23 May 2017

So this is my recollection of a meeting I had a few weeks ago and I can only hope that I am able to relate to you how awesome it actually was.

It was a standard weekend that I had spent with friends and family, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So Sunday night around 20:30 I was by myself and decided to log into Swinging Heaven just to check any messages and see who was about.

Being a single guy I had a few views, some weak ‘I liked your profile, why not look at mine’ messages so decided to have a look in the chatroom to see what you pervs were all talking about.

When I logged in I noticed that there was a ‘Bedfordshire Room’, which I had never seen before so thought being local I would check it out. As is usual with the chatrooms there were lots of guys and a few couples.

So I looked through the previous messages it appeared like not a lot was happening. I was checking out the profiles of the couples when my laptop pinged to show I had a private message. I had a quick look and saw it was from a one of the couples in the Bedfordshire Room that I hadn’t been in touch with before. The message simply said ‘Hello’

I responded with my own ‘Hi, good weekend’ whilst proceeding to look at their profile.

He was a few years younger than me and she was mid 20’s. Their photos were great, he looked like a nice guy and she looked stunning with a hint of curves in the photos, which I love as I cannot hide my obsession with great boobs.

‘Thank God you’re under 40!’ was the next message ‘everyone in here is messaging me are either miles away or older than what I am looking for.’

‘Thanks, but age isn’t really under my control’ I replied

‘Love your profile. So are you up to meet?’

Woah, this is quite direct I thought. I was only checking out who was online and really wasn’t thinking of meeting tonight. Instantly doubt was kicking in thinking she is stunning looking, over 10 years younger, only around the corner, is it a wind up?

‘Yeah I’m free to meet, want to see my photos first?’


So I replied ‘I’ve invited you to see my normal albums so you can see my face and what I actually look like. Haven’t sent an invite to my intimate one as it’s a bit rude’

‘How rude?’

‘Well it’s basically photos of my cock’

‘I’m a naughty girl ;-)’

‘Ok invite sent to it’

‘OMG! You’ve got a gorgeous cock!’

‘Thanks, I am very attached to it’

‘I’m wet looking at it, would love to get that in my mouth! So are you up to meet tonight’

Fuck this is escalating quickly. I’ve only been online 5 minutes and this good looking horny bitch is asking to meet up. Having had my time wasted before I decided to send her my number and said ‘Do you want to talk first?’

I knew that this should help work out if this was a windup with wasters or a genuine goddess looking for fun with me.

‘Ok, will call in a minute, but will be a private number’


Then in something akin to the Matrix film the message ‘calling now’ appeared in the private chat and my mobile stared ringing.

‘Hello’ I said

‘Hi there, how are you?’ There was a hint of an accent that could be Australasian.

‘Fine thanks, yourself?

‘I am so horny! I am Karen by the way’

‘Really?’ I replied thinking, fuck she’s not messing about

‘Yes. I was supposed to meet a guy on Friday, but he then let us down. So I’ve been waiting since Friday to get fucked!’

Dam she’s not mincing with her words

‘Well there are plenty of wasters on here, which is why I thought we should have a quick chat first.’ As with every potential meet the heart starts to beat a bit faster and the pulse starts pump.

‘Well I don’t believe in messing about.’

No shit runs through my mind

‘So are you really up to meet, as I am really horny?’

I am thinking ‘Fuck yeah’ I want to meet up and see what that body looks like without the clothes, see if those curves are as good as my imagination is making them.

‘Yeah I can meet up’

‘Good, I will send you my address now’

This is now only 15 minutes since logging on to site.

I was planning to check messages, chatroom and then stick on a film and a few beers. So, after a weekend of not doing a lot I was instantly thinking, fuck she’s hot and I need to shower and shave!

‘Ok, but I will be about half hour. Is that ok?’

‘Yeah that’s fine, but you will come round?’

‘Of course I will, I don’t like my time wasted so wont waste yours’

‘Ok cool. Am looking forward to it’

So the phone hangs up and I am heading into the shower getting ready to go and meet a gorgeous 25 year old lady that by her own admission is horny as fuck and wants a good seeing too.

