Written by petewest00

29 Jun 2015

This is the follow on to parts 1 & 2 of my young Wife Sara and her working for a Motor factors company and me watching unseen as a Mechanic Jez who works for a friend of mine Martin, has been fucking her every Thursday night for the past few weeks.

I again turned up at Martin's garage just out of sight on the next Thursday night, to see Sara turn up just before finishing time and watched as Jez ran out to kiss and greet Sara, instead of driving away immediately they sat there a minute or two before a car pulled up along side with 3 other lads in, who also worked at the garage. They were soon off, me getting back in my car and following some distance behind, luckily for me and Sara it was another lovely warm night as they headed to the woodland car park their usual spot.

I parked up in another section tucking my car out of sight hearing some shouting coming from where the others had parked , making sure I wasn't seen I made my way to the picnic area finding my usual position , to see Sara stood a few feet away in just her company vest top, a pink mini skirt I had not seen before which had poppers up the front of which only the top two were still done up , a pair of 5" heels again which were new, her hair shining blonde in the sun and light wind and smiling as she chatted with the lads.

Then Jez said shall we get started lads with our horny slut here, Sara punched his arm as the lads began to strip off, they were all soon naked looking at Sara their cocks in various states of arousal as Sara stood looking back at them all , Jez said lets see those big tits now then Sara, as she grabbed the hem of her top pulling it slowly off over her head. The lads whistled as she threw the top off, before turning her back to them to undo her remaining poppers as the skirt fell on the ground she spun round kicking it towards the grinning lads as one caught it , they had just glimpsed her tight peachy bum and now had seen her bare shaven pussy looking wet and ready for them .

I was surprised to see she hadn't worn a g string but guessed it was probably wet with anticipation of what was to follow, a lad Dean lay a blanket over the picnic bench table as Jez lifted Sara on to the table top , the others watched as Jez went over to kiss an suck Sara's boobs and nipples as she reached for his cock which was the largest of the 4 of them. Her eyes watched the others as she pulled on his cock , her mouth open licking her lips as Jez sucked on those nipples now hard an wet, the other lads seemed unsure what to do but had now moved closer, 2 on one side of the table as Dean stood the other side.

Sara put a hand out telling Dean to kneel on the seat so she could reach an rub his cock, he obliged as Jez pushed Sara onto her back lifting her legs high and wide as if to tell the lads this is what you will get after I have had the pleasure first of all, she reached out to hold a cock belonging to a lad Sam I found out later , as the other lad Wayne looked a bit left out , Jez told him to stick his dick in her mouth as she loves to suck cock as well.

I saw Wayne get up on the table top and leaning over Sara's head his arms either side of her waist his cock was now feeling Sara's tongue and lips around it, while Dean and Sam were reshaping her boobs for her with their hands moulding them and pulling on those hard nipples I also love to suck. I could see Wayne as he enjoyed Sara sucking his cock looking down at Jez's cock sliding back an forwards into my wife's wet pussy , her pussy sucking on his cock as you could hear the squelching sounds as he drove in and out.

I suddenly realised that this time there was no talk of using condoms as Jez was banging into my Wife's pussy even tho Jez had had some in his hand which were now all over the dirt floor in their coloured packaging, I moved to watch Dean as he suddenly groaned splashing his cum over my Wife's belly and arm , it all proved too much for Wayne not long after as having to watch Jez's cock fucking Sara's pussy and having her lips around his cock he too shouted out he was about to cum. As Jez was compere of the events he told Wayne to let Sara suck and swallow it all down , which she did before Wayne got off the table, Sam then moved her hand from his hard cock and knelt up over Sara's boobs aiming his cock at Sara's mouth.

Sara stuck her tongue out to lick the swollen head as she did he pressed forwards to push his cock into her mouth , Sara sucking on it now between gasps of air she was taking , which I guessed from them she was having some cums of her own, Jez seemed relentless thrusting into Sara before he too groaned as he filled her pussy with his own cream he even squeezed the shaft of his cock as if he was getting every last drop of his cream inside my wife . He let Sara's legs down and stepped back as Sam told Sara it was his turn now to fuck her, as he moved down the table jumped down on the floor his erect cock bobbing around as he moved forward to spear my Wife with his cock .

