Written by The Turk.

7 Jun 2018

I have just read the account of York boys return visit to Togg, I try to go there a couple of times each month, but it can be really hit or miss.The last time I was there was in the middle of May, it was just after sunset and still quite light so i expected to have a long wait before any possibility of any doggers appearing. However I noticed several men walking past the picnic tables and onto the grassy area overlooking the view across to the Severn Estuary.

I walked to the tables pretending to look at the view, I heard some voices and giggles coming from the right so I moved closer. There was a small group of men surrounding a woman who was on her hands and knees on the grass. She was rather "chunky" I would say about a size 16 or 18. Her skirt was wrapped around her waist and she was topless with her large tits hanging down and swinging from side to side. There was a young man behind her on his knees fucking her and another squatting in front of her with his prick buried in her mouth.

Just as I got closer to them the man fucking her took his prick out of her and sprayed his cum over her large white arse, I was shocked when I realised that he had been fucking her bareback. Another man was far more sensible and I saw that he was already wearing a durex when he dropped his trousers and got behind her and pushed his erect prick into her cunt. Another man sat down beside her and reached under her to cup one of her large tits in one hand while he was masturbating his cock with the other.

I stood watching with my erect prick in my hand while two more men fucked her and another made use of her mouth. It was now becoming dark and she showed no signs of stopping . When the man she was sucking off finally came in her mouth she rolled over onto her back, below her round belly she had a thick mass of dark curly hair. She looked up at me and asked if I wanted to be next, I told her that I would except I did not have a condom so she suggested that I tossed myself off over her face. I stood over her and quickly did this and I shot my load of spunk over her face and hair narrowly missing the bald head of the man who had just got between her open thighs and was fucking her.

As I walked back to my car I was passed by three or four men heading towards the field, one who was carrying a small torch asked me if it was true that there was a woman there taking on all comers, I said yes she was there but advised them to make sure that they had plenty of condoms.