Written by petewest00

28 May 2015

My Wife Sara had always fancied a job working for a Motor factors company driving around meeting good looking Garage Owners and their Mechanics and dropping off the various motor parts for cars and vans.

Now Sara is young in her 20,s, blonde, great legs and bum and nice 36DD boobs with a pretty face, I have seen her with other guys before and know many a guy has taken a 2nd or 3rd look at her as she passed them by. As Sara wanted a job I had a word with a friend of mine Martin who had his own Garage business, who in turn spoke to a Motor Factors Manager Stefan one day when he came in to chat with him, he mentioned that Sara would be ideal for the job and she had a interview a couple of days later with Stefan.

The night before the interview Sara was going on about how she should dress for the interview, I said I don't think that will matter once they see you which I got a thump for, as I knew most Garages were only interested in the pretty girls who came around to deliver. So Sara had her interview with Stefan and was to start the following week , Sara told me he kept looking at her legs as she sat in the office with him, I said I cant blame him for that with that short skirt you are wearing.

She asked him what she should wear for work and Stefan said similar to what you have on now, we will supply you a printed jacket, trousers if you want them and polo shirts and vest tops for the summer. At the weekend Stefan came round to drop off a jacket & some vest tops he had got for Sara ready for the Monday start.

No sooner than he had gone Sara nipped off to try the vest top on she had a mini skirt on and the top to show me, she said its a bit tight tho don't you think I said the guys will love it, as it certainly hugged her top half, she grinned knowing what I meant.

She was let loose on the Garage trade on the Monday and I had to wait till we were both home to hear about her day, she was very excited telling me everybody was so helpful and lots of the offices and store rooms were up stairs in the Garages I told her that's because they need the floor space for the cars. Sara said the Garages seemed to stop as she walked in and they watched her walk up the stairs in each place and a couple of guys in the pits under the cars called her over to chat as she walked thru which meant she had to squat down talk with them.

I knew why as I looked at the short skirt she was wearing tho it didn't go with the shoes they had given her, she would go off coming back home to tell me things that went on and jokes she had been told. After a few weeks of this I noticed that Sara was always later getting home plus a little bit happier than usual on a Thursday night. The following weekend I met my mate Martin at the Rugby club after he had put the word in for Sara, after buying him a couple of drinks to thank him and Sara had never met Martin before tho he had seen Sara with me a few times across the Rugby pitch.

He was a bit worse for wear and started to tell me things he probably wouldn't have otherwise, saying all the guys and him as well stopped to stare at Sara when ever she delivered to them. He said they always sent Sara upstairs to see my Accounts girl just so they could see up her short skirts she always wore and loved the tight vest tops she wore watching her boobs bobble as she walked thru.

Then he said Jez one of his Mechanics was always chatting her up when she left and said he had noticed Sara waiting for him after work outside over the past few Thursday nights, I put 2 an 2 together and decided I would go park up around the corner from Martin's Garage the next Thursday night.

I didn't have long to wait as soon as the Garage locked up Sara pulled up in the Van and a tall, good looking dark haired lad ran out to jump in the van give Sara a quick kiss and off they went I followed behind in true Clouseau style, watching them turn into a woodland car park with several little car parking areas. They seemed to drive into the furthest from the road as I stopped mid way an parked up, making my way towards them I saw them get out ahead and wander down a pathway.

I followed hearing some voices and Sara giggling as I got closer the trees cleared onto a picnic area and table and as I moved behind some bushes I could see Sara and Jez holding an kissing leaning against the table. I heard Jez tell Sara all the lads liked her white g-string as she went upstairs today, Sara laughed said maybe next week I won't wear one at all! Jez said fuck that would be horny .

I watched as Sara began unbuckling Jez's belt pulling his trousers open as Jez lifted her vest under her arms and off as Sara lifted her arms in the air, Jez said you have such great tits Sara all the lads say your firm should do a pin up calendar with you on it. As he undone her bra pulling it downward to free her lovely boobs , Jez moved to the end of the table with his trousers at his ankles, watching her arse as Sara facing my way bent over to pick her skirt and G-string up off the ground.

His cock was now pointing up at 45 degrees and still growing, as Sara in just her shoes bent down to lick his cock covering it with her spit as I got a view of her bare arse and boobs hanging down, I watched Sara bobbing her head up an down on his cock before stopping to see her move to get on the seat leaving Jez's cock stood upright from his hairless groin she picked up a durex packet off the seat opened it to roll it down over his erection.

While Sara now stood over his body as he looked up at her, her feet either side of him , as he told her she looked fab and putting her hands on his chest, as he held his cock upright I watched my Wife slowly sink her self down on to Jez's cock till it was gone from view and his balls were nestled against her smooth arse. He reached up to hold an rub Sara's boobs as she flung her head back and slowly began to lift herself up and down on his cock, Jez said I wish the lads at work could see you now on my cock Sara ,she giggled between gasps telling him he was so rude .

He was pulling an twisting her nipples telling her they would all line up to fuck her , Sara was gasping now urging him to tell her more he said would you like to suck a cock or two as my cock fills your lovely cunt Sara, Sara suddenly groaned and I knew she was cumming as his cock and his chat sent her over the edge. He teased her telling her I know you want more Sara you are a horny bitch maybe you should have them all naked wanking off over you as we spit roast you taking turns with you , that was enough for Jez as well as he shouted out he was coming ,Sara screamed for him to pinch her nipples and she was soon cumming with him as she sunk down onto his cock.

She lay her top half on Jez's chest, he teased her again telling her she was so horny as she buried her red face in Jez's neck to tell him you are enough for me Jez, as she said it I don't think she believed that anymore than Jez did after seeing her cum like she did over his words. I then watched as Sara sat up and moved forwards leaving a trail on Jez's chest to sit on his tongue so he could lick her pussy still leaking her juices as his cock began to subside.

They did sit up kissing each other Jez nibbling her ears something she loves as she held him tight to her boobs his hands holding her arse tight, leaving red marks where his fingers had been, he said fuck you were horny tonight and I came loads looking at the condom half full with his cum, as she said we better go I have to get the van back after I drop you off. I watched them get dressed and walk past me with in a few feet and I made my way back to my car and drove home.

Awhile later Sara came thru the door saying hi and that she needed a shower before coming down to kiss an hug me as we sat down to eat , I asked her if she had had a busy day where she told me she always seems to get the same trip on a Thursday which takes her miles away making her late. I smiled saying as long as you are enjoying the job still, as she said oh yes I love the job.

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