As Sam entered her Sara pushed herself up , with him now feeling her boobs in his hands , Sara her arms behind her holding herself up , as Sam bent down to suck and bite her boobs, she was telling him to bite her nipples as she wanted to cum. As Sam bit Sara's nipples she screamed , wrapping her arms and legs around him kissing his face as he looked up. Then I saw Sam and Sara kissing each other passionately and just for that brief moment I was envious of him making her feel that way, she whispered something to him , none of us could here as the other 3 lads looked on , as he lifted her off lay back on the table his cock wet with juices as Sara climbed on him .

We four observers stood watching my Wife slide her wet pussy down over his stiff cock once again, I think we were all thinking that we wished it were our own cocks as she began to ride Sam bouncing up an down on his cock as he rubbed an pulled her boobs an nipples , pinching them causing gasps of pain to appear on her face as she rode him. Then just as it seemed like Sam was going to last forever inside her , he groaned nearly throwing Sara off him who seemed to be cumming again with him, she fell forward kissing Sam thanking him before standing over him and as he looked up Sara sat down on his face sliding up and over his mouth and nose making us all smile before getting off of him , his tongue out still tasting her .

Now I looked at the other lads to see them all sporting erections once again , this time Jez pulled the blanket off the table onto the soft floor sat back leaning on his hands telling Sara to come and lick his cock for him, his legs spread wide as Sara obeyed, then Jez added and one or both of you lads better get your cocks inside her sweet cunt, Dean got there first holding her hips sliding his thick cock inside of Sara who wriggled to encourage him to get him inside her .

I looked across to Wayne who had his phone out filming and was now chatting to Sam as they both watched closely what was happening on the blanket, Sara was making slurping noises on Jez's cock as Dean seemed to be doing it for her with his thick cock, Dean reached under Sara to hold her boobs now looking red with all the groping they had, his cock sliding in and out of my wife's pussy, he even slapped her arse a few times making Sara groan .

Then as a now confident Dean pulled back his cock came out of Sara the purple head and as if teasing Sara he placed the head against her tight arse hole, dribbling some spit on to it , Wayne , Sam and I watched as Dean coated his thumb in spit moved his cock against her pussy lips and as he thrust forward he pressed his thumb into her tight hole as well making Sara lift her head an gasp before Jez pushed her head back onto him, as he seemed unaware of what happened .

Now Dean was filling her with his cock and thumb as he fucked my Wife, her face turning red gasping for air a sign of her cumming once more, Dean slapped her arse with his other hand making Sara's body stiffen each time, after a few minutes of this Dean had cum inside Sara making her cum with him as well as having several cums while being fucked by Dean.

As Dean knelt up Jez tapped Sara on the head, her face red along with her arse, boobs and back from the hands touching her, Jez said to Sam get over here let her suck that coffee coloured cock of yours , as Wayne passed his phone to Dean making his way to kneel between her spread legs as Sara had rolled onto her back , Wayne just pushed his cock straight in to Sara and leaned forward to kiss and push his tongue into Sara's surprised face, but she soon had her hands on Wayne's arse pulling him into her ,wrapping her legs around him .

Then I had to move back a few feet from where I was standing as Jez pulled Sam aside near to where I had been watching to say what did you do with her just now !!!!, Sam said I don't know mate ,must be she just likes some big brown cock inside her , as Jez and Sam smiled and laughed !

They moved back nearer Wayne and Sara as she told Wayne she was cumming again, it was his face that was getting red now and I think we all knew he was just about to blow his load inside my Wife's pussy his arse gave a few more piston like movements before he moaned slumping on top of Sara, he rolled off leaving Sara looking tired for a moment .

Then Sam knelt down his coffee coloured cock poking out from his groin next to Sara's head , she opened her eyes a minute to see Sam there and it seemed to wash the tiredness away as she knelt up to face him her face beaming with a smile . She asked Sam what he wanted as Sam told her well boyfriend there wants to see you suck my brown cock again, with enthusiasm Sara said ok !! As she lay down holding his cock her head on his thigh licking Sam's cock all over its length and sucking his brown balls as well, her pink tongue against Sam's coffee skin was mesmerising to watch along with her pink lips as she sucked the dark head.

