8 Jul 2017

This was a reversal of most of the stories that are here. Most fantasies that I have were about sharing a girlfriend with a buddy but this happened to me when I was staying over with a buddy a while back.

My mate Rob and his girlfriend are trainee doctors. I know my buddy for over 5 years and I got to know his girl Linda over the last year when ever I visited. We visit each other often and Linda and I became good friends and we'd often go out for meals as a threesome and she'd even call us the awesome threesome not realising that she made me go hard every time she said it.

Linda was a very pretty brunette. About 5 ft 6, slim and tight! She swam and played tennis -she had great tone. My mate was a very chilled out type of guy and didn't mind me hanging out with her. I'd visit and he'd leave Linda and me over night and leave to work and we'd sit on the couch watching a film and getting drunk.. there were a few times when we got pretty cozy but nothing ever happened till this time!

I was visiting ,Rob wasn't able to get out of the weekend shift so Linda and I had the whole time to ourselves. I went over on Friday night and had loads of drinks and was messing about the living room. Linda was in a short blue dress, thin straps and just over her knee in length. She looked stunning! Beer after beer we were getting closer and closer and Rob didn't seem to care at all. After a while Rob called it a night ( 9-21 shift the next day) we opened up a bottle of red. We sat talking about work, life and all sorts. We were about to go to bed after finishing the bottle and I found myself pretty close to her ... she was drunk, so was I and I couldn't help myself... I stroked her hair , touched her neck softly and leaned in for a kiss and she leaned in too, we kissed.. it was passionate and long. After what felt like eternity we broke the kiss and took a step back .. she smiled .. shook her head and went to her room... I felt like an idiot, I waited to see if I was about to get kicked out of the place but nothing happened.. I went to bed and waited to see what would happen.

I packed my bag thinking I'd have to leave...and went out for breakfast, and all was calm. Rob was ironing his clothes, Linda was still in bed.. Rob and I had some small talk over breakfast , any plans ? he said, and I honestly had none . I said we might get some lunch, shopping, may be a film .. all he said was have fun and see you around 10. Just as he left Linda came out and I didn't know what to say.. I said listen , sorry about last night .. she was quiet.. takes two you know she said.. and kept making her coffee and toast.. I walked up to her and we found ourselves just where we were the night before... I leaned in again and so did she... the kiss was more than passionate this time, this was lust. My hands were all over her and hers were over my neck, she pulled me towards her ... I kissed the back of her neck and started to rub her stomach and went lower... she turned around and kissed me again and we kissed all the way back to the room I was in. I pulled up her dress and kissed her nipples, they were beautiful,pink... I kissed her all the way down to her knickers and she pulled them off and laid on the bed..I went down on her till she was moaning , got undressed and got my dick inside her... she was wet and tight, just as I had imagined her to be.... I fucked her hard and fast and she orgasmed loudly. She then got on top and moved up and down on my cock till I was close.. she pulled out, gave me a suck and laid on her back for me to fuck her again.. it didn't take long till I finished.. I pulled out just in time and emptied on her legs and stomach... we laughed and ran in to the shower.

A while later we both joined each other in the living room to restart breakfast... It was almost 1.What do we do now I said. A film and fuck? she said.... so thats what we did.... we put on some random film and gave each other head and fucked on the living room rug and couch till about 4.... we were starving... had another shower and went out for some food. It was hard to keep my hands off her... we came home and fucked again in my room and had the 3rd shower for the day and started cooking some dinner... It was almost 10

Rob came home, we were on the couch, having a beer... what did I miss he said... loads she said! and laughed and sat down for dinner... just like that we were back to normal. Rob was hyped to have drinks and chill, we were wrecked from all the fucking! We had a few more drinks and they went to bed... I heard them talking, no arguing thank god! I wondered if she'd fuck him that night... I listened out and was almost sure I could hear them fuck...

The next morning I woke up and it was almost 10am... Rob had left.. I got up quietly... I came out of the bathroom to find Linda in my room... good morning she said and gave me a wink and walked up to kiss me... needless to say we fucked again and again till lunch time ... I sadly had to pack my bags and head home that afternoon. I was crazy about her... we kissed and I left..