Then I realised hang on, who’s her partner? It’s a couples profile and he’s in the photos. So I quickly sent a message in the chatroom ‘So is your partner going to be there?

‘Yeah he likes to watch then get involved’

‘Ok, but what’s his name as don’t want to be rude, especially if I am going to fuck his girlfriend?’

‘Lol, he’s James and he’s looking forward to you coming over too’

I then run up to the bathroom to freshen and go out to meet this fox. My minds racing thinking ‘Fuck me this is going fast, is it real? Are they real?’

Well by my own life rules I am thinking fuck it. It’s better to regret what you have down, than what you haven’t done. If they turn out to be wasters then so be it.

So after finishing in the shower I go over to my laptop and see there another message. Here it is I’m thinking, they’ve change their minds.

‘Are you coming over?’

Dam she’s demanding, what am I walking into.

As is normal my cock responds to say ’Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!’

‘Am leaving now, be 10 minutes’ I reply

So after a short drive, with my mind racing and imagination going through thousands of scenarios I pull up at the house.

I walk up the drive and then knock on the door. I see an outline appear behind the obscured glass and the door opens. There she is wearing her pyjamas looking casual, but hot. She is definitely the women from the sexy women in the photos and her curves are obvious now I am standing in front of her.

‘Hi there’ she says

‘Hi Karen, how are you?

‘Am fine, now that you’re here. Come say hi to James and then we’ll go upstairs’

So I walk in to the front room and there is James watching TV like the rest of the country. I walk over and shake his hand and say hi. He shakes my hand back and says ‘how’s it going’. He then sits back down and carries on watching the TV.

‘You coming up too?’ she says

‘Nah I’ll be up in a bit, you carry on’ He replies.

‘We’ve got the bed to ourselves ’ She says ‘We only moved in a few weeks ago and the house isn’t quite sorted yet, so the spare room isn't quite ready’

So I leave James downstairs and follow Karen up to the bedroom, watching her lovely ass as it moves up the stairs. She walks into the bedroom and then jumps on the bed and turns to face me.

I get on the bed next to her and my eyes take in her face, her body, and those boobs!



‘Well normally the guy makes the first move’ she tells me

So I move my head towards her and she responds, tilting her head. Our lips meet and then part, I feel her warm tongue move into my mouth and respond in kind. My hands move up to pull her towards me and feel her body against mine. After a few minutes we part and I am looking at her, this gorgeous looking goddess.

‘So, you have been turned down by a guy this weekend?’ I ask.

I am stunned thinking that anyone would turn down this opportunity to meet this lady, let alone get to have her strip off and potentially fuck her. Well that losers’ loss is my gain so thank you tosspot as you have seriously missed out her!

While I am looking at her she leans back she causally takes off her bra from under her pyjamas and thrown is across the room without me saying anything. Dam she is so fucking hot and my cock is throbbing so much in my pants that I have to adjust myself to sort it out.

‘So you want to take your pants off and get that lovely cock out?’ she asks

‘You want to do it yourself?’ I reply

Well she does not need asking again and is instantly taking my belt off and pulling down my jeans. My cock is bursting out of my pants and her breasts are swinging under her pyjamas within inches of my mouth and hands.

I pull up her top and she pushes down my jeans and we simply start clawing at each other’s clothes until I am naked and she is down to a small pair of underwear and her lovely breast (34E I later found out) hanging free.

Then her mouth finds my cock and she starts sucking like a women obsessed. My mind is racing and am instantly thinking that I normally enjoy a blow job, but its sex that gets me off, so am happy thinking that I will get to fuck her soon. While she’s sucking me off I am stroking her body, feeling those fabulous boobs and tweaking her lovely nipples.

I then get a message from my cock and balls telling me that this is getting too much and this women is too hot. This is something that never happens to me, so to stop myself cumming too quickly I push her off and she instantly transfers her mouth from my cock to my mouth. Her tongue darting in my mouth while her warms flesh and breasts push against me.

I flip her over and pull off her pants and remove all barriers to our passion. Looking down I can see her clitoris is prominent and proud.

