Written by petewest00

1 Jun 2015

I told you about my young Wife Sara and a Mechanic Jez who gave her a service while I watched unseen in Part 1 last week and this is the follow on.

Sara works for a Motor factors which is a job she got through a friend of mine Martin who has a garage business, she is in her early 20,s , pretty, 36DD boobs, great legs an bum, he told me while in a drunken haze that she was meeting a mechanic from his company on a Thursday night after work.

So on the Thursday night I parked up near by to watch what went on that night, during that night she told Jez that she might turn up next week, not wearing a g-string under her short skirt she always wears for work when she delivered to the garages.

Now Sara has a great body and is happy to show it off, I always knew she was a bit of a exhibitionist, I leave for work before her so never know what she wears until the evenings. This Thursday night I parked up near the garage following them as they drive off to the same woodland car park as the week before as they drove to the furthest part of the car park I again parked about half way down and got out.

As I did I saw another car pull up to park a bit further down and recognised the lad getting out as another mechanic from the garage he seemed to be carrying something as I saw he followed the track Jez an Sara had walked off down. I followed quietly knowing where they were going from the previous week, I could see Jez an Sara kissing up ahead leaning against the picnic bench and looked around for the other lad, to see him about 20 feet away from the bench tucked behind a large oak tree.

I made my way over within a few feet of the lad to see what he was up to, behind another tree but still to a point where I could see and hear anything from the picnic bench, as he was stood concentrating on what Sara and Jez were doing. I looked to see Sara taking Jez's shirt off him while Jez was pulling her vest top up over her head leaving her boobs about to burst free from her skimpy bra she had on.

Jez pulled Sara tight to him kissing her and undoing her bra pulling it from between them, I heard a murmur of Yes !!! from the lad and I saw he had a I-pad type tablet filming the pair of them. After what I had heard Jez had been saying to Sara last week to turn her on , I wondered if this was a plan between Jez and the lad or if the lad was spying on them just for his own viewing.

I heard Jez tell Sara to get her skirt off and lay on the bench, we all saw her bare bum and pussy come into view, Jez said you didn't come in the garage this morning like that did you , she said yes ! he said fuck I missed that as I was out looking at a customer's car.

He said did the lad's send you up to the accounts office, Yes! she said, you know that's just so they get to look up your skirt as you climb up an down those stairs don't you, Sara said of course I know ? Jez said Oh ok !!

Jez picked Sara up lay her back on the bench as he kicked his shoes, trousers an pants off, his cock sprung out already hard, I could see the veins on his cock bulging as I noted he was at least a couple of inches bigger than my own. Sara had her legs parted hanging off the end of the bench as Jez stuck his face between them to lick her smooth pussy an Jez put his arms under her legs so they were over his shoulders .

Sara's fingers in his hair urging him on to lick her, then she cried out for him to fuck her with his big fat cock saying I want you now!! , Jez moved up his cock pressing at her open wet pussy as he bent over to kiss her, his hands rolling over her boobs as she suddenly gasped Oh fuck Jez you are so big an hard !

I looked to see Jez had pushed in about half of his cock , before Sara suddenly said , Jez you better put a durex on, as he pulled out reluctantly to roll one over his throbbing cock. He pushed back inside her hot pussy as he once again rubbed her boobs an nipples and began teasing Sara by saying do you want some more cock to fill you up ?? do you want to feel one in your pussy as you suck another one or two, maybe ???

I watched Sara licking her lips as she met Jez's thrusting cock with some of her own while thinking about what he was saying and it soon had it's effect as she cried out she was cumming over his cock. He kept teasing her telling her about what the lads had said about her and her body, as well as what they all wanted to do to her !

Sara's nipples were hard her chest flushed red with excitement, she began telling him how she loved his big cock inside her, he knew she was stalling on his questions, I looked across at the lad with the tablet still filming , his cock was now out of his jeans.

Jez began to tell her that his Boss Martin had bought forward the plans for a new staircase to replace the old wooden one upto the office to next week, so they would be in a portakabin next week but she still better come in the workshop as she makes the day go much better. He told her what certain lads wanted to do with her and even said the Boss has expressed a interest in you as well,

This was again too much for Sara as she told him she was cumming again, he said you love it all these lads fancy you and want to fuck you, as Jez asked her again would she like to be fucked as she sucked another cock or cocks, I heard the lad by the tree gasp as his cock spurted cum , luckily Sara an Jez were too wrapped up in each other to hear.

As Jez drove his cock in an out of her he kept telling Sara to answer his questions when she finally said Yes I want you to fuck me as I suck a cock or two Jez ! That was the point that had Jez cumming inside my sexy Wife.

I watched as Sara sat up kissed Jez as he pulled off the durex with another good load of his cum inside, his cock still stood up , he told Sara to sit on the bench seat now in front of him as he poured the durex contents over his cock, I saw Sara poke out her tongue to lick it off as it dripped from the length of his cock then began to suck it between her lips now with just a trace of lipstick on them.

They began to dress shortly after as the lad with the tablet dashed back to his car and I heard him drive off, I stayed to listen as Jez asked Sara what she told me when I come home late on a Thursday night, she told him she has a long trip back from a customer on Thursdays, Jez said he's ok with that then ,she said Yes !!

As he went on to ask her who else she fancied in the garage, she gave up some names, he said so shall I bring them along next week then, she looked at him saying well I think that's what you want , he said no you want it you can't stop cumming whenever I mention it, Sara smiled !

They walked past me unaware of me being there Jez with his hand under her skirt on her bum , I followed when they were out of sight I was nearly back at the car park I turned a corner and stepped back as Jez had his fingers in Sara's pussy making her cum again as they leant against the van, Sara made Jez shout as she bit his shoulder as her hand rubbed his cock through his work trousers.

I waited till they drove off before making my way home to wait for Sara to tell me about her day, when she did finally come home about 1 1/2 hours later, she told me Stefan her Boss wanted to have a chat with her in the office, but that is another story if you would like to hear more, like to hear your comments and thanks to those that have, hope you enjoy reading about my sexy Wife Sara as much as I enjoy re-telling them !