Written by Jonniespunk

16 Jan 2018

Over the years I’ve met a handful of guys from Swinging Heaven and I’ve learned that my USP, if I have one, is mentoring newbies. To all intents and purposes they are usually fledgling bi guys, married with families, harbouring thoughts of sex with other men for a variety of reasons. This is not an entirely altruistic enterprise - I’d hate to give the impression I’m a saint or some kind of social worker. Something I’ve learned about myself through these experiences though, is how much I like to take the lead, to have the upper hand and play teacher. At the same time it’s satisfying to see a guy expand his horizons and grow in confidence.

Some blokes stand out in my mind. I’ve written about my experience with Colin on here. A door opened in his mind the day he was excited by a guy with a hard-on in the gym changing rooms. His sex life had atrophied because of his wife’s disability and although absolutely nothing happened that day in the gym, he saw the possibility of a route out of infidelity. I know that might strike some as a strange logic, but it’s something I’ve heard a lot from bi married guys. Hell, I’ve even come across wives of bi husbands who sanction sex with guys but totally rule out sex with other women. As swingers and gay men can attest, there’s more than one way to skin a rabbit, more than one way to conduct a relationship.

Mike and Dave are a couple of others who stand out. They sort of came as a package since they knew each other before they independently met me. Mike liked to be dominated, to be restrained, spanked and fucked. Dave liked more mild stuff and was an expert rimmer although his cock was way to big for me to take. Dave had a way with nipples that really helped me connect them to my dick. We’d keep each other on the verge of cumming for a couple of hours until it got to the point where just a stroke of my nipples would have me jizzing. I wouldn’t say I hit the headboard, but I almost blinded myself on a few occasions! Sometimes we’d have threesomes and inevitably Mike would end up being spit roasted. I’d be fucking Mike’s mouth while Dave was balls deep in his butt hole and Dave and I would snog and indulge in nipple play as we thrust. Each of us got something we needed from these encounters. Mike could be the slut he wanted to be, and Dave and I could get a change of menu. We met socially too, for walks, coffee or dinner. Geography and time intervened, but I have some great memories of lovely fellas… and, I suppose, a lot of wanking material!

Although I’ve known Pete for a couple of months now, we’ve only had the chance to meet twice. He’s written about it from his perspective on here. Having spoken to him on the phone last week, we agreed I’d set down my impressions as I found his contributions helpful in seeing where things might go. We got on well from the get-go. Indeed, the first time he came over there was no lull in conversation as we sussed each other out over a cup of tea. We talked for a couple of hours.

Pete’s an attractive guy and much fitter than your average bloke in his early fifties. My first thought as I showed him through to the kitchen in his Lycra sports gear was, ‘nice arse’. Of diminutive stature, he nevertheless cut a good figure and through his clothes I could tell he had a great physique. I was imagining him naked, but I restrained myself, even as the conversation alighted on sex a few times and I felt my cock stirring. After a couple of hours it was almost time for him to go and I don’t know now what prompted it but he lifted up his top and I felt his stomach and his chest. His body was very firm, his chest almost hairless, I tweaked his nipple and it hardened, although I don’t think he’s developed an erogenous response there yet. At this point I’d have liked to move in and explored his mouth with my tongue but we’d already agreed no kissing. I hope he changes his mind about this at some point. Although it’s not a deal breaker, he does have a lovely mouth. I moved my hand over his cock which was already rock solid, I stroked his balls and then pulled his bottoms down. I could see from the wet patch on the front of his underpants he was ready for this.

He stood up in front of me and I pulled his pants down over his arse and yanked them to his ankles. I wanted to drink in the visuals. I cupped his balls and ran my tongue up and down his shaft and then over the end taking it as into my mouth. I licked around his smooth bollocks which were a great handful, like two pullets eggs. I felt his peachy arse and ran a finger down his crack being careful not to alarm him by going straight for his hole though to be truthful if he’d said, ‘fuck me’, I would’ve been up there like a shot. I reached up and felt his chest and nipples as I sucked his dick. He wasn’t giving much away vocally, but almost politely, he told he was cumming. Of course, I already knew. His cock was hard as rock and his balls had contracted tightly – both sure signs. Briefly it crossed my mind that he probably wasn’t familiar enough with male anatomy to that yet. I sucked deeply wanting to catch every drop as he flooded my mouth with huge load. I felt his dick begin to subside in his mouth but I carried on licking for a while to clean him up.

Before he left I told him to reflect on things and if he wanted to go further I’d be happy to take the lead. You always wonder with something like that if you’ll see them again. That night I ran through it in my mind. I could still smell him on my fingers and taste his cum and pre-cum on my moustache. I wanked slowly replaying the scenes, hoping I’d get to teach him the ropes and hoping I’d get to rim and fuck his delicious arse and hoping he’d fuck me. I want to be dirty with this guy. I’m hard as steel writing this. Hope he’s as hard reading it.

As it happens, we did meet again, but I’m going to save that for next time.