I looked at Jez's face he looked in awe as she sucked on Sam's brown cock, I caught sight of both Wayne and Dean with their phones out now taking pics and videoing the action in front of us , Sara knelt up her head now bobbing up and down on Sam's cock as Wayne moved behind her to run his fingers over and between my Wife's wet pussy, his phone closing in on her wet used pussy, I had no doubts the other guy's at the garage would see some of Wayne's filming if not all.

I watched Sara lovingly suck on Sam's cock I think it proved too much for Jez, as his cock was standing out proud in front of him he moved Wayne aside and said get this on cam , as he held his cock lifting Sara's bum up high, he pressed forward till his length was deep inside my Wife causing her to grunt with her mouth full of Sam's cock


As we watched Jez filling my Wife like none of us could, his groin banging against Sara's arse with his long strokes, I looked at Sara a smile on her face no doubt she was loving the feeling of the two cocks inside her she loved the most , Jez with his big powerful cock she has had several times before and now this new coffee coloured cock that she adored and worshipped for all the things it did for her as her tongue and mouth and fingers caressed it.

I admired Sam's and Jez's stamina for being able to hold off from cumming as knowing how enthusiastic Sara can be and I have always thought her to be a great fuck and able to suck a golf ball up a straw with her lovely mouth, I don't know what my wife was thinking but every now and again I thought I detected a dirty grin appear on her face as both lads used her lovely body, even tho it was now covered with bruises from fingertips, scratches from finger nails and now her pussy would have had the 4 different lads cum pumped inside her that evening.

As I stood peering thru watching my Wife being used by these two lads while the other two looked on I was both excited and proud of her performance , even when I could hear her pussy squelching and sucking on Jez's cock as he drove his cock in and out , also watching her dribble over Sam's brown cock as she sucked it lovingly, her first brown cock as far as I knew, as I had spoken to her about it before if she ever wondered what it would be like to have a brown or black cock.

I never really got a answer to that, maybe until now ,she had kept that one hidden, after watching for some time the 3 of them I knew Sara had cum several times but was now surprised to see and hear Jez was going to cum before Sam on this occasion, he suddenly went rigid held Sara by the waist and groaned I think everybody in the woodland would have heard him shout as he pumped another load inside my Wife's pussy. He knelt there for a age as he filled her once again giving her every last drop.

I looked at Sam grinning from ear to ear now as Jez moved away knowing he had left my wife in Sam's dark hands, Wayne closed in with his phone on Sara's pussy now no doubt gaping and spilling Jez's seed, as Sara knelt up looking happy and said well last man standing and pushed Sam onto his back and knelt over his brown cock to slide her soaked pussy over his cock she had both arms outstretched her hands on his shoulders pumping herself up and down on Sam's cock, it was his turn to smile now as he looked around at the other three lads as we watched her boobs bounce .

Sam was lifting his bum to meet Sara's moves making her bite her lip as there bodies met, she was smiling back at Sam's face as they fucked each other . Sara still gasping her face red as she had cum after cum on his cock till Sam said I want you to cum with me now Sara!!!, she just nodded as they both groaned together, Sara put her face to Sam's to kiss him before kneeling up she slipped her pussy forward to sit on his chest we all looked to see the wetness on Sam's dark skin from the combined juices leaking from my Wife's pussy.

This time she got off of Sam stood up a bit wobbly perhaps and said well thank you boy's the pleasure was all mine and began grinning an laughing, they all laughed an moved to get dressed now so I decided to leave them before I had been seen and scurried away to my car to leave before they reached the car park, to await Sara's return awhile later at home. She came in making a dash to the bathroom before I could kiss her, she eventually came out covered head to toe to kiss me as we sat for our evening meal, but as I was up before her in the morning I found out why, as she had so many small bruises and scratches from the previous evening when I pulled back the covers ,I kissed her as I left telling her I loved her as I got a mumbled you too !!

I hope you enjoyed reading this true story of my sexy wife be good to hear your thoughts ,Pete