Written by hornycpl_2010

27 May 2010

my wife has requested i write this weekends episode as ppl asked for more. so after a week on msn together and her talking dirty to me and me wanking for her except on a thursday i wasnt allowed a wank so i would come inside her pussy quickly or that was the idea friday came and my time to start the jouney back home but whilst i was traveling we had some texting fun of what we was going to do with each other but in amongst that she had agreed to call me her master and me to call her my slut.So i ordered her to be ready for me in the living room layed on the floor wearing just a pair of stockings and high heel shoes and finger fucking herself into a nice orgasm.I walked into the house put my backs down on the floor and opened the living room door and the wife was there exactly as i had instructed her to be but on feeling her pussy i noticed it wasnt as wet as it should have been so i told her i would get it wet and placed my head inbetween her legs and pulling her pussy lips apart i started to lick and suck her pussy only for a cpl of mins but i was still able to bring her to 2 orgasms but after the second one she decided she wanted me to fuck her hard and said to me "please master fuck me and let me feel u come inside my pussy" so i instructed her to lay on the edge of the sette and guided my cock into her pussy slowely at first because its always tight around my bellend when i first insert it but after a couple of minutes it soon widens to accomadte my cock then i can speed up. Once it is wide enough to allow me to fuck her hard i start to speed up and thrust alot harder into her she can feel my balls slapping against her arse and soon tells me this as she is having orgasm after orgasm after about 10-15 mins of this i tell her to get on all fours on the floor i then move behind her and guide my cock back into her pussy and because its been in there a while and dripping wet through it slides in easy so i start to fuck her doggy stle for what seemed like ages the sweat was pouring out of me due to the exercise and heat or should i say sexercise. during this time the wife is having orgasm after orgasm and the odd squirt as the floor underneath us was wet through with her cum i then just throw everything from the corner of the coffee table onto the floor and get her to lay on it and lift her legs up so her pussy is alot higher and i then start to lick her out for the second time this afternoon and while i am licking her wet pussy she grabs hold of my hair and pulls my head further into her pussy and i can see her juices running from her now this went on for about 10mins before i removed my head and put my tongue into her mouth so she can taste her own cum. I then reach into fruit bowl and get the biggest banana i can find and slowely insert it into her now dripping wet pussy and start to push it up but she can only take a quarter of it so i fuck her for a cpl of mins then insert abit more in till she gets takes half of it and contiue to fuck her with it but not for long as i dont want the bannana to go bad so after a short period of me fucking her with it and her screaming like a woman possesed i remove the banana and peel it open then reinsert it back into her pussy and slowely fuck her with the end then remove it again and offer it to my wife to eat the end of it which she does then put the rather shorter banana back into her pussy and continue to fuck her with it and then pull it out and my turn to take a bite from it this continues till the whole banana has been ate by my and the wife i then make her stand up and lean her over the back of the sette and move behind and slowley insert my rock hard cock back into and start to fuck her has hard as i can while she is looking out the window to see if any dog walkers where looking in if so they would have seen be banging my wife and her tits bouncing all over the back of the sette i fuck her as hard as i can till i come deep inside her pussy and she has her last orgasm on my cock. At this point i decide to pull out and treat her by going down on her again and lick her juices and my come out of her which always gets her going again but i save the last few jices in my mouth and come up and kiss her and transfer both mine and her cum into her mouth which she gladly swallows down we then look at the time and its nearly time for our sin to return from school so we had been shagging for over 2hrs so much for me not wanking on thursdays and coming quickly :).We have talked abgoput wife swapping but i think i got some way to go before she aggrees to this but u never know she might give in and try it one day for me.If u like the story pls leave a comment and we will write what we do next as we both like to get turned on while writing these and having a quicky in the middle of it