Written by Emma Smith

11 Dec 2011

This is my second post about me and Martin, after our first fuck in the office he was gagging for more constantly following me to the stationary room feeling me up and begging to fuck me for days now. I told him that i would fuck him in his office later that day as me and him were working late. Unfortunately two of the other managers decided to work late and both of us were gutted especially Martin. He called me into the office and said i need to fuck your juicy cunt go to the ladies toilets now and wait for me. The other two managers were men so the cahnces of getting caught were minimal. A few moments later he arrived i was waiting in the cubicle for him. He walked into the cubicle and tore my blouse open sucking my tits and fingering me hard, i ripped open his trousers and pulled his cock out sucking every inch of it, i must admit i give amazing head!!!, he was moaning and groaning calling me his salg his dirty little whore which made me suck harder and faster, he pulled me up swung me around and bent me over easily sliding his cock into my cunt he went at it like a maniac slamming his cock inside me his balls slapping against my big arse, he was pulling my hair biting my neck squeezing my tits really hard, i was loving it after ten minutes of he cummed deep inside my cunt. He quickly got ready and left with my knickers as a trophy. I went back to the office ten minutes after Martin with cum running downm my leg as i sat at my desk.