Written by Helen

24 Sep 2008

We\\\'ve just returned from a great holiday in Spain. We hired a car and stopped at 6 different hotels along the coast. The first 2 hotels were the usual sort of holiday hotel, lots of rooms, kids and no character. The third turned out to be the best for an adult experience. When we booked in, we were asked if we were part of the free and easy group. We said no, but admitted it sounded intriguing.

We got to our room, which was magnificent. It was huge, had one of the biggest beds I had ever seen and a spa bath that at least 6 people could get into comfortably.

There was a envelope on the table, simply addressed \\\'dear guest\\\'. We opened it and found it contained an invitation to a drinks reception from the free and easy group and had a post note asking us to come in our sexiest outfits.

It became more and more interesting.

We had 2 hours to go before the reception, so we thought we would try out the spa bath. It was fantastic. The jets suitably positioned on my pussy had the desired affect and we had a terrific session. It was now time to get ready and what to put on. I decided to put on a black skirt and white blouse, with nothing else. Hubby put on his black trousers and a white open neck shirt, again no underwear.

We went down to the reception and were met at the door by a really nice guy, who was checking the guest coming in. It appeared that our name wasn\\\'t on his list (we knew that already) we explained that we were not part of the group, but had received the invitation in our room. He was charming and insisted that since it was obviously their mistake, we could if we wished come into the reception and enjoy their hospitality and after experiencing this we may even be persuaded to join the group. He did however point out that the group was for open minded adults who wanted to experience something different. We decided to accept his kind invitation and were introduced to some of the other guests.

The drink was flowing and the room was starting to fill with couples, who had gone out of their way to dress in some of the sexiest outfits I had ever seen, with nothing much left to the imagination. It was obvious that the drink was taking affect when we found ourselves chatting to 3 other couples quite openly about sex preferences etc, it was so natural, casual and laid back. Music had started playing and I was invited to dance. It was a slow smoochy number and the guy I was dancing with was really nice. He smelled good and I could feel his cock moving with the music against me and I was moving back. I noticed my husband had also been dragged up onto the dance floor and was obviously enjoying himself. My partner started to kiss my neck, saying how nice my perfume was, seconds later we were kissing passionately. I had forgotten all about my husband dancing just a few feet away. I opened my eyes a few minutes later and saw that he was doing the same, so I didn\\\'t feel too bad.

Our dancing and drinking continued for the next 3 hours, by which time, we were really in the mood for doing something different. My husband for some reason or other was telling everyone in our group about the spa bath in our room and the size of the bed. One of the women, who had danced more than the rest with my husband said that it sounded great why don\\\'t we all go and have a look at it. How could we refuse. Everyone grabbed a bottle of wine each and off we went.

We all went into the room and 2 of the girls made a be line for the bed, the guys followed John into the bathroom. I stayed with the girls and let the guys get on with it. I could hear the bath filling with water, but thought nothing else of it. Five minutes later one of the guys comes out in a bath robe, saying how great it is and why don\\\'t the e and join in the fun. We all went into the bathroom to see what was happening and there were all 4 guys, in the bath, bottles in hand drinking away. Instantly the girl that fancied John was stripping of and jumped in beside him, the other 2 girls weren\\\'t too far behind, with me standing their like a twit. The guy I first danced with said come on girl, get them off and join us. With that and because I was quite tipsy I did just that to wolf whistles from the guys. I got in next to my dancing partner. I was offered a bottle and as I started to drink a hand was between my legs and fingers started to probe my pussy. It was a real turn on. I glanced over and saw my hubby getting a helping hand from his new found friend. It was now getting very steamy. One couple asked if they could try out our bed. to which I answered feel free. I was gone, I was now sitting on my guys lap, with his lovely big cock inside me. I was coming like mad. John was in the same position opposite us and I found myself stretching and caressing his girls ample breasts. The other couple decided that they would also go and try the bed. The first couple came back in and the guy suggested that I should go and try my bed with him and he led me by the hand, dried me off with a towel lay me on the bed and proceeded to fuck me stupid.

That was a fantastic night that went on until 8am. We have now joined the \\\'club\\\' and went to the party the following night, but that\\\'s for another time.