Written by Tonks

28 Feb 2012

Like I said in part 2 things got more intense with Glen. He was beginning to think he was part of the furniture and kind of expected it every weekend now. My wife was becoming more & more a slut’ Which was fine by me. Lol. Anyway one Friday night’ as Sue & I were getting ready to go out. There was a knock at the door. Sue answered it and shouted upstairs to me Tony’ Glens here. I came downstairs and walked in the room to see what he wanted. His answer shocked me. I want us to fuck Sue sober tonight to see if she’s as horny as when she’s drunk. I looked over at sue who was gob smacked. As she was in the process of getting ready to go out she had a dressing gown on. He just leant forward & pulled the belt allowing it to open showing her stockings & suspenders. Wow he said we’re you expecting to see me he said. (cocky little fucker) I dunno she said who knows. He reached up & started gently rubbing Sue’s boobs. She didn’t object so I said to her are we going out or what ?. I’d sooner we stayed in she said. I took that as a cue for another session. I walked up behind her and reached forwards grabbing both her tits. Glen said she looks so fucking horny and ready for it. I could tell from her face he was right. We had a drink and Glen asked her if there was anything she would like to do that she’d never done before. She thought for a few seconds and said no I don’t think so. we had a drink and Glen said what shoes were you going to wear to go out in tonight Sue. She said my black high heels. Go put them on then he said. Sue came back with just her high heels black stockings & suspenders on and her tiny 2 piece panties & bra set on. Wow she looked a treat. We were all sat on the 3 seater sofa with Sue in the middle. Glen started to snog her and I was just stroking her thighs. After a while he cleverly one handed clipped her bra undone. We both started rubbing a tit each whilst she took it in turns to snog us. I looked down to see him running his finger between her slightly parted legs follwed by a second finger Sue was moaning by this time and was obviously getting very wet below. He slid off the sofa & pulled her tiny knickers down over her legs and went down to lick her pussy. Her legs were wide open by this time and I reached down to play with her clit while he carried on slurping. After a while he stood up & took his jeans off to reveal a good hard on he lay on the floor & asked Sue to ride him. She was down in a flash. I was stood up at the side of them now. She took my cock in her mouth with her hand under my balls. They were both going for it. Her riding him hard & him thrusting from underneath. I decided to sit and watch after a while And sat down so Sues back was towards me. What a sight. His cock pistoning into her like there was no tomorrow. After a bit he told her to slow down as he didn’t want to come yet. He pulled her down and forward & kissed her heavily. As he pulled her down I thought his cock had accidentally slipped out.& he rubbed the length of it up the crack of her arse before putting it back in her pussy. A few more strokes then he did it again. And then again. He held her arse cheeks apart & I could see the slimy juice marks between her crack. There he said that should be enough. Get your cock up there Tony he said we’re gonna fuck this bird tonight. I Wasn’t sure I should. I’ve done Sue up the bum before but not in the company of anyone else. As I was thinking what to do Glen held her arse cheeks wide apart. Come on Tony he said shes gagging for it. Sue turned round with a wanton look on her face so I got behind and gently slid my cock in. Fuck it felt tight and I could feel Glens cock up her pussy too. I eventually got my whole cock in her arse & we got a steady rhythm going she was moaning so loudly I thought we were hurting here. I needn’t have worried. Pull my fucking hair she said and give it to me harder. We both started pounding her She was bucking away Glen seemed totally in charge now. Go on Tony give your wife what she fucking wants he said. I couldn’t carry that pace on for much longer and was pulling her hair & telling her what a slut she must look like. I want to be a slut she replied just fuck me and cum up my bum. Her sweat was dripping down onto Glens face. Lick that up he said & she did. She came with such a noise I thought the bloody neighbours would be knocking on the wall. I too came shortly after and blew my load up her bum. Glen rolled her over onto her back with her legs right up and pumped her for England. I could see my spunk dribbling out of her arse with every thrust he gave her. Before shooting his own load deep into her pussy. After a few minutes he got up and joined me on the sofa. While Sue just lay there panting & getting her breath back. Spunk was dripping out of both her holes and she looked completely used. Glen made a remark about it being good carpet shampoo. Eventually she came & sat with us & told us yes that was one of the things I’ve always wanted to do. So I can cross that off my list now. Lol. Glen said to Sue that the next time he came round he too was going to fuck her up the arse. To which she said and what makes you so sure theres going to be a next time…….There was..lol