3 May 2016

I have not written on here for a while because I am now back taking the sex change hormones and doing crazy stuff looking for hard and horrible men via another website, describing myself as an elegant, well dressed satin lingerie and stocking wearing transvestite.

Hopefully this story is O.K as it is the truthful account of a recent begun relationship with a very ugly bearded man, ugly in every sense, but a man who’s ugly brutal face just makes me want to let him use me and make me cum.

When he first contacted me, I asked him if he was ugly. He replied savagely :‘Yeah I am ugly and ill be really nasty to you in gonna treat you rough and hurt you bad just tell me when and where and I'll be there to degrade you you wont be so elegant when I'm done with you xx'

I'm gonna be so brutal with you you wont know what's hit you.’ He asked for more and more pictures of me dressed up and in lingerie, his replies getting nastier, luring me towards his painful and torturing big hands. You wont be so stuck up with my cock throbbing in your ass as I rip your clothes off and force it up you you you fuckin bitch

I replied ‘If I manage to complete my sex change, I would need men like you to fuck me so hard that it hurt, really dominate me, feeling your horrible dirty cock inside me, seeing your ugly face. lusting and grunting for my beauty, taking advantage of my physical helplessness, calling me horrible names as you forced me to orgasm, your fat cock inside me and shooting your vile cum inside me. I will meet you soon and take whatever you want me to.’

If this is published, I will write more of my story with this man.