Written by jon boy

24 Nov 2010

It all started some time ago with a guy i got to know in the walking club he is married i met his wife once

over the months i got chatting to him and i mentioned how bad my sex life was with my wife in fact NO sex life for

years he said his was not good but a friend at his work had introduced him to a rather nice married lady who

was happy to meet married men who were in need of a little extra marital fun he had enjoyed her company

on several occasions at a local hotel would i like to meet her . i gave it some thought and the next time we were

out walking i asked if he could arrange a meeting what was she like to look at he told me she was tall quite slim

short black hair very easy going would have sex but not without a condom , We would meet for a drink then off to

the hotel room she is a really lovely lady about 50 who loves sex he told me quite a few of the walking club had been

with her she was very discrete by the way she likes to be paid . A first for me how much £50 well if needs must

time slipped by then i had a call from him could i be at the New inn hotel on friday around 12 -30 yes she will be

in the bar her name is ann she has black hair she will be wearing jeans and a jumper .

Great i will be there i parked around the block and made my way there for 12-30 to my shock who should be in the

bar was my wife wearing jeans and a jumper thank goodness she did not see me my heart was near leaping out

my chest was this the woman ? what was she doing there it must be her ,i got back to the car and made my way home

my phone rang it was my pal wanting to know what went wrong as she had called him to see where i was i could not

find any words , but agreed to meet him the next day with her picture on my phone at our meeting he confirmed it was

her , then he went on to tell me about his last meeting with her in great detail how she would suck him off and swallow

his cum she liked him fuck her from behind and how she liked his rather large cock ,at this point i just had to ask well

how big is your cock he laughed i will show you so we went to the gents he was huge i have never seen a cock like it

he must have been 10 '' he waked off in front of me all i could think of was this thing had been in my wife and how

many others had been fucking her . When i got home all i could do was look at her in a new light but could not bring

myself to say anything to her as yet ,

I will tell more when the bubble pops at the moment i am not sure of the best way forward !