Written by Jonniespunk

14 Feb 2018

A mate of mine was off on some work jamboree in Frankfurt for a couple of days and I’d been roped in to look after the cat and receive a couple of deliveries. Fortuitously Pete had a good gap between clients and my friend’s house was en route. He called in for round three!

We started with the now customary cup of tea and a bit of banter, and we discussed his thoughts since the last session and the stories we’d both written. He confessed to having read my account of our second meeting dozens of times! That struck a chord with me because I’ve read his stories a fair few times too. Great wanking material! I’m horny as hell lately, and while I’ve wanked most days since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I’ve been pulling myself off, twice or sometimes three times a day lately. The urge is always just below the surface, so much so that some days the friction of my shirt against my nipples has me getting hard and drifting off into fantasy land. You should see my pants when I take them off with the tell-tale snail track stains in the crotch. Does anyone else ever get like this? I tell him I have a very fit friend interested in a threesome, so when he feels ready….

Anyhow, just watching Pete sitting there in his Lycra bottoms I could feel the delicious tingle of blood flow through my perineum. I just leaned in and cupped his tackle, squeezed and stroked then ran my had over his belly and chest. He’s firm and masculine which is a big turn on for me. I suggested we go upstairs to my mate’s bedroom, but Pete was reluctant and so we went for it right there in the living room.

We began with an embrace thrusting our groins together and then I got the first surprise of the afternoon, Pete looked me right in the face and then kissed me. Despite saying before our first meeting that he had no desire to kiss a guy, there was nothing tentative about this. It turned into a long passionate snog with our tongues mingling as he ran his hands all over me. Seems that Pete was deadly serious about being bolder and trying out new things. Lots of guys are bi from the waist down, but this felt like the real deal. Now I was getting really fucking turned on and after a while of feeling through clothes, then hands in pants and up shirts we started to undress.

Naked now, we continued the kissing. Our cocks were pressed together and I could feel Pete’s precum in my pubic hair and between my legs. I held his firm arse and grinded my cock into his. I ran my thumb over the head of his dick, picked off the dew and then massaged it into my knob. I’ve no idea what he thought about that. I held both our cocks together, gripping them and wanking. The kissing didn’t stop and every time he touched my nipples I could feel my cock strain as more blood pulsed in. Soon I was directing the head of my cock to pick up his precum directly. For a second it occurred to me that I could probably fuck him just using his own precum, no lube.

My mind was racing ahead of itself with all sorts of dirty thoughts. I could imagine him cumming over my arse, cock and bollocks and massaging it in until I came. I was thinking about ‘scissoring’ – top and tailing with his balls between my legs and mine between his, my arse pressed up against his, holding both cocks firmly as one and wanking until our juices flowed over each other’s dicks and he could feel my dick pump out hot spunk all over his. In the real world, I take some of the precum from his cock and smear it on his lips with my thumb. I try to lick it from his bottom lip but it becomes another French kiss. The precum is delicious with it’s slight sweetness.

As I’m playing all these scenarios in my mind he kneels and goes down on me, cupping my balls, licking my knob and then dipping down taking the full length of my shaft in. Instinctively I begin to stroke my tits, the nipples hard as bullets. His hands travel upwards and he gently squeezes and caresses my nipples with exactly the right amount of pressure. This guy is so good with tits and so good a cocksucker it’s almost unbelievable that this is only his third time with another bloke. He keeps me on the edge of cumming and I can feel the sap rise a few times before he comes up for air and straight into another deep snog.

He does these little light pinches on both my nipples and this is absolute heaven. Again I’m off in my imagination thinking about him fucking me in the shower. Giving my arse a good pounding as he soaps my nipples and fills me with his very heavy load of jizz. Then I’m back in the reality, going down on him, lapping up the precum which is flowing in copious quantity, smearing it up and down his shaft and over his balls, reaching as far back with my tongue as I can, hinting at where my tongue wants to go.

He wants it too. Over he goes on all fours on the sofa with his arse jutting over the edge. As I kneel I run a finger down that deep ravine from top to bottom lingering over his perineum and stroking his low hanging bollocks that feel hairless and smooth, two plums in a sack. I part his ass cheeks and run my tongue through the crevice lingering over his butt hole. He sighs and I linger a while longer before tracing the fine pink line that runs down the perineum, over the balls and up the cock shaft with my tongue. It’s like we’re moulded in two halves and that’s the weld line. I home back in on his fuck hole, tonguing and blowing a stream of cooling air over. The masculine musky of aroma of arse sweat is different to anywhere else on a man’s body. It’s the smell of bollocks and the smell of cock, it must be teeming with pheromones, because I know I’ll catch it on my moustache later and will want to wank again.

I take my cock and wipe my own precum down his crack and then lick it out and then, as I press my knob firmly against his hole I’m thinking about easing my cock in gently and the gasp as it goes past the ring of muscle and sliding down to balls deep until he can feel my pubes against his arse, my bollocks against his. I’m thinking about long deep slow strokes, as I reach under wanking him, that quicken and become more urgent. I’m thinking how I’d love him to experience that loss of control over your orgasm when you’re fucked and the sheer intensity of the feeling and thinking about his ass rhythmically gripping my cock as he spurts and pushing me over the edge and pumping him full of my spunk, emptying my balls right up his virgin arse and then collapsing on top of him and not withdrawing until my cock subsides. “Fuck me”, Pete instructs, instantly bringing me back to situation at hand. “I don’t have a condom.” Pathetic, but true. If only we were at home! I want his arse sooooo bad now.

Pete kneels in from of me again and wanks my dick with both hands. He licks around my shaft and briefly goes down over my knob. The feeling is delicious. Looking up he just says, “Tell me when you’re coming,” and goes straight back to the blow job. I can feel my balls contract and the sap rising, he continues to blow me until I can’t contain it, “Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cumming”. Another first for him as I unload in his mouth. He continues licking and sucking for a couple of minutes cleaning up every drop of jiz. I really didn’t expect this so soon.

Of course, I return the favour, taking his heavy load with pleasure.

One of us is definitely going to get fucked the next time. Our interests on our profiles overlap so there are plenty of avenues to explore. I’ve got this idea of taking him out for a bike ride in the spring and pulling his Lycra down and fucking him over a rock. I’ve got an image of roping in my mate Malcolm for a spit roast or watching Pete fuck him. I’m smiling as I write this, because I know they’ll both read it! Jeez, I’m a dirty minded bastard. I’ve wanked myself sore over that last session. How lucky am I?!