Written by Mark

6 Mar 2016

This is a true story that happened a fair few years ago, I was about 25 years old and working a few evening in the village pub, one of the waitresses was a horny mature lady with a great body, we used to spend the evening flirting with each other, anh this particular weekend there was a party at a customers house, we both happened to have the night off, not planned but we spent the evening chatting, drinking and a huge amount of flirting, she looked so sexy in her thin summer dress, bare legs and high heels!

As the party came to an end nothing was said we just walked back to her house, holding hands, upon arriving at her house we kissed with urgency, she lead me upstairs to her bedroom, she went to the bathroom and when she came back in the vision has never left me, her sexy body with a robe and a pair of white panties, fuck I nearly came there and then! I was undressed to my boxers, we laid on her bed and kissed and cuddled for a while, exploring each other's bodies, I slipped down her panties and she sat astride me as we kissed, her nipples hard and erect as I kissed them, her pussy now inches away from my face, my hands on her bum I pulled her closer, she smelt beautiful, tasted even better as I licked her pussy for what seemed like hours, she was crying out as she came, I lapped up her juices from her pussy and thighs, she turned and tugged at my boxers freeing my hard cock as she gave me a blow job, very sexy and very horny! It wasn't long before I was cumming in her mouth not that she minded, we cuddled a while and she made me hard again then lowered herself down on me and fucked me like I had never been fucked before!

We did meet up again but that's another story for another time