and as claire screamed her climax bill pumped sperm into her.

The movie changed suddenly, could make out more than one male voice. Claire appeared in the shot, dressed in a black basque and stockings. Then a man appeared, kissing claire, hands on her buttocks.

I looked across at where our hosts were Sat. Bill's hand was up Claire’s skirts, rubbing her vagina. Claire had a hand on the front of bills trousers, rubbing his penis. I nudged Maureen, who smiled when she saw them.

Back on the screen claire was receiving oral from the guy, obviously enjoying it. Then we saw Bill come into view, offering his penis to Claire's mouth. Something made me and Maureen turn to look at our hosts. Claire had unzipped bill and was slowly masturbating him, whilst Bill had at some point removed her knickers, her skirt now rucked up, Bill having two fingers inside her vagina. Quick glance at the screen saw Claire on top of the guy riding his penis whilst still servicing Bill with her mouth, but the sound coming from our host took my mind away from the action on screen as I heard Claire orgasm of the sofa opposite us. I noticed that Maureen was transfixed on our hosts. Bill patted the cushion inviting Maureen over. I whispered ‘it's ok’, don't ask me why I whispered. As Maureen Sat next to Bill, he took her hand and placed it on his penis. Maureen started to take over where Claire had left off. I have to admit I got a thrill watched my wife pleasuring another woman's husband. I saw Bill put his hand on Maureen's leg. But then claire came and Sat next to me. You OK she asked. Yes fine I replied. She then raised her skirt so I could see her vagina. Her labia was puffy, red and moist. She took my hand and placed it on her stockinged leg. I hesitated, looking across at Maureen, she was clearly close to being brought to an orgasm with bills fingers going in and out of her vaginal.

Claire unbuttoned her blouse, tossing it aside, then unclipped her bra releasing her big breasts. Her nipples hard, engorged.

All thought of the movie forgotten now, my hand stroked over Claire's pubic mound, soft and smooth. She guided my fingers to her wet labia, pushing my finger into her.

I heard Maureen starting to orgasm, pride weirdly washed over me hearing my wife's passion yield to another man.

I heard Bill say something but couldn't make it out. Claire pulled away to remove her skirt, now for the first time here was another man's wife stood before me in just stockings and suspenders. Her labia was open, her clitoris clearly visible. I watched Maureen stand, and she said, can I? For some silly reason I wasn't sure what she meant, but then realised she was asking for my approval.

But Claire was about to climax on my hand so couldn't answer, just a little nod.

Bill stood, unzipped Maureen's dress, her bra fell to the floor, Bill must have already undo it earlier. Her dress fell to the floor. Then bill pulled off her knickers, a little tug to release the gusset from her folds and there she was, my beautiful wife, naked.

Bill took off his trousers, followed by his boxers. He then went to a drawer and took something out. It was a condom. He positioned Maureen over the sofa, her feet on the floor, arms outstretched on the back of the sofa. He rolled on the condom, his penis looked shiny and big, he moved up behind Maureen and I watched him slide his penis into her.

I heard Claire say fuck her baby, which shocked me a bit. But realised that he wasn't going to make love to her, he was going to fuck her, I watched as he slammed deep into my wife. Maureen was orgasming already, hearing bills testicles slapping against her bottom, Maureen was almost shouting as she climaxed.

Claire asked me to lick out, laying on the floor, legs spread, her fingers probing her wetness. I went down and placed my mouth on her tasting her juice. My tongue touched her clitoris and she burst, she pulled me into her as she writhed and bucked.

I could hear Maureen orgasm again, Bill saying how tight her pussy was. No longer shocked by his words. He said to Maureen do you like my cock fucking you. Tell me. I heard Maureen say I love it, fuck me.

That was so unbelievably sexy to hear. Then I heard Bill say that he was going to orgasm, I heard his scrotum slapping fast and hard against Maureen then he started to empty his sperm into her, filling the condom. I wished he wasn't wearing one, I wanted to see her vagina oozing with his sperm. I loved seeing her after tom had ejaculated in her. But I remember that bill and Claire had said that safe sex at all times.

Claire removed the condom from Bill and then kicked his penis clean of any remnants of his sperm.

Strangely it was coffees all round, like what had happened was normal life. It was nothing like that to Maureen and I. About an hour later we were in the taxis on our way home. We agreed that we would meet again, Claire suggesting possibly introducing us to one of her regular single friends. Maureen said later that night when we were back home, that at one point she was worried that Claire was going to make a move on her. I asked if she had would it have freaked her? She shrugged her head and said she had never given a thought about sex with another woman before.

We have meet with Bill and Claire since. More awakenings for Maureen, I am so happy that she is satisfied in all ways now. And our vocabulary has expanded, albeit only in the bedroom aspect.