‘Dam your clit is sticking out and looking horny’

‘That’s what I was thinking’ she says

I push her back and get my mouth on those fabulous nipples and feel then harden in my mouth. My hands stroke up and down her body and as I slowly kiss down her body towards that love pussy and swollen clit.

I kiss and lick all around her legs and pussy lips, breathing heavy on her pussy so she can feel that I am millimetres from getting my tongue on her and in her. Finally my mouth moves over that swollen clit and gently I begin to suck, and kiss and lick that beautiful nub.

Instantly her hips start to buck

‘Fuck, you’re going to have to hold on to me as I am so fucking horny!’

So I press my mouth down and use my arms to wrap around her thighs to stop her from shaking me off. The moaning and the bucking are telling me that she’s enjoying this, then suddenly she lets out

‘Fuck! Don’t stop! More! Of fuck that’s it, keep going’

So this response simply drove me on and I let one hand go of her leg and slipped a finger into that lovely warm pussy. That was it. Her hips bucked and pushed against me

‘Hold on, to me, make sure you don’t stop’ she breathes out

I have no intention of stopping and lick, suck and finger her that bit more. I then curve my finger back inside her shale sucking and tonguing her clit.

That does it. That drives her over the edge and she bucks that much harder as she lets out a low moan and I feel her pussy is that much wetter on my face.

I move off her and look at that gorgeous body in its post orgasm glow. I then lean over to grab a condom and put it on. She watches intently as I make sure it’s the right way round.

‘How do you know which way?’ she asks

‘Well you can tell by blowing in it and then looking at which way it rolls up’

I roll it on the length of my cock and look up to see her watching me. Lying on her back. Her breasts firm and fabulous protruding out in front of her. I gently push her legs apart to which she eagerly responds, pulling then wide apart and opening herself up to me.

I ease the tip of my cock into her wet and warm pussy and fuck it is tight. I can feel her pussy grip my cock all along my length as it enters her.

Looking her eyes I can see the satisfaction as she feels the whole of me in her. I bend forward to kiss her and grab hold of one of her breasts as I ease my cock slowly and deeply in and out of that lovely pussy.

While mesmerised with this site before me I nearly missed James walk into the room and watch as I fucked his girlfriend.

Taking in the scene he walks past us while I have her legs over my shoulders and am pushing my cock deep into Karen.

He then causally takes down his trousers and offers his cock to Karen.

So while I am fucking her and she’s sucking him I feel her pussy tighten and grip my cock that bit harder. The site before me and the feeling in my balls told me that this was too much and I was going to cum. My mind was thinking that we had only been fucking for about 10 or 15 minutes and this is pretty much the quickest I’d ever cum perhaps I should hold off.

Looking down and the stunning women beneath me, her pussy gripping my cock and the site of her sucking off her boyfriend I thought ‘fuck it you’re not going to get a better site than this’ so I increased my pace and pushed deeper into her

‘I’m cumming!’ I let out

This simply drove her over the top and I felt her pussy grip my cock like a hand and literally wanked my cock into her pussy as she came and drained my balls.

Well that was the first part of our meeting. After this we spent some more time that night and have met up and message since then. I can honestly say with hand on heart she is the horniest bitch I’ve ever met.

We exchanged numbers and she is literally in touch everyday telling how horny she is, how much she wants my cock, that’s she’s cum playing with herself, photos of her pussy, photos of her fabulous boobs and videos showing me her body and playing with herself.

I can assure you this in 100% true and I have more stories to tell. I have changed names as this couple are getting lots of timewasters and fantasists as is and don’t need anymore. I also know that she is reading this story too as she asked me to write. Whilst I have been writing it she has been sending me photos and videos and is literally so fucking horny. All I can say is I hope it’s how you remember it too sexy.

I haven’t added my actual username as I am all about quality not quantity. Since I got a great review from this couple my profile views and messages have escalated. However, will stick with this couple for now and see where it leads.

Please leave comments and let me know you thoughts. If the demand is there then I’ll think of adding more stories of